13th October 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer October 14 - 19


Monday 14 October

Thank God for the many UK

Ambassadors and volunteers

who give their time and energy

in support of SAT-7. Ask Him

to bless them in their roles.



Tuesday 15 October

Pray for the viewers who get

in touch with SAT-7 live on

air, that they will find answers

to their questions and a sense

of fellowship.

Wednesday 16 October

Thank God for the many

individual supporters of SAT-7

– like you! – who pray for our

work and give financially.

Thursday 17 October

Pray for SAT-7’s support

offices around the world. Ask

that God will be with them as

they raise awareness, prayer

support and funding for


Friday 18 October

Pray for SAT-7’s TV studios

around the world – in Cairo,

Istanbul, Beirut, Cyprus and

London. Pray that God will

keep them safe and bless

them in their work.

Saturday 19 October

“In Christ we, though many,

form one body, and each

member belongs to all the

others.” (Romans 12:5, NIV)

Thank God that, whether we

worship in a church building

in the UK, or in front of a

television set in the MENA,

we are all part of the same

global body of Christ.

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