13th April 2018

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It will take us all



In the last 50 years, we’ve seen extreme poverty halved, with countless lives transformed. And we’ve seen that it takes the pray-ers. It also takes the givers and the campaigners. It takes the go-ers, the speakers and the dreamers. And it definitely takes the believers. So today, let’s celebrate the power of all of us...


It takes the pray-ers

Prayer binds us together as one global family, united in our Father God. It also puts him right at the centre of what we do and how we do it. Janet and John have been praying for us since our early days. ‘We started praying for and donating to Tearfund in the 70s, when we were teenagers!’ says Janet. ‘We are so glad to know our support is making a difference and feel privileged to be a part of the Tearfund family.’


And the givers

When six-year old Beth heard about a girl her own age from Chad named Yasmin, she decided to do something to help. Changes to the climate in Chad had left the whole of Yasmin’s family dangerously short of food, and she was often too weak to play. ‘I know I’m really lucky with all I’ve got, and I feel I really need to help them,’ says Beth. She did a sponsored run, and raised more than £1,500, plus a whole load of awareness to support the work of Tearfund’s partners.


To enable our partners

Our partners are powered by the prayers of people like Janet and John and the donations of people like Beth. is from Tearfund partner Action Entraide in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), bringing opportunity and restoration to people like Birungi, who you may have heard about through our current 50th year campaign. ‘Truly speaking, I don't know how I can thank the supporters of Tearfund,’ says Kalongo. ‘You have seen with your eyes someone [Birungi] who had no opportunities since childhood, now able to run a business, earn money and help others. Without Tearfund supporters, this miracle could not happen. So I just say thank you. May God bless you.’


To change lives

Through sewing skills learnt at the training centre run by Action Entraide, together with the love and respect she experienced there, Birungi has been able to turn her life around. She has gained a sustainable livelihood, independence and the power to make her own choices. Her self-worth and her identity in God have been restored, and her hope renewed. It took the pray-ers, the givers, the do-ers, and, in the end, it took Birungi herself.


We won’t stop until poverty stops, and we are closer than ever to ending it. But it will take us all. Please continue to pray.




Let's pray



Father God,


Thank you for giving us your fatherly love, your guiding spirit, and your son the gift of life. And thank you for giving us one another, to be one global family. Show us how to use what we have to bless one another, and to join you in your mission to restore every person to fullness of life in you. It will take us all, but we can do nothing without you.


In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



A note from...



'Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. When the people of God unite behind a common cause, amazing things happen. With your prayerful support, we know that an end to extreme poverty is possible.'


Hannah Wiseman

Global Fundraising Team









Prayer Item #1


Violence has broken out between UN forces and armed groups in the Central African Republic. Please pray for an end to the conflict that has blighted the country for many years. Pray for God's protection over civilians and for Tearfund staff and partners in the area.



Prayer Item #2


On Thursday, Penny Mordaunt, the UK's International Development Secretary, made a speech in which she defended UK aid. Please pray that the government continues its spending commitments on aid, and that this money will go towards helping people in the greatest need.



Prayer Item #3


Tearfund will be featured in Songs of Praise on BBC 1 this Sunday (15 April) at 4.10pm. Praise God for this wonderful opportunity and please pray that people will be encouraged to reach out to those living in poverty in whatever way they can.


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Egypt is classed as a middle-income country. However, there are still high levels of poverty, made worse by high unemployment rates and a growing population...

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In August 2017 violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar instigated a mass exodus of the Rohingya people. They came over the border to Bangladesh and set up whatever shelter they could in places like Cox’s Bazar...

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