12th May 2017

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The Meaning of Family



Families come in many different shapes and sizes, yet we’re all united by the desire to protect and look after one another. For Lamin, a 13-year-old from Sierra Leone, the need to care for his family came much sooner than he expected.


Lamin’s childhood was interrupted by tragedy. He lost both his parents to the Ebola outbreak of 2014, leaving him solely responsible his three younger siblings. This alone is more than any child should have to bear, but Lamin also had to do this whilst living in a community stuck in the grip of poverty.


‘Children suffer the most’

Lamin and his family are part of the Mayaya Community, where more than 3,000 people rely on just one well for all their water needs. Unsurprisingly, the well is dry by 10am. Lamin would have to wake up before dawn every day to fetch water for himself and his three younger siblings. He would repeat this at least three times every morning.


‘Water is a big challenge for us,’ Lamin tells us. ‘Children suffer the most as it affects our health and schooling, as we the children have to go in search of water for the rest of the family. This affects our attendance and concentration in class as we are always late and very tired in school.’


Tearfund partner Scripture Union built a new well in Lamin’s community, and trained pastors to provide counselling for those who had lost loved ones to Ebola. Lamin was delighted when he heard about the project: ‘When I learnt that a well would be constructed in the community I couldn’t sleep that night, imagining in my mind how much help it would bring.’


‘With God all things are possible’

Now, Lamin has his childhood back. ‘I feel relieved of this great burden of waking up early to fetch water,’ he says. ‘Now I can go to school early, ready to start the day with the others. I am trusting God that I can complete my education through the support given to us.’ Lamin is confident that with an education he will be able to provide more for his family.


‘I feel God hears my prayers even though I am a child and poor,’ Lamin says. ‘Praying and hoping for water within my community was a daily thing, and God answered me that is why he sent Scripture Union and Tearfund to help us out of this water crisis.’


It may have appeared that circumstances had torn Lamin’s family apart, but the bonds of love that family creates are not easily broken. Lamin’s family may look different to others, but now it’s stronger than ever. ‘With God all things are possible. I thank God, Scripture Union and Tearfund for bringing relief and joy to the people of Mayaya.’






* Thank God for families in whatever form they may come in.


* Pray for Lamin and his family. Pray that Lamin will be able to complete his education and that he and his younger siblings will grow up free from poverty.


* Thank God for the work of our partner Scripture Union, and pray that they will be able to bring transformation to more communities.



A note from...



'Lamin's story is one of determination, hope, and the beautiful meaning of family. Be encouraged by this wonderful testimony and remember Lamin, his siblings, and others just like them in your prayers. And thank you for your faithful support without which, none of this work would be possible.'


Angie Sahe-Lacheante

Global Brand and Communications, Tearfund









Prayer Item #1


The Kasai region in the Democratic Republic of Congo has seen levels of violence increase at an alarming rate since April. Hundreds have been killed, with reports of rape and forced recruitment of child soldiers, and 1.3 million people have been displaced. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating. Please pray for peace, and for protection over those living in the region.



Prayer Item #2


Sunday 14 May sees the first round of local elections in three of Nepal's seven provinces. The other provinces are scheduled for 14 June but this depends on changes being made to the constitution, which might not be easy. Pray for peaceful elections and that everybody will accept the outcome.



Prayer Item #3


Communities from the Tharparker region of Pakistan are facing severe drought; please pray for rainfall.


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