12th August 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: Summer Week 7


Prayer Points for SU Events

Summer Wk 7 12 to 19 Aug


Events running this week:

12-18 Aug            Alltnacriche holiday (AV7) for P6-S3 led by Jenny Cheung and Jenny Thomson

14-18 Aug            Bervie Mission led Cheri Young

19-21 Aug            COmMISSION Review Weekend at Lendrick Muir

19 Aug                  Big Celebration at Lendrick Muir, with international guests

From 20 Aug       Week of events across the country for our international guests

From 21 Aug       New Staff Retreat and Gap Year training at Alltnacriche


Please pray:

  • Pray for Jenny Cheung and Jenny Thomson who will be leading a holiday particularly for young people from Independent Schools.  They will have been working with some of the young people in school groups through the year. Pray for good relationships to build during the event.
  • Pray for young people who have attended events as they return to school over the next couple of weeks.  Pray for young Christians to be brave in sharing their faith and for many to get involved in their school SU group. Give thanks for those who lead SU groups and pray for them as they begin to prepare for a new session.  Pray for good relationships with schools.  Pray for new volunteers to allow new groups to start and particularly for senior pupils who will be willing to lead groups.  Pray for regional staff as they encourage and support groups in their areas.
  • Pray for those who attended Basecamp and LeadUp as they meet together at Lendrick Muir over the weekend of the Big Celebration for a chance to review their Summer experiences and to reflect on all that they have learnt.  Many of them will have left school and will be starting university, college or employment.  Pray that they will face these new challenges with confidence, knowing that God goes with them and cares for every detail of their life.  Pray for boldness as they seek to live as a Christian in today’s world.
  • Give thanks for the young people who are coming to the end of their Gap Year with Scripture Union Scotland.  Pray for God’s blessing as they move on to new challenges.  Pray for the four young people beginning their Gap Year this week.   They will attend and be commissioned at the Big Celebration and then join New Staff Retreat at Alltnacriche next week as the start of two weeks’ training.  Pray for a fruitful year of discipleship and service.
  • Pray for the Holidays and Missions staff as they come to the end of a busy season of ministry.  Pray that they will be encouraged as they read reports from events and hear stories of God at work throughout the Summer.  Pray for wisdom as the teams review this Summer’s events and plan towards the launch of the 2018 Programme. 
  • Give thanks for a fruitful Summer of ministry and for God’s faithfulness throughout. Pray for an encouraging day at the Big Celebration as the SU family joins together to celebrate God’s faithfulness.  Give thanks for the ministry of Scripture Union over 150 years and now in more than 130 countries.  Pray for our international guests (from Belarus, Rwanda, Tajikistan and Ukraine) who will be attending the Big Celebration and then a busy programme of events around the country in the following week.  Pray for good opportunities to share about their work and build support.
    • As a new term begins pray for boldness as we seek to “Grow the team” to enable more opportunities for young people to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus. Pray for lives to be transformed across Scotland and for all the glory to go to our great God.

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