11th January 2019

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A few days before Christmas, Indonesia was hit by a devastating tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption. Waves crashed through towns on the Sundra Strait between Java and Sumatra on the night of 22 December. There was no warning.


437 people were killed, 14,000 injured and more than 33,000 people have lost or had to flee from their homes. Hospitals, hotels and shops were also destroyed.


Our local partner launched a response immediately, establishing the scale of the damage and how best to meet people’s most urgent needs. Staff are prioritising clean drinking water and medical care, as well as the distribution of blankets, mattresses, cooking equipment and tarpaulins for shelter.


Tearfund’s Disaster Management Lead for Asia, Sanjeev Bhanja, said ‘Our local partner worked quickly, with good coordination, and was able to provide lifesaving emergency aid among communities affected in the Lampung district.’


Many communities in Indonesia were still reeling from the tsunami back in September, so this latest disaster is another set back for this country.




Please pray



* Pray for people who have been directly affected by the tsunami those who have lost loved ones, for the injured, for those lacking clean water and shelter.

* Ask God to strengthen the emergency response teams including Tearfund’s partners and other humanitarian workers.

* Pray for efforts to improve tsunami warning systems and that communities would be able to be better prepared for future disasters.



A note from...



‘It‘s heartbreaking to read of the devastation that the tsunami caused, especially as this was so soon after the September tsunami. Jesus calls us to go wherever there is brokenness; we might not all be able to reach the people of Indonesia physically, but we can touch their lives with prayer.’


Serena Suen

Humanitarian Support Team









Prayer Item #1


Pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following the elections held on 30 December. The result was announced on Thursday, with one of the opposition leaders a surprise winner. This means the first electoral transfer of power in 59 years, and there are fears of violence. Please pray for peace and stability.



Prayer Item #2


Pray for Guatemala, whose government has just disposed of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala. This was an independent body set up with the UN to investigate corruption. Pray for the truth to come to light, and for Guatemala to be free of corruption.



Prayer Item #3


Elections held in Bangladesh on 30 December have caused violent protests around the country amid accusations of vote rigging, with at least 17 people killed. Pray for peace, and that the re-elected Prime Minister and her government will lead with compassion and integrity.


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