10th March 2018

Lifewords Prayer March 11 - 17


24 hours, 14 events, One Friday

In last month’s issue of Lifewords Prayer, we shared some of the ways people are planning to use One Friday, Witness: Easter Voices and our Easter Journey films. Since then more of you have been in touch to let us know how you’ll be using our Easter resources too. Join us as we pray for these and other initiatives taking place over Easter.


* Rev David from Sheffield has ordered 100 copies of One Friday to help welcome those in his local community in to the Easter story. He also plans to use posters of the artwork for a treasure hunt organised for primary school children and involving local shops. "Your resources make it easy to tell the story of Easter to the children in a way they find engaging and entertaining," says David. "And who isn’t going to love the idea of hunting for clues in their local fish and chip shop, and maybe even winning a prize?"


* A community café in Carlisle has ordered 50 copies of One Friday along with a range of other Bible booklets to help encourage customers who may want to explore the Christian faith. "We hold prayer drop-ins for anyone who wants to pop in, and also have a series of events coming up including an open mic night and a community fun day," says shop manager Andy Blake. "The booklets will be a great help to us to have on hand for people who want to discover more. I’ve recommended them to other groups I’m working with too as they’re so useful."


* Mairie from St Nicholas High School in Cheshire has ordered 200 copies of One Friday and Witness: Easter Voices to share with her students. "Your booklets are exactly what we need," says Mairie. "I wish to engage our young people in a refreshing look at faith and Scripture, and as I’ve already seen the resources before, I didn’t think twice."


To receive your free Easter resources in time for your planned services and events, order <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=e35b23ff1c&e=1222455c69> before Wednesday 21st March.

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