10th February 2018

Lifewords Prayer February 11 - 17


God's Word at Easter

2017 was a record-breaking Christmas! We provided and you shared more than 152,000 copies of OUTSIDE/IN and other Christmas booklets. As we get ready for Easter, here are stories of how some are taking the opportunity to share life words again.


* After ordering several packs of our Christmas resources, Alastair from Bournemouth has decided to use the Easter season as another opportunity to reach people. "The Christmas booklets went down so well in our church and local community," said Alastair, "so we were excited to see what we might be able to get for Easter. One Friday and Witness: Easter Voices perfectly capture the inclusivity of Jesus’ message in the world. We’re grateful to Lifewords for the enthusiasm and willingness in making so many booklets freely available." Give thanks for Alastair’s church and others like it who are using Bible booklets in their Easter services and outreach events.


* Maurice from Scotland first made a commitment to Jesus in prison six years ago. Since his release last year he has joined a Bible study group run by Bethany Christian Trust and Glasgow City Mission designed for ex-offenders, addicts and men experiencing homelessness. "I’m ordering copies of Witness: Easter Voices to share with my fellow members," said Maurice. As these men receive their copy of Witness: Easter Voices please pray that they will engage with the liberating power of Jesus’ death and resurrection for themselves.


* Lincoln Road Chapel in London has downloaded the eight-part short film series, Easter Journey. They plan to play the films at their mothers and toddlers group Easter sessions. "Your animations are very attractively produced and will be really helpful in our meetings," says group assistant, Debbie. "They’re also really accessible where language can sometimes be a barrier for some of our mums. It’s something that is short enough to keep the children’s attention too." Give thanks for creative ideas like this that can appeal to people everywhere.


Order <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=315c852ee0&e=1222455c69> your free Easter resources and download the short animations.

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