10th August 2019

Lifewords Prayer August 11 - 17


Pavement Project in Portugal

Portugal is the first country in Europe where the green bag has been made available. Originally created for developing contexts, the specialist counselling process is now being used with more and more vulnerable children.


* Pastor Danilo, who leads a church in the city of Portimão, Portugal, explains why Pavement Project is so important for them: "There is a great need," he says. "We see many families that are dysfunctional, many children who suffer or who live in vulnerable situations. Pavement Project has come to answer the need we have here in Portugal." Praise God for Pavement Project and the way in which it continues to be relevant for different groups of people around the world.


* "We have many children who come to our church whose parents are separated, others who do not know their parents, those who live in vulnerable situations; there are children who have experienced trauma. We work in prisons, where often the inmates ask us to help their families. There are many families and many young people, many children who are vulnerable. I really believe that Pavement Project is God's response to us!" Pray for these children and families, that God would bring peace and healing, and that through the church, they would find friendship, support and a new perspective.


* For 19 years Pavement Project has been working in over 20 countries and has counselled thousands of vulnerable children. Give thanks for its ability to reach young people and change lives. Please pray for the continued expansion of Pavement Project.


Click here <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=0a7375baf6&e=1222455c69> to find out more about Pavement Project.

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