22nd November 2019

Keith & Kristyn Getty: 'Sing We The Song Of Emmanuel' & 'Come Adore The Humble King'


2 new tracks available from Keith & Kristyn Getty’s new project - the Incarnation!




Keith & Kristyn Getty proudly release Sing We The Song Of Emmanuel and Come Adore The Humble King today on streaming services everywhere.


The new songs are out as an early listen from the Quintology Incarnation EP which comes out next Friday, November 29th


Recorded live during the Getty Music Worship Conference in August 2019, the couplet song tracks feature the incredible hymn writing of Matt Boswell and Matt Papa who also appear as lead vocals on both songs.


Sing We The Song Of Emmanuel has been an instant Christmas hymn classic for the Gettys during the Fall tour and will be featured during the upcoming Sing! An Irish Christmas tour.


Come Adore The Humble King is an aching ballad that celebrates the oncoming wonder of the birth of our Savior by painting a picture of the little child King in a manger. Alongside Matt Boswell as co-writer, Matt Papa adds:


"We simply try to describe the mystery of the incarnation as Paul describes it in Philippians, especially chapter 2. The song is a hymn format with a little refrain/ response at the end. My favorite line of the song turned out to be in verse three which says "Come adore the King who came - to our world to save us - born to heal our prideful race - crown us with forgiveness." It speaks to the sort of "irony" of salvation ..... that the king would crown the peasant - that in our pride, he yet exalts us - and in doing so - creates a deeper humility joy love and wonder."


You can hear both songs now on Spotify by clicking through the link here or wherever you stream music



Click Here to Listen Now <https://gettymusic.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa4cd9a5b4688d5ec76f457cb&id=299fc7090a&e=843a733a52>





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