11th October 2019

Getty Music: Kristyn Getty & Ellie Holcomb - Elizabeth


NEW Song from Kristyn Getty &

Ellie Holcomb Now Streaming!




We are excited to release the new song "Elizabeth," performed by Kristyn Getty and Ellie Holcomb, which tells the unheralded story of Elizabeth's faith during the time before John's birth. This focus track will be included as part of the upcoming live Christmas album Sing! An Irish Christmas Live at the Grand Ole Opry House.


Inspired by her story from the Gospel of Luke, the song recounts Elizabeth’s trust in the Lord and the wonderful example she has set for so many generations of Christian women, especially mothers.


Watch for this song to be included in the international television broadcast of Sing! An Irish Christmas, airing on TBN this December!


Click Here to Listen to "Elizabeth" Now <https://gettymusic.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa4cd9a5b4688d5ec76f457cb&id=cc09175eb6&e=843a733a52>



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Preorder or Presave the Full Album Today <https://gettymusic.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa4cd9a5b4688d5ec76f457cb&id=e24675c217&e=843a733a52>


Exclusive preview of "Elizabeth," performed at the Grand Ole Opry House


Ellie Holcomb: " It’s a song about a real woman in a real time who knew real ache, and ushering in a real thing that would change everything. I love how Elizabeth’s story points to the living hope we have in Christ, and I love this song because it reminds me to rest upon the wonderful promises that are fulfilled in Jesus."

Kristyn Getty: "We started reading Luke 1 together, about two moms: Real women in real-time with real living faith in the Lord. To get to sing it together was a wonderful gift as we spur each other on - two women, part of a new generation of mothers, praying that we may have holy courage and wisdom to walk in the footsteps of these faithful women who have gone before us"




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