13th August 2019

Confident Christianity Conference in Perth


North Church, Sat Oct 26th 2019


An invitation to you and your congregation


Most of us find talking about our faith difficult in this fast-paced,

sceptical and secular culture. That's why Perth North Church, Perth Baptist

Church and Tayside Christian Fellowship are together hosting a "Confident

Christianity Conference" for everyone, Sat Oct 26th 2019 at Perth North



How do we talk about Jesus in way that doesn't make the gospel look stupid?

How do we speak about Jesus graciously, respectfully, truthfully and

persuasively? What do we say when our friends raise serious objections to

our faith.... "Aren't Christians bigoted", "Hasn't science disproved

Christianity?" "Don't tell me you seriously believe in the resurrection?"

"What is truth anyway?" The list goes on..


Working together with Solas, the speakers will include Andy Bannister

(Solas), Kristi Mair (Oak Hill College) and author and university missioner

Michael Ots. They'll help you become confident and empowered to talk about

Jesus more naturally, engage in evangelism that gently persuades people, and

feel more equipped to respond to questions.




As the popular evangelist J John once said: "So often Christians are like

arctic rivers. They have frozen mouths." Come along to the Confident

Christianity conference and de-thaw! The word 'evangelism' sometimes makes

Christians feel stressed or guilty. Confident Christianity will be a joyful

and encouraging day, together with Christians from across the churches,

thinking together about how we can share the faith that means so much to us,

with the people around us that we love.


See you there!







More info: gavin@solas-cpc.org 01382 525021



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