10th September 2019

Compassion UK: Incredible Update From Togo - £2.2 Million Raised


"You've given us a message of hope. It's lifting us up." Antonin Azoti, Compassion National Director, Togo


Dear Friend,


Earlier this year, we asked for your support with our Different Path Appeal. We've been blown away by your generosity. Your prayers and giving will change lives and we wanted to express our heartfelt thanks.


Together, we’ve raised an incredible total of £2.2 million, including match funding from the UK government. This means that local Togolese churches will be able to transform the lives of thousands of mums and babies through Child Survival projects that will provide medical support, health screenings, hygiene supplies, nutritional supplements and education.


It’s a joy to give our brothers and sisters in Togo this opportunity to share their excitement with you about all God will do through the Different Path campaign:


Mum of six, Ama, who you met during Different Path, shares, "My life has completely changed because all my needs and those of my family are provided for by my Child Survival project. I am grateful to Compassion supporters. I thank them a lot and pray God blesses them."


"The support you have brought to us is more than money," expresses Antonin. "You’ve given us a message of hope that meets the deep needs of people. You’re giving pregnant women and mothers hope that their babies will survive. For all this, you have our heartfelt gratitude. God bless you."


Thank you!


Like me, I’m sure you were deeply troubled by the statistic that 1 in 20 Togolese babies won’t live to see their first birthday. This is a reality that Antonin and his team witness every day. But thanks to your donation, we're able to come alongside our Togolese family and inspire hope that this will change.


I’d like to add my thanks for the incredible part you have played and to the UK government for doubling all eligible donations. We’ll be in touch in the spring to let you know how these are being invested and the impact we're starting to see. Join me now in giving God all the glory for these resources and the lives that will be transformed.


God bless you,


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Justin Dowds

Chief Executive, Compassion UK and Ireland









Hear more from mum, Ama, about how she's being empowered by her Child Survival project.


Plus, be encouraged by a personal thank you from friend of Compassion, Naomi Scott.


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