8th April 2017

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The ‘large open field’ that has become an unofficial refugee camp in South Sudan

‘I had to do something’

Enter His gates with

thanksgiving and His

courts with praise; give

thanks to Him and praise

His name

Psalm 100:4

MAF Pilot Wim Hobo drives back and forth to Juba Airport,

South Sudan

, nearly every

day. Just before he reaches the airport, there’s a large open field which, since July

2016, has become an unofficial refugee camp.

Over 1,000 men, women and children sit there, day after day, having fled from their

villages because of insecurity. They have come from all over South Sudan, displaced

because of civil war. Some have walked miles to escape the violence, others were

airlifted out.

Children in tattered clothing crowd under the shade of a nearby tree, in desperate

need of food, water and sanitation.

Day after day, as Wim drove past this tragic sight, he wondered what he could do to

help them.

‘I asked Moses Swangin,’ he recalls, ‘one of MAF’s local despatchers, to ask if they

had any specific needs we could help with.’

The refugees told Moses that they needed medicine, food and water. The only water

they could find came from a dirty stream on the other side of the airport.

So Wim and Moses purchased and delivered four water tanks which, when full,

contain a total of 1,500 litres. But the tanks were empty…

Praise God

Salvation is happening! Praise the Lord

for an outreach trip to Bremer Island,

Arnhem Land

, with partners Pioneers

and God’s Dreaming. Three YolÅ‹u men

gave their lives to Jesus! Hallelujah!

Praise God for progress with MAF

Nepal’s project agreement to work in


for five years. Give thanks in faith

that it will soon be signed by the relevant


MAF flights enable us to provide help in

a variety of ways, including transporting

building supplies to improve education

provision in Sentani,


. Thank the

Lord that He sees the need and creatively

delivers a solution.

Give thanks that there are new staff in

the pipeline for

Papua New Guinea

(PNG). Your prayers are working!

The recent Jaime Saint tour in the


was a fantastic success! Praise God for

Jaime’s willingness to share how he has

had to allow God to write his story, and

for the impact the tour had on the

spiritual journey of those who attended.

Give thanks also for Cathy Burton and

the 4Front Theatre cast who helped to

make this a blessed event.

list end

Meet the MAF family


Miriam Wheeler, MAF UK’s Legacy Manager

and a former maths teacher, is one of five

children. She grew up in Portsmouth and

met her husband Marcus while working at

Oak Hall.

‘At work,’ she says, ‘my job is to help

communicate the importance of legacy

giving, and the wonderful difference it can


‘It is a real privilege to see the generosity

of our supporters through remembering

MAF in their Wills. Occasionally, I have had

the opportunity to meet some of you,

which has been really enjoyable.’

Miriam says she is very blessed to have

two great boys – Caleb (8), who loves

football (‘We were playing football recently

and I can no longer tackle him’) and Boaz

(6), who’s ‘obsessed with Star Wars’.

Outside work, Miriam loves entertaining

friends, doing Pilates, and spending time

outdoors – whether in the garden or by

the seaside.

‘I had to do something’


Please pray

The truck Wim originally ordered never arrived, so he went to the main road and stopped the

first water truck that went past.

‘When we filled up the four large drums, people were so very happy. They came from

everywhere with their own jerry cans and buckets.’

Wim paid for the water out of his own pocket. He asked the truck to come every day to refill

the tanks, promising to pay the bill.

That night, one of the tanks was stolen by someone outside the camp. The next morning,

the water truck didn’t arrive.

Eventually Wim and Moses managed to get things working smoothly, and for two weeks

water was delivered to the camp on a daily basis.

Yet the situation there worsened. More and more refugees continued to arrive and, without

access to food and toilets, the people struggled.

Fortunately, the Red Cross built showers and toilets and brought in an even larger water tank

to meet the camp’s needs.

Moses was touched by the whole experience. ‘Doing this brought me a few tears. Being a

refugee in your own country is very painful – this is the life I once had. So when I see my

younger brothers in this country suffering, I have to help.

‘I have seen this type of tragedy since my childhood, and I want it to end. These young kids

are suffering. It really pains me so much.’

Wim’s five-year-old daughter Yenthe was also affected. The first day she went to the refugee

camp with her father, she was immediately surrounded by hundreds of children.

‘Yenthe was probably the first white girl these kids had ever seen,’ laughs Wim.

The next time Wim was going to the camp, he asked Yenthe to go with him. Yenthe replied,

‘But Daddy, can’t we just go swimming in the MAF pool instead?’ (The pool is available to MAF

personnel who, for much of their time in South Sudan, have nowhere to go because of the

security situation.)

Wim, however, explained that the children at the refugee camp didn’t have enough water to

drink, let alone a pool to swim in! ‘What should we do,’ Wim asked, ‘swim in the pool or make

sure the water truck arrives today?’

Yenthe immediately agreed it was more important to ensure that the children received

drinking water.

‘With MAF,’ concludes Wim, ‘we bring food and aid to faraway villages with our aircraft. But

we aren’t usually doing anything in Juba itself. I drive past these people every day and knew I

had to do something to help them.’

Give thanks for Wim, for whom this is all part of serving the people of South Sudan.

Matthew 25:35-40 (ESV) says: ‘For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you

gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me... Truly I say to you, as you did it to one

of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

Praise God for MAF personnel such as Wim Hobo and Moses Swangin who went the extra

mile to give water to those in need – remembering to pray for an end to South Sudan’s famine.

Pray too that those living in refugee camps in South Sudan and elsewhere receive the food

and water they need, but to also encounter the living water found in John 4:10 and John 7:38.

Pray for the work of MAF partner Open

Doors in the

Democratic Republic of


, which is ministering to Christians

targeted by the rebel group ADF (Allied

Democratic Forces). Ask God to bless

their work as they help prepare people to

share the Gospel with those who

persecute them.

Pray for a compassionate and generous

response in the West towards those at

risk of starvation in

East Africa



. Ask God to touch the hearts and

minds of His people during this time of


Pray for Samuel Jakob and his family as

he takes on the role of MAF


Country Director. Give thanks for Bert

van den Bosch and his family as they

prepare to leave, seeking the Lord’s

blessing on their future.

Lift up the people of Hewa,


, and

those seeking to disciple them in the

ways of Jesus. May our pilots and staff

have a positive impact on their lives.

Pray for the visa situation in



. In answer to your prayers, we

know how to proceed, but the process is

complicated. Pray for wisdom, patience

and open doors!

Despite a few encouraging steps

forward, the peace process in



is still fragile. Pray for the country’s

leaders as they make crucial decisions.

Pray too that God’s influence will be

known and seen throughout this

precarious period.

MAF partner In Deed and Truth

Ministries, which serves in Tonj,



, recently had its first baptism!

Please give thanks and pray for Mary as

she grows and shares her new faith in


list end

For I was hungry and you gave me food,

I was thirsty and you gave me drink,

I was a stranger and you welcomed me

Many are they who say of me,

‘There is no help for him in

God.’ But You, O LORD, are a

shield for me, My glory and

the One who lifts up my head.

I cried to the LORD with my

voice, And He heard me from

His holy hill. I lay down and

slept; I awoke, for the LORD

sustained me. I will not be

afraid of ten thousands of

people Who have set

themselves against me all


Psalm 3:2-6 (NKJV)


Marlies, Yenthe and Wim Hobo


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