7th October 2018

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October 2018
Kim (light blue T-shirt) and the Wordsower team
Liberian harvest
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
MAF partner Kim Smith began his ministry walking from village to village, sharing
the Gospel. Based in Zwedru,
, Kim says, ‘We call ourselves Wordsower
Liberia because we sow the Word of God.’
Originally a teacher, Kim felt the Lord telling him to go to Liberia. Since then, he
says, ‘The Lord has given us miracle after miracle of provision to do the work.
Thousands of people have come to Christ. Thousands have been baptised. All I did
was show up in obedience, not with great talent or ability.’
MAF began flying in Liberia in 2015. The country has thousands of rural villages,
many of which are without churches or trained pastors, have limited infrastructure,
poor roads and limited access to the Gospel.
‘When I first went into the villages nine years ago,’ explains Kim, ‘there was very
little Christian literature. It broke my heart and I believe it broke God’s heart too.
‘So God provided us with a whole printing shop where we can print 40,000
pages a day. It allows us to print Bible teaching materials and deliver them to 13
counties across Liberia.’ (Continued overleaf)
Praise God

Please join us in giving thanks that MAF
was able to carry out a
medevac flight for a national
missionary in the middle of the
Christian’s annual conference.
Providentially, one of the attendees
was a medical doctor who was able to
assist during the flight!

Praise the Lord that, after being closed
for more than five years, the Balimo
airstrip in Western Province,
New Guinea
has re-opened for flights
again! The closure not only prevented
access to health and education, but
adversely impacted the area’s tourism
and craft industries. The community is
delighted that the strip is now

Give thanks for a good wet season in
South Sudan
! Please pray that the
harvest will be plentiful for those who
are dependent on their agriculture to

MAF Pilot Kirstein Combrink recently
flew an eye clinic team to the villages
of Malambo and Pinyin in
The villagers rarely receive eyecare,
and cataracts are common. Praise God
for providing them with vital
list end
Meet the MAF family
Tim and Georgie Vallance-Webb met at
Oxford University where they both
qualified as lawyers.
Tim, who grew up in a Christian
family, lived in various countries.
Georgie, who spent her childhood in
England, became a Christian at 21.
As MAF supporters, they eventually
wondered if God was calling them to
serve overseas.
In 2010, Tim trained in mission
aviation and Georgie worked for a law
firm, before becoming a full-time mum
when baby Joshua was born. Their first
MAF assignment saw them serving the
Yolŋu people in
Arnhem Land
During their 3½ years in Australia,
daughters Abigail and Lucinda were
born. Later, having served with MAF in
Tanzania, the family returned to the UK
in 2016.
Following the birth of Chloe, they felt
the Lord leading the family back to
Arnhem Land.
Having returned in August, they
consider it a privilege to serve the Yolŋu
in such a remote place.
Liberian harvest
Please pray
Because there are no Christian bookshops in south-eastern Liberia, Kim sells
concordances and Scripture translations at cost price. ‘Literacy rates are low,’ he
explains, ‘so we distribute audio Bibles in the local dialect.’
Liberia’s villages are a startling mixture of old and new. People live in traditional
mud huts with thatched roofs, but make calls on mobile phones. Because of this,
Wordsower puts Christian material and music onto micro SD cards, so those who
can’t read can access God’s Word by phone.
The organisation has also started a Bible school. When Wordsower visits villages,
the team invites pastors and believers to spend two weeks learning about discipleship,
basic doctrine, church planting and being a missionary.
‘We’re praying that one day this will be a base from which we can send missionaries
to unreached people groups,’ shares Kim.
‘When I first came, we walked from village to village. We now have 10 motorbikes
and 60 disciples. They visit 60-100 villages a month, going from community to
community evangelising, discipling, church planting and distributing teaching
material. We’ve probably given out 200,000 Bibles to villages that didn’t have them.’
Like MAF, Wordsower wants to see people’s lives improved physically as well as
spiritually. According to Kim, a number of men who’ve completed Bible school have
now trained in basic dentistry. With no dental clinics for hundreds of miles, many
Liberians in remote villages suffer from toothache and need basic dental care.
‘The plan,’ explains Kim, ‘is to send them to unreached people groups. There isn’t
a village around that doesn’t need a dentist!’
Wordsower’s holistic ministry also involves clean water projects and initiatives
that prevent malaria. ‘The biggest killer in Liberia,’ says Kim, ‘is malaria. Treatment
costs only 75 cents [58p]. Think about it — just 75 cents to save a life! When we travel
to the villages, we distribute as much as we can.’
The second biggest killer, according to the missionary and MAF partner, is polluted
water. ‘Many people in the smaller villages drink dirty, murky water. So we have
teams going into the villages putting in water filters.
The filters last a lifetime and don’t need chemicals. We’ve put them in more than
1,000 homes as an expression of God’s love. We give them the living water, but we
also provide water to sustain life.’
Without MAF, says Kim, Wordsower’s work would be harder and less effective.
‘You’ve helped us many times, and I appreciate it. You are sacrificing and suffering,
so God’s Word can spread in the hardest areas.
‘When I first came, MAF wasn’t here, so we had to go by road. On one occasion, I
carried a new computer on my lap throughout the journey. By the time I arrived in
Zwedru, the case was cracked. That’s how bad the roads are! It can take 20-30
hours to travel 300 miles. In the rainy season, I won’t even take a car, because the
roads are clogged with stuck vehicles.’
Apart from personnel, MAF also transports computers and electronic equipment
to Zwedru. We even took the seats out of our aircraft to fly a couple of printing
presses there.
Give thanks for Wordsower’s work and the MAF flights from Monrovia that help
Kim reach his destination in an hour rather than a day, and enable his equipment to
arrive undamaged.
Pray that many will benefit from the micro SD cards and Bibles distributed by
Wordsower and that Kim’s practical, life-preserving initiatives will continue to save
lives and introduce even more villagers to Jesus, the source of all life.

Please pray for protection for the MAF
team in eastern
Democratic Republic
of Congo
as they continue to serve
people during the current outbreak of
Ebola. The deadly virus continues to
claim lives. Pray too for MAF partners
working to contain and treat the

After three years of waiting, a new
floatplane is now able to fly in
! Pray that
aircraft PK-MEE will be a blessing to
everyone it serves.

Pray that the Moyale airstrip will
re-open and that the airstrip in
Marsabit will be repaired. Doing so will
enable us to provide these remote
communities in
with help,
hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

Please uphold Patrick Keller, MAF’s
Country Director.
Pray that he soon settles into his new
role and that Patrick’s transition is a
smooth one.

Pray that the flying doctor project in
continues to run well,
bringing much needed healthcare to
those who cannot easily access such

Our personnel are applying for an Air
Operator’s Certificate to begin our
flight programme in
. Pray
for wisdom, patience and favour as
they discuss this with the country’s
Civil Aviation. Ask God to enable those
involved to clearly articulate the need
for MAF’s services.

Please pray that the leaders of
will be given wisdom and
compassion as they work through the
recently renewed peace agreement.
Pray that those still suffering from the
results of the country’s long civil war
will not be neglected.

Pray for our partner Flame
International, as the organisation take
teams of volunteers into the refugee
settlements of
— spreading
God’s love and compassion to those
forced to flee their original country
due to conflict and violence.
list end
‘You are sacrificing and suffering, so God’s Word can
spread in the hardest areas’
In the morning, LORD,
You hear my voice; in
the morning I lay my
requests before You and
wait expectantly
Psalm 5:3 (NIV)
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