7th July 2017

‘Scars take time to heal’


After a rocky few months of tribal conflict, these words from Dr David Mills are more of a call to prayer than his expert medical opinion. The Rural Hospital in Kompiam is providing desperately needed healthcare at a difficult time, to some of the poorest and remotest communities in Papua New Guinea.


In the midst of the many challenges, there are also glimmers of hope. ‘The joys and the frustrations happen every day together’ Dr Mills explains, ‘but if you can bring someone out of the bush who’s in obstructed labour, or in terrible pain and you can deliver that baby, that’s a very satisfying thing!’


Please take a few minutes to read the updates and pray for Kompiam. Scars take time to heal but they can bring new life and hope when they point to Jesus.





IMAGE - Kompiam Rural Hospital, Papua New Guinea<https://www.maf-uk.org/sites/default/files/Emails/enews/2017/07-07-17_PNG/MAF_PNG-2016-10-1061%281%29.jpg>


An interview with David Mills


Physician, prayer warrior, peace broker: the missionary doctor shares the highs and lows in a candid interview.


Tell me more <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=976156&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>





IMAGE - Maku is helped out of the MAF plane<https://www.maf-uk.org/sites/default/files/Emails/enews/2017/07-07-17_PNG/2017-04-14-P2-MAG-Good-Friday-Medevac.WildPigAttack.Megau-Kompiam.JudithDupuis.IMGP6431.jpg>


Good Friday medevac mission


Maku was attacked in the bush by a wild pig. His bloodied feet carried him as far as the airstrip.


Join the medevac <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=976157&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>


‘Peace be with you. Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself!’ Luke 24:38



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