6th September 2019

September News for Prayer

Partner with us in prayer
September 2019
The recently reopened Pangoa airstrip in Papua New Guinea
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
Thank you for praying!
On 14 July 1994, MAF released the very first issue of
News for Prayer
with a story
about a Rwandan refugee camp in Tanzania.
Twenty-five years later, as we celebrate the 600th edition of this newsletter, we
want to say a massive thank you to all those who have prayed faithfully for MAF
over the years.
Nothing happens without prayer. Jesus Himself modelled the importance of
prayer throughout His time on earth. He rose early to commune with God (Mark
1:35) and He also prayed through the night (Luke 6:12).
He prayed before important events (Luke 3:21-22, 6:12-13, Matthew 14:19).
Even when life became busy, Jesus withdrew to be with God (Luke 5:15-16), and
He prayed in the last moments of His life (Luke 23:34-46).
Prayer is and has always been central to all we do at MAF. Praise God that we
can join with more than 2,000 people who receive
News for Prayer
each month
— knowing that, as we pray, God will go before us — enabling us to bring help,
hope and healing in Jesus’ mighty name to all those w ho are cut off by mountains,
jungles and inhospitable terrain.
Praise God

Praise God for an increase in flight
requests at MAF
. We’re
delighted to support the various MAF
partners working there.

Give thanks that we recently reopened
the airstrip at Pangoa,
Papua New
(PNG), making the first landing
in 25 years. Pilot Paul Woodington
reports, ‘We were warmly welcomed
by clapping, cheering and lots of
singing by the local tribeswomen.’
It’s great that MAF and the Rural
Airstrip Agency can continue opening
up isolated areas.

Praise the Lord for the Trio Bible
recently translated and distributed in
, and for all the believers who
are being called to share the Gospel in
other regions of the world.

MAF medevacs save lives. Join us in
giving thanks for flights such as the one
that transported a critically ill child
from Soroti,
to Kampala, for
life-saving treatment.

Thank the Lord for the amazing
interactions the MAF
teams had with supporters throughout
the summer. We are grateful that many
more people were able to hear about
MAF and how to support our work.
list end
Meet the MAF family
After eight years in our Folkestone
office, MAF UK’s Communications
Officer Jenny Davies will soon be
joining our teams in
Notepad and camera in hand, Jenny
will be reporting on the impact of our
busy flight programmes from MAF’s
bases in Juba and Nairobi, sharing
inspirational stories to encourage
supporters to pray.
She’ll be jumping on an MAF plane
whenever there’s an empty seat to
show the difference a flight can make.
Jenny gives thanks for the fragile
peace in South Sudan and for the many
ministries changing lives across Africa.
With hunger again in the headlines,
and an estimated 7 million people
facing acute food insecurity, the need
for MAF is even greater. Pray for Jenny
as she raises support and prepares to
go overseas.
If you’d like to know how you can
support her, please visit our website:
To read an account of Jenny’s trip to
Kenya, please see overleaf.
Christians in Kargi unite
Please pray
We take off into brilliant sunshine, queuing on the taxiway behind safari aircraft
bound for the Maasai Mara,
. Today, MAF Pilot Daniel Loewen-Rudgers tells
me, our journey takes us to an area few Kenyans ever venture.
A handful of dwellings come into view as we near our destination, Kargi in Marsabit
County, northern Kenya. The distinctive round huts and circular ‘
’ (homesteads)
are punctuated by acacia trees and thorn bushes that provide shade and protection
for 2,064 households.
The Rendille herders who live here traditionally move from place to place.
Education and healthcare are the rewards of a more settled life, and the tin roofs
that are visible as we come in to land suggest a changing way of life.
One of the largest roofs belongs to the church where a celebration is already in
progress. A large Nairobi Pentecostal Church has started a fellowship here. Christ is
the Answer Ministries (CITAM) has missionaries based in Kargi and in other locations
across Marsabit County.
Pius Cokumu, from CITAM Nairobi, says the Kargi church is the third church
they’ve planted in the town. ‘This is our eleventh year here,’ he explains, ‘but when
we came, we had to build two churches because there was conflict between clans.’
The churches grew as Rendille from both clans responded to the Gospel, but they
still refused to set foot on one another’s land or worship together. ‘We had to teach
them the Gospel of peace and unity so they could come together, be united, and
worship together. We are happy at what God is doing!’
The new church building is airy and freshly painted; its simple decorations echoing
the colours of the Kenyan flag. Leaders offer prayers and testimonies and, in his
message, senior pastor Dr David Oginde talks about another provincial town.
‘I was reminded of a town in the Bible called Nazareth,’ Pastor Oginde says. ‘Even
though the name Nazareth possibly means “watchtower”, it wasn’t well-known. On
the streets of Nairobi, the majority of people have no idea where Kargi is. Kargi is
called “a place of honey” — of sweet, lovely people — but it isn’t known.’
The sea of beautiful headdresses belongs to Rendille women holding babies in
their arms. Older women sit further forward, age and honour written in the intricate
lines of stunning beadwork they wear. On the opposite side of the room, grey-haired
elders wearing colourful ‘
’ (cloth wraps) carry ceremonial staffs.
‘One of the things you notice about our Kenyan society is that we have wonderful
culture,’ says Pastor Oginde, continuing his message. ‘We have very beautiful culture,
wonderful traditions, great ideas. This is a culture we should not leave.
‘But some of our culture is very bad. Some of our practices are terrible. We do
things that are contrary to God’s Word. We came away from those bad things so we
could come to Jesus.’
Pastor Oginde finishes with a blessing. A cake, flown in by MAF, is presented at the
front, cut and shared around.
As two MAF planes get ready to fly the CITAM staff home, I tell passenger Paul
Kamanbugwa how our pilots love flying for mission. ‘They do?’ he replies, ‘Well of
course! That’s your mandate, to fly to remote places and help people! MAF is doing
a good job,’ he concludes with an encouraging smile.
Give thanks for the unity of the Church in Kargi and uphold the ministry of CITAM’s
missionaries. May many more Rendille experience the wonder and beauty of Christ.

Give thanks for the new
communications staff who are
getting ready to join the team in
. Pray for them as they raise
support and complete preparations.

Praise God for the One New Man rally
that occurred in
Arnhem Land
recently. Pray that those who attended
the event will have benefitted from it
and uphold all the people who were
responsible for organising it.

Lift up MAF partners Mark and Diane
Vanderkooi, who serve the Kwong
people in Tchaguine,
. Mark is
responsible for maintaining the airstrip
there so that we can continue serving
the people safely.

Jo Crotty will soon be heading to
Australia, then
, to serve as
Regional Education Co-ordinator for
MAF’s Asia-Pacific region. Pray for safe
travel and for Jo to settle in well to her
new home.

MAF Technology Services in
now able to provide local medical
centres with fridges to store life-
saving vaccines. Give thanks that this
vital piece of equipment will improve
healthcare in isolated places.

Praise God for the new tractor in
. The vehicle is being put to
good use at the airfield as MAF staff
work on a building project and
undertake essential maintenance.

MAF’s Disaster Response team has
undergone further training so they are
ready to be deployed whenever
natural disasters strike. Uphold the
team members and give thanks for
their willingness to drop everything to
serve wherever necessary.

Please pray for the various MAF
personnel returning overseas after
being on home assignment. Pray that
they will have had a fruitful and restful
time in their home countries and are
ready for all that awaits them in their
busy programmes.
list end
‘We have very beautiful culture,
wonderful traditions, great ideas’
Give thanks to the
Lord, for He is
good; His love
endures forever
Psalm 107:1 (NIV)
Women gather as tribes unite at the Rendille church celebration, Kargi
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