6th March 2018

A Flying Visit To England


Flying Visit: An MAF floatplane is touching down near you!


How many times have you had the chance to see a floatplane land in the UK?


If not, here is your chance!


This March, MAF is proud to welcome the newest member of its fleet - an Amphibious Cessna Caravan <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1279444&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> - to spend a few weeks in the UK. At two exclusive and iconic venues, you are offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come and see the plane in action, meet our expert floatplane Pilot, and learn more about MAF's life-saving work.


Come and meet us at one of the following locations:



* Southampton, Tuesday 20 March <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1279445&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> WATER LANDING*

* Duxford, Cambridge, Saturday 24 March <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1279446&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>



A single MAF floatplane has been operating in Bangladesh for 11 years, partnering with more than 90 organisations to help those in desperate need. Each MAF flight delivers vital aid, emergency relief and aerial assessments of some of the most vulnerable places on earth. This new aircraft will help save lives long into the future.


Places are limited, so please visit the links above, or hit the button below to register for your FREE ticket and to find out more.


Refreshments will be on sale and parking available at each venue - please check the MAF website before the event in case bad weather affects our flying schedule.


We hope to see you there!


Register for you ticket <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1279447&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>


IMAGE - A flying visit <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1279448&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>


"Normally we see planes on land, but this will give people in the UK an opportunity to see what seaplane flying is all about." Chad Tilley, MAF Floatplane Pilot



*The water landing at Calshot is weather permitting, please call 01303 852819 to confirm the event is taking place beforehand


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