6th July 2017

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News for Prayer
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July 2017
The result of a brutal attack by a wild pig
Attacked by a pig
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
Give a shout of praise for our successful medical emergency flight for a man who
was brutally attacked by a wild pig in
Papua New Guinea
Although Maku’s injuries weren’t immediately life-threatening, he had several large
gashes in his side, thighs, lower leg and foot, and was therefore unable to make the
18-mile walk through the bush to the nearest hospital in Kompiam.
Without MAF, Maku would have had to be carried along narrow trails through dense
jungle, up and down steep mountain passes and across countless streams and rivers in
deep valleys to receive the medical treatment his serious injuries required.
Even with bandaging, the 20-year-old patient, who was in excruciating pain, was still
bleeding from the attack. Within minutes, Maku was loaded into the aircraft along with
his uncle and was soon flying over the lush, dense undergrowth below.
Three weeks later, Pilot Michael Dupuis flew them both back to their remote village.
Praise God for Michael’s opportunity to act as Jesus’ hands and feet in PNG, and for
MAF’s ability to make a difference in the lives of isolated and hard-to-reach people.
Praise God

We have recently made a number of
flights as part of our MAMAFY project in
, supporting pastors who
are seeking to evangelise remote
communities. Praise God for doors that
are opening to enable the Gospel to
reach isolated and inaccessible people
and give thanks that He is blessing the
work of national pastors and the many
people they encounter.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 reminds us ‘two are
better than one, because they have
good return for their labour’. Praise the
Lord for some fantastic opportunities to
support and come alongside local air
operators by strengthening the safety
culture of aviation in

Give thanks for the help we are able to
provide patients living in difficult-to-
reach places by performing numerous
medical emergency flights throughout

Thank you, Lord, that You pour out a
spirit of courage and integrity on to the
MAF family
, enabling them
to trust in You wholeheartedly and live
with love, boldness and compassion.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Kees and Ilonka Barendse have been
working with MAF since September 1997

first in Dodoma, Tanzania, and then in
, since 2007.
Chief Engineer Kees manages the MAF
team in our busy hangar while Ilonka works
in HR, supporting the different programmes
in East Africa: South Sudan, Tanzania,
Kenya and Uganda.
Two of their children, Tom and Inge, left
Africa two years ago, and are now both
studying in the Netherlands.
Their youngest daughter, Lise, has only
one year of schooling left in Kampala and
will probably also move overseas in June
next year.
Ilonka writes, ‘This is a time of transition
for our family. God really cares for us and
provides, even though we really do miss
each other!’
Pray that God will continue to bless the
work of Kees and Ilonka’s hands and give
Tom, Inge and Lise favour as they study.
Blessed are the peacemakers
Please pray
In honour of his lifelong work, on 9 June, the Archbishop of Canterbury presented an 81-year-
old bishop with the Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Cooperation.
Seventeen years ago, Bishop Paride Taban had a radical dream to end the tribalism that had
caused so much hostility and violence in the Kuron region of
South Sudan
In 2005, Bishop Taban established the Holy Trinity Peace Village in Kuron. The Peace Village
employs a host of programmes to promote co-operation, reconciliation and peace, ranging
from sports and theatre to agriculture and education.
The village not only supports food production and accessible formal education for girls,
boys and adults, but also promotes peaceful co-existence among the neighbouring tribes.
With tribal groups so deeply rooted in traditions that include cattle raiding, changing attitudes
and behaviour was neither fast nor easy. But, over time, the atmosphere in the region changed.
‘It’s a very peaceful area now,’ explains Bishop Taban

a frequent MAF flyer

when he
recently flew from Kapoeta to Juba to begin the process for his trip to England to accept the
Archbishop’s award.
‘You can drive 186 miles from Boma to Kapoeta. You can even travel at midnight. It’s so
peaceful, you can’t believe it. You can live without thinking about security. At night, you can
walk through the forest without thinking of any danger. One can’t imagine that there’s such a
place in South Sudan.’
Although cattle raiding occasionally occurs, the value of peace is taught consistently.
‘It happens because there are cattle raiders from neighbouring states,’ says Bishop Taban.
‘We are working very hard, and if we
invaded, we tell [our people] they shouldn’t take
revenge by shooting.
‘We don’t have soldiers. We don’t have police. So the community solves the problem, and
the chiefs support this.’
Bishop Taban worked towards peace and reconciliation for many years before establishing
his peace initiative in Kuron, co-founding the New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) in 1989.
The six churches that are part of the NSCC worked as one body to help facilitate peace
negotiations and played an important role in peace, reconciliation and advocacy during the
liberation war of 1983-2005 in what was then Southern Sudan.
Although he’s in his 80s, Bishop Taban stays healthy by exercising regularly and sticking to a
vegetarian diet. He lives in a small hut in the village in Kuron where his dream of peace began.
He still travels periodically for work, often flying in our small Cessna 182 aircraft, as he did
recently with Pilot Wim Hobo.
‘I started flying with MAF more than 30 years ago,’ the bishop recalls. ‘It’s wonderful. When
I’m with MAF, I feel that I’m safe. Thank you so much for all the service MAF has given us,
especially since the time when I was dealing with the NSCC during the war.
‘Your service,’ he maintains, ‘is the one bringing peace for the suffering people of South
Sudan. May God bless you as you serve the people. Thank you very much for your support.’
Bishop Taban says he attended the award ceremony in England ‘to tell the world that there
is something good happening in South Sudan, not always just talk of war and death [but]
something positive.’
Give thanks that, in Kuron at least, there is ‘an oasis of peace’. Please pray that reconciliation
between people of different backgrounds and religions will continue and that all South Sudan’s
regions will one day experience God’s peace.

Pray for MAF staff living in outstation
communities in
Arnhem Land
such as
Milingimbi, Ramingining, Elcho Island
and Lake Evella. May the Lord be their
strength, provider and protector – ever
present beside them — and may they
cope well with the remoteness and
loneliness of their location.

Uphold our
team as they
manage a busy flight schedule for over
160 different partner organisations to 67
destinations. Pray for good understanding
of MAF’s aims and objectives and that we
will be able to strengthen relationships
with everyone we serve.

Pray for the people of Chin State,
, following Cyclone Mora.
Some 250 people have been made
homeless in Lailenpi alone, with MAF
partner Health and Hope’s training facility
destroyed. The organisation’s personnel
are also grieving for staff killed in a road
and landslide incident the day before the

James 1:5 promises that if we ask God
for wisdom, He gives generously to all
without finding fault. Please pray for
wisdom for our
team as they look
to the future and adapt their work to the
changing situation there. Pray too for
wisdom in dealing with recent changes
to visas in Australia, and for the staff and
families affected.

Recalling the promise of John 8:32 —
‘they shall know the truth and the truth
shall set them free’ — continue to pray
for peace between clans in Kompiam,
, and for a deep spiritual
breakthrough. Pray for scales to be
removed from eyes and for hearts to be
renewed in Jesus’ name.

While families look forward to the
summer break here, this can often cause
added pressure for MAF programmes
. Please pray for the reduced
teams carrying an increased workload as
staff prepare for their holiday or go on
list end
‘One can’t imagine that there’s
such a place in South Sudan’
Nevertheless, I will bring
health and healing to it; I
will heal my people and
will let them enjoy
abundant peace and
Jeremiah 33:6 (NIV)
Bishop Paride Taban receives an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury
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