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Dugeree, the pastor of Transformation Mongolia Sükhbaatar Church, with his wife Bettina

When suspicion turns to trust

Enter His gates with

thanksgiving and His

courts with praise; give

thanks to Him and praise

His name

Psalm 100:4

In 2005, it was rare to see a plane land in Baruun-urt,


. So, when Mongolian

church planter Dugeree discovered that Blue Sky Aviation — as MAF is known in

Mongolia — was a Christian organisation, he was amazed.

At the time, there were two churches, one missionary and only a small number of

believers. People were suspicious of anything to do with Christianity.

So Dugeree and the church leaders contacted MAF and asked if we could fly

seriously ill patients to Ulaanbaatar for medical treatment — saving them a 15-hour

drive on bumpy dirt roads, and making the possibility of survival more likely.

‘People,’ says Dugeree, ‘started to ask, “When is the Jesus plane coming?”

‘Then in 2008, I flew on the plane with Pilot Ryan Van Geest, and we became friends.

From then on, the plane came more regularly to bring sick people from Baruun-urt to

Ulaanbaatar, and to fly patients in and out of the small towns in the countryside.’

Although raised as a Buddhist, Dugeree — who’d observed the drunkenness and

deceit around him — wasn’t particularly impressed with the religion. Money, a good

education and power meant everything, and life revolved around him, not God!

Then, when he was 18, Dugeree lost his right arm in an accident while he was

working on a large machine in a wool fabric plant.

(Continued overleaf)

Praise God

All glory to God that the Aviation Training

Centre at our base in Mount Hagen,

Papua New Guinea

, has been officially

opened as a CASA E-Exam site. This

allows engineers and pilots to sit exams

without travelling to Port Moresby.

Praise the Lord for MAF


’s new

volunteers! Give Him the glory as we


in faith

to a positive response

to MAF’s autumn and Christmas

fundraising campaigns.

Give thanks for Aldo Falo, and the role

he plays in MAF’s


team. He

helps with translations into Tetun,

our negotiations with government

departments, and many other tasks.

Yahweh Yireh is worthy of our praise!

We thank our Provider for the new flight

simulator being used in our pilot training

programme in


. Praise Him too

for the new office space located in our


Democratic Republic of





Legacy team had a fantastic

opportunity to inspire supporters at the

recent Yesterday, Today and Forever

event. Give thanks that they were able

to share how legacy gifts can make a

difference to MAF’s work throughout

the world.

list end

Meet the MAF family

Pilot Becki Dillingham has served with MAF


for two years now. Last year,

she returned to the UK with her husband

Matt and daughter Bethan to give birth to

Luke, who was born in September 2016.

The Dillinghams will now be joining our

team in Chad, where Becki will fly our

Cessna 182 aircraft as well as taking on a

new role as Operations Manager.

With only 310 miles of paved road in a

country 5 times the size of the UK, our

flights play an essential role in enabling aid

agency personnel and supplies to reach

remote communities.

Please pray for Becki and Matt as they

adjust to a new culture and look after their

two children.


When suspicion turns to trust


Please pray

‘I spent four years drinking alcohol,’ recalls Dugeree. ‘I spent my life in bars. But I would look up

at the sky and say, “Hey God, if you’re there, I’m not thankful. I’m only 18, so where’s my right

arm? Where’s my future? If you are there, you have no power and can’t help me. You’re not a

good god!”’

One day, when he was 22, Dugeree was feeling particularly miserable. His life, he felt, was

over, and his existence pointless. But then he heard a voice, like someone inside his head,

saying, ‘I still love you. I still know you. You have a last chance.’

The voice continued, reminding him, ‘Many years ago, I sent my people to give you life, but

you closed your eyes and ears. You chose your own way.’

It was true! Dugeree had known Christians when he was younger. It was also true that, on

the day of the accident, he’d been drinking – something he’d previously refused to admit.

So Dugeree sought out some Christians, went to church, and eventually received Jesus as

his saviour.

For the next two years, Dugeree couldn’t get enough of Jesus, the Bible, and learning

everything he could about Christianity. Then, one summer, he joined a mission trip to Mongolia’s

far eastern border, near China.

On the return trip, the team prayed for every town they passed through. When they reached

Sükhbaatar Province, Dugeree felt God calling him to take the Gospel there.

So, for a year, Dugeree made several trips to Baruun-urt to tell people about Jesus.

In 2004, having seen many people come to a living faith in Jesus, Dugeree started the

Transformation Mongolia Sükhbaatar Church. Later, having met Bettina, a German missionary

who spoke fluent Mongolian and ministered to children, Dugeree married her.

Mongolia’s Church has grown from roughly 4 known Christians 26 years ago, to an

estimated 35,000 believers in more than 450 churches.

The church Dugeree started in 2004 is full of vibrant Christians and includes a ministry to

deaf people. Although the roads have improved greatly – making the trip from Baruun-urt to

Ulaanbaatar easier – our plane still flies patients and passengers to and from the city, thanks to


Last year, we helped his wife Bettina when doctors discovered the presence of cancer after

she’d given birth in Germany. Dugeree returned home with their three older children while

Bettina remained in Europe for six months.

‘We always ask for the Blue Sky plane for other people,’ says Bettina, ‘but we thought maybe

we could ask for ourselves this time. So Blue Sky flew my baby and me back. I couldn’t have

done it in the car. The plane was such a blessing.’

Through Dugeree’s vision to bless the sick by using the ‘Jesus plane’, the inhabitants of

Baruun-urt now see Christians in a different light.

‘In the beginning, people said that Christians were weird and doing bad things,’ explains

Dugeree. ‘Then, when they heard that the plane was coming, people had a totally different

understanding. We talk about God’s love, but it’s difficult for people to understand. But if

someone has a family member who’s sick and needs transportation, they can understand what

love is if you help them.’

MAF Country Director and Pilot Dallas Derksen agrees. ‘I’ve only done a couple of flights to

Baruun-urt, but the church shared the difference in how people perceive Christianity. It’s helped

them to understand what loving each other means.’

Pray that the believers in Sükhbaatar Province continue to show God’s love through their

lives and witness – giving thanks for Mongolia’s growing Church.

The book of Acts is an inspired account

of Church history that brings transforming

power and encourages us to be witnesses

for Christ: ‘You will receive power when

the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you

will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in

all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of

the earth’ (Acts 1:8 NIV). This Scripture

has always been key to our ministry. Lift

up our MAF


team as they

prepare their next appeal for prayer and

finances – asking that it reaches those

who have never heard of our work.

Continue to pray for all those affected

by the hurricanes in the


, and

for wisdom for our Disaster Response

Team as they do all they can to assist

those who are suffering. Particularly give

thanks for MAF partner Samaritan’s Purse.



recently transported

medication for the Ministry of Health to

help combat a meningitis outbreak.

Please pray that the disease doesn’t

spread and that many lives will be saved

because of the vaccines.

Uphold David Holsten as he takes on

the role of President and CEO of



May the Lord bless and keep him during

this time of transition.

Our Week of Prayer is nearly upon us!

Please pray that we will increase the

number of prayer partners as our

supporters and volunteers share our

ministry with their churches, small

groups, family and friends. Why not join

the MAF family in declaring ‘His perfect

peace’ across the nations, from 30

October to 5 November?

Pray for our recruitment teams


as they seek to attract and

process new staff called to serve with

MAF. Pray specifically for a Deputy

Country Director for our

South Sudan


Arnhem Land


list end

‘People said that Christians were weird

and doing bad things’


He will wipe away every

tear from their eyes and

eliminate death entirely.

No one will mourn or

weep any longer. The

pain of wounds will no

longer exist, for the old

order has ceased

Revelation 21:4 (TPT)

The unpaved airport at Baruun-urt, Mongolia


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