2nd November 2018

News for Prayer
Partner with us in prayer
November 2018
Damage from Typhoon Mangkhut at Bolos Point
Tackling the typhoon
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
After tropical Typhoon Mangkhut struck the
on 15 September, Vaughan
Woodward of MAF’s Disaster Response Team accompanied Ethnos360 staff to
survey the damage caused to communities, fishing villages, roads and bridges.
With homes and buildings destroyed, fishermen’s boats damaged, roads
blocked, bridges washed away, and corn and rice crops flattened, the surveys
enabled a variety of organisations such as Wings Above and Medair to make
informed decisions about how to respond to the damage.
The team later met with Provincial Governor Manuel Mamba, Lieutenant
Colonel Sadam, who led the army’s relief response, and the Officer in Charge of
provincial disaster management — all of whom welcomed our assistance.
In the weeks following, our Disaster Response Team has been busy helping deliver
rice, tarpaulins, roofing materials and shelter kits to some of the hardest hit areas.
‘The community in Tabugan was so thankful,’ reports MAF’s Sharlene Coker,
‘that they sent us bananas — giving the little they had to bless us.’
Please pray for those who have lost homes, livelihoods and loved ones, are at
risk from food insecurity caused by flooding, or are busy helping to rebuild the
battered nation.
Praise God

Give thanks that a four-year-old boy
Arnhem Land
, who was thought to
have life-threatening injuries after
falling from a tree, reached hospital
safely by plane and is expected to
make a full recovery.

Praise the Lord for the work of MAF
partner Samaritan’s Purse. The
organisation provides food, water,
shelter and medicine in the name of
Jesus in the
Democratic Republic of
, and is currently helping to
contain the recent Ebola outbreak.

MAF staff are rejoicing that the phone
service has been restored at our base
in Mount Hagen,
Papua New Guinea
(PNG). Our personnel, who spent
three months without the service,
found that it made communication

Join us in praising God for the
container load of AVGAS that was
recently cleared through customs in
. The consignment will
provide MAF aircraft with much
needed fuel.

Give a shout of praise for our
recruitment and HR teams who work
hard to ensure that MAF programmes
are well staffed and the staff well
looked after.
list end
Meet the MAF family
John Woodberry, MAF Global Manager
of Disaster Response, has spent more
than 12 years responding to disasters
around the world.
Following a career in United Airlines,
John felt a strong sense of God calling
him to use his gifts and abilities overseas.
He joined MAF in 1993 as a pilot-
mechanic in Kalimantan and took on the
Global Disaster Response role in 2006,
following the 2004 tsunami in
Faith underpins all that John and the
Disaster Response Team do. ‘The
greatest challenge,’ he says, ‘is coming
into an unknown situation.
‘You’re in a new environment, with
new challenges and new needs. So, the
first thing you do is pray and ask God to
give you wisdom. You’re seeing people
with urgent needs and the question on
your heart is, “How can I help these
people?” God give me the strength to
love, care and do the right thing.’
Helping the homelands
Please pray
For more than 40 years, MAF has been partnering with Yirrkala Homelands School in
Arnhem Land
to bring education to Aboriginal communities by transporting teachers
to isolated and difficult-to-reach homeland areas.
Yirrkala Homelands School works in teams with teachers from the local Yolŋu
Homelands Centre; providing assistance to six different homeland communities by
encouraging the students to develop skills, hope and vision for the future.
The teachers, who fly in every week, stay with the communities for several nights,
and are then flown back to Gove by MAF.
Yirrkala Homelands School also partners with visiting student teachers from
Melbourne University, who help by demonstrating teaching techniques and assist
with lesson planning.
The placements not only help Yolŋu schoolchildren but enable those studying at
Melbourne University to develop their skills and experience education in a completely
different context.
Our partnership with the school goes back to the time of Ken Stockton, one of
the first MAF pilots in Arnhem Land, who worked closely with Principal Leon White
to provide support to isolated Yolŋu children.
‘If it wasn’t for MAF,’ explains Leon, ‘Yirrkala Homelands School would not have
been established in those early years.’ Recalling how the airstrips were originally
cleared by hand in order for our aircraft to be able to land there, he describes MAF as
a tremendous help to the work, as well as being totally reliable.
On one occasion, Leon was stuck in Gangan for a week because our plane
couldn’t land due to poor weather. During that time, he caught dysentery and
became extremely ill.
When Ken finally reached Gangan, he was concerned about Leon’s condition, so
he flew his friend to the nearest hospital and remained with Leon until the doctors
could look after him. It was Christmas Eve, and Leon has never forgotten the
kindness and care shown to him by MAF.
Today, we continue to fly teachers from Yirrkala Homelands School to hard-to-
access homeland communities. A short flight can save teachers a four or five-hour
drive on rough and often dangerous dirt roads. During the October to March wet
season, many of the roads become impassable, so MAF becomes the only way to
reach the remote homelands.
MAF Pilot Simon Kepert, who recently flew a team of teachers to Gangan, praises
God that he was able to stay for a few hours while the teachers prepared for a
school day that began with lesson planning.
Eventually, the ‘school bell’ sounded — a large speaker playing a song written by
the students — and the classes began. About 30 children gathered, splitting into
primary and secondary school groups. Simon was impressed by the way the lively,
fun-loving students engaged with their lessons and participated enthusiastically.
Give thanks for MAF flights throughout Australia’s remote Northern Territory and
our fruitful partnership with Leon White and Yirrkala Homelands School. Pray that
the beneficial effects of a good education will enrich and improve the lives of
isolated communities.
Pray too that the indigenous Yolŋu believers supported by MAF flights and
personnel will help the children respond to the Gospel. Apart from obtaining an
excellent education, may these precious young people receive ‘the wisdom from
above [that] is pure first of all; it is also peaceful, gentle, and friendly; it is full of
compassion and produces a harvest of good deeds’ (James 3:17, GNT).

A number of staff will be leaving our
Arnhem Land
team during the next
few months. Pray God will provide the
right people to fill the vacancies and
that those who remain will receive the
strength they need to serve God.

Pray for MAF staff in
who were
affected by a 5.9 earthquake on 6
October and are suffering from the
loss of homes and family. Our aircraft
carried medics to affected areas and
airlifted a plane full of patients to

With the weather in
beginning to cool, conditions will
soon become icy. Pray for safety in
the air and on the roads as we head
towards winter.

Pray for the people of
, where the
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Summit will be held, 12-18 November.
Pray that the nation’s leaders will be
granted wisdom and grace in caring
for the needs of their country.

Continue to pray for those affected by
the earthquake and tsunami that
, Indonesia on 28
September. At the time of writing, the
death toll in Central Sulawesi stands
at 1,948. Some 74,444 people have
been displaced, 10,679 people injured
and 835 still missing.

Please uphold our busy team in
as they work through various
tasks to keep our aircraft flying.
Remember too all MAF personnel
responsible for the safety of our
aircraft, programmes and personnel
throughout the developing world.

Pray for all the MAF recruitment
roadshows being held in the
. May
many more people hear about our
work and consider serving overseas
with us.

Let’s uphold the missionary children
living with their parents and
experiencing a different culture,
climate and language. Pray they will
find lifelong friends as they journey
with MAF.
list end
‘If it wasn’t for MAF, Yirrkala Homelands School would not
have been established in those early years’
Praise God in His
sanctuary; praise Him in
His mighty heavens. Praise
Him for His acts of power;
praise Him for His
surpassing greatness…
Let everything that has
breath praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:1-6 (NIV)
A student teacher talks through the lesson with the students
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