2nd March 2018

March News for Prayer

Partner with us in prayer
March 2018
Mrs Gupta is carefully lifted into MAF’s aircraft
Liberian lifeline
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
After Mrs Gupta, an elderly lady, fell and broke her hip, she was admitted to hospital
in Monrovia,
Unfortunately, the staff there were unable to carry out the necessary surgery, so
Mrs Gupta’s family attempted to get her on an international flight to receive treatment.
This too was unsuccessful. Thankfully, due to their relationship with local
missionaries, Mrs Gupta’s anxious relatives were put in contact with MAF.
Praise God that in October last year, MAF Pilots Arjan Paas and Emil Kundig were
able to fly her from Monrovia to Accra,
, for treatment.
After an uneventful flight, Mrs Gupta was taken by ambulance to a hospital
where the doctors were able to operate. The lady’s family praises MAF, saying,
‘When we needed you, you were there to help. We cannot thank you enough.’
Two weeks after her surgery, we were delighted to hear that Mrs Gupta was
recovering well and managing to move around with the aid of a walker.
Since then, however, she has had a relapse, and is receiving further treatment.
Please pray for a full recovery – giving thanks for the hundreds of successful
MAF medevacs that take place each year in the developing world.
Praise God

As we celebrate the opening of the
new international airport in
let’s stand together in faith that
decisions will soon be made regarding
the airport where MAF’s hangar is
located, so our team can prepare

Praise the Lord that the cholera
outbreak in
South Sudan
is finally
over! Offer a shout of thanksgiving for
MAF partner Medair’s role in making
this happen, and thank Him for the
patients who are gaining strength and

Thank God for His presence and
power at work in
. We
recently carried out 12 medevac
flights, including one for a newborn
baby. We also praise God for His
protection during a freak storm that
ripped off the covering from MAF’s
hangar. Thankfully, none of the aircraft
inside were damaged.

Finally, let’s give thanks for our team
who, wanting to serve our
partners better, are increasing the
level of service provided. We thank
Yahweh Yireh, our heavenly provider,
for open doors and increased
opportunities to bear fruit!
list end
Meet the MAF family
Gareth Mitchell served on the MAF
Board as a trustee for six years before
taking up the role of MAF Chair at the
beginning of January 2018.
Gareth’s interest in MAF’s work was
prompted by a visit to our busy Uganda
programme in 2011.
Gareth, who’s responsible for a social
housing organisation, brings many skills
and much experience to his new MAF
role, and we value his commitment to
our organisation, along with the heart
he has for MAF’s ministry.
He and his wife Gail have two
grown-up children and enjoy playing an
active part in the life of their local church
in Colchester.
Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom,
guidance and strength as Gareth takes
on the busy and strategic volunteer role
of MAF UK Chair.
Suspended service
Please pray
Here at MAF, we know that our work is important. We know that when we provide
access to remote areas, the people living there can receive the help, hope and
healing they need.
Unfortunately, there are times when access to certain places becomes impossible
– making our enforced absence painfully apparent.
Flight Operations Manager Michael Duncalfe has experienced this first-hand in
Papua New Guinea
(PNG). ‘The necessity of MAF’s service,’ he recalls, ‘was brought
home to me very starkly. I flew to an airstrip at Sumwari on the southern edge of the
Sepik lowlands – an area where MAF’s Twin Otter aircraft rarely flies – taking some
Bible college students home for the long Christmas break.
‘The community leaders greeted us very warmly; pleading that “the aircraft is sent
back”. Service to the community had stopped for a few months because our Cessna
208 Caravan was being introduced into the Wewak programme, and landing on the
difficult airstrip at Sumwari had to wait until our pilot gained sufficient experience to
be able to do so safely.
‘Sadly, the community reported that a dozen people had died and the school and
health centre had closed because teachers and health workers wouldn’t stay when
there was no way to travel. That 12 people had died came as a shock!’
Give thanks that our Wewak pilot now has the experience he needs to land at
Please pray that, now MAF flights have resumed, teachers and healthcare workers
will return to the area and the school and health centre will reopen.

team has a fabulous
opportunity to raise awareness of the
work we do and the people we serve
throughout the developing world. We
are organising a series of events to
celebrate the new floatplane that’s on
its way to
. Please pray
that the events are successful; raising
further support for our work.

Please uphold the people of
. On
27 February, we conducted a three-
hour aerial survey of the regions
affected by the recent strong
earthquakes in the mountainous
highlands. The flight identified many
new landslides, several of them
affecting roadways. The power at
Mount Hagen is currently out, due to
a quake-induced landslide that
affected the Paunda hydro plant, and
the airstrip at Komo is currently
unusable. Many rivers are blocked, so
please pray against flooding. Although
all MAF staff have been kept safe, there
have been a number of local fatalities,
so pray too for those who have lost
loved ones.

, MAF partner TEAR helps
wherever it can – regardless of race,
sex, nationality or religion – through
a network of local organisations and
churches. Pray for their important
work and give thanks for all the people
whose lives have been transformed.

Please pray for the huge influx of
refugees arriving in
. May their
hope remain during hard times. Praise
God for MAF’s charter flights for the
NGO Food for the Hungry.

Following on from our Partner in
Prayer video series ‘Called for a
Purpose’, please pray that God
prompts experienced aircraft
engineers, pilots and managers to
come forward to serve MAF
programmes throughout the

We rely on many vehicles, in addition
to aircraft, to carry out our vital work.
It’s hard to gain funding for vehicles,
so please pray for God’s provision and
for additional donors and supporters
to come forward.
list end
Praying for peace
MAF Pilot Sam Johnston has been serving
South Sudan
for nine months.
‘It’s an unstable country,’ he says, ‘though I haven’t felt threatened or insecure. I
think you just operate on a level of awareness that comes with how the country is.
‘Flying into remote areas is a bit of an unknown – you don’t know what kind of
reception you’re going to get. We won’t fly into areas that are potentially hostile –
but when you land in a new place and greet people with a bit of Juba Arabic, it goes
a long way and really does break the ice.
‘The South Sudanese people are beautiful. They daily show you how to be content
with very little.
‘It’s a very poor country – you can’t escape that. You get to see a lot of humanitarian
projects going on and what the Church is doing, and that’s exciting. It’s a big reason
why the flying is so enjoyable there. The need is vast. Since 1956, war has basically
led to the area of South Sudan being totally underdeveloped.
‘Pray for peace. Pray for a spirit of forgiveness. The people need to learn to forgive
their neighbours. It’s hard to do, but there’s a lot of hope in the Gospel breaking
down the barrier that makes people hold things against one another. Pray that MAF
can be a part of that.
‘If a neighbouring tribe comes in and raids another tribe’s cattle, they need to
forgive. It’s hard to do, but that’s the only way to avoid retaliating, which just goes on
for generation after generation.
‘Pray for South Sudan’s Church. There are a lot of locally ordained ministers,
which is great to see, and they can reach their communities on a level that is more
challenging for MAF.
‘Pray too that the Church will be led by a spirit of truth – bringing the communities
an example of honesty and integrity, with a desire to see ordinary people benefit
from the decisions that are made.’
The LORD is my strength
and my shield; my heart
trusts in Him, and He
helps me. My heart leaps
for joy, and with my song I
praise Him
Psalm 28:7 (NIV)
Pilot Sam Johnston at work in South Sudan
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