2nd August 2019

August News For Prayer

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August 2019
Jeremiah Hartin and a Yali man in Apahapsili, Papua
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
A new name for a new people
A village high in the mountains of
, Indonesia, called ‘Apahapsili’, has several
different meanings to the Yali people living there.
Today, thanks to the spread of the Gospel, its main meaning is ‘the place where
we are uncovered by God’. But, until the Yali — who were hidden behind the high
mountains — were ‘uncovered’ by God, ‘Apahapsili’ didn’t always mean that. Not
long ago, Apahapsili meant something very different.
Back then, the village’s name was understood to mean, ‘the place where we
take the skin from our enemies and eat them’. But we can give praise to our great
and glorious God that things have now changed.
The Yali ‘didn’t know anything about the outside world,’ explains Unus Walilo,
pastor of GKII, the local church there. ‘We didn’t know there were people beyond
the mountains. We lived in the Stone Age — killing each other, eating our enemies.’
But all this changed in September 1965 after some MAF pilots discovered the
much-feared cannibalistic community during an aerial survey flight, and the first
outsiders arrived in Apahapsili.
‘I still remember the day when the missionary with some local pastors arrived
here,’ smiles Unus. ‘It made a big impact!’ (Continued overleaf).
Praise God

Praise God that
’s Government
is committing nearly £50 million to
help clear landmines in Cuando
Cubango Province, where most of our
medical safaris take place. It will have
a very positive impact on people there.

Give thanks for Jenny Beckwith and
other MAF staff from
Church, who helped run the children’s
programme for MAF Arnhem Land’s
conference at the Garma campsite
near Nhulunbuy.

After the earthquakes in
Papua New
, many children stopped going
to school because there wasn’t any
clean water. MAF, together with the
PNG Government, NZAID and
WorldVision helped install eight water
tanks in schools in the Bosavi region
— allowing them to resume their
education, praise God!

Thank the Lord that MAF
South Sudan
along with AIM AIR and Samaritan’s
Purse, was able to fly 130 people to
Juba Teaching Hospital, enabling 20
specialist medical volunteers to
perform cleft lip operations. Each
patient left with a restored lip and a Bible.

Praise God for the 100 locals on Atauro
, who cleared away
vegetation on an overgrown airstrip, so
we can continue serving the island.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Mark Beckwith is a Maintenance
Planner with MAF
. He’s
responsible for working out when MAF
aircraft need maintenance and
providing the schedules that make this
possible. He also arranges for Mareeba
aircraft maintenance engineers to visit
programmes that need their assistance.
Originally from the UK, Mark’s career
in the world of aviation began when he
worked with British Aerospace at the
age of 16. He went on to be an aircraft
design engineer for 15 years, working
primarily on Harrier and Chinook
Deciding to combine his expertise
with mission work, Mark left the UK in
2009 to train with MMS (Missionary
Maintenance Services) Aviation in the
USA, then worked for MAF Tanzania
before joining our team in Mareeba.
Please uphold Mark and his wife
Jenny as Mark works on preparing our
last three new aircraft for service in
Papua New Guinea.
A new name for a new people
Please pray
The initial contact began a decades-long process of learning the culture and
language of the Yali people and launching a joint effort with them to translate the
Bible into their own language.
Siegfried Zoellner and Friedrich Tometten, church planters from the United
Evangelical Mission, worked closely with the Yali translators. Their initial focus was
the New Testament, which was completed and printed in 1988.
A few years later, they began work on the Old Testament. But, although an
abridged version was eventually completed in 1998, the Yali wanted more!
‘When I came back to the village in 2006,’ Friedrich explains, ‘the Yali told us they
wanted to complete the Old Testament. I asked what was missing and they said,
“The genealogies”.
The process required collaboration between the German translators who were
fluent in biblical Greek and Hebrew and a team of Yali translators who were experts
in their own language.
‘Speaking on behalf of the other Yali women, we really love to read the Bible in
our language. It nurtures us,’ explains Antje Faluk, the youngest female member of
the translation team. ‘Some of the women have memorised entire chapters and
know many of the Psalms by heart.’
Although the complete Bible wasn’t available until 2018, God’s Word had already
wrought significant changes; the once violent people now seeking to educate their
children not in warfare but in reading and writing. Rather than fighting their enemies,
they banded together to raise funds to construct a building where they can now
worship God.
For the Yali, ‘the story of the Bible is our story. It is the story of God looking for us.
It is His love seeking us.’
For MAF Pilot Jeremiah Hartin, ‘MAF is a lifeline for people living in isolated places
such as Apahapsili. We bring in Bibles, food, supplies like roofing materials and
medicine, and provide transportation for the people. It’s very satisfying to know that
I am playing a small but significant part in what God is doing.’
As Yali evangelists chatted with Friedrich and the MAF team about how life in
Apahapsili has changed, a young boy walked over and sat at their feet. The older Yali
people looked at him with pride.
‘We are looking to the future,’ says Paulina Wandik, one of the Yali translators. ‘We
hope our children get the best education possible. They will learn more than we’ve
ever learned. Maybe they will be able to go to school in Germany or the USA.’
Perhaps, in a faraway classroom, a student will one day say to his or her teacher,
‘I come from a place called Apahapsili. Let me tell you what that means...’
When MAF personnel recently landed in Apahapsili, they were greeted with an
elaborate display of dancing and singing that explained the Yali’s history. It told how,
having been found by God, they laid their arrows and spears down — devouring His
Word rather than their enemies — and now live in peace with God and man.
Give a shout of joy for the role MAF aircraft and the arrival of Bible translators and
missionaries have had on transforming a once violent and vengeful people into
followers of the risen Lord.
Through God’s grace, many have come to faith and can now lead a faithful,
peaceful, God-honouring life.

Please uphold MAF
Arnhem Land
pilots Noel Carpenter and Tim
Vallance-Webb, who are currently
undergoing rigorous flight training in
Mareeba. They are converting their
flying licences from the GA8 Airvan to
the Cessna Caravan.

Ask the Lord to protect MAF staff and
the people of the
Republic of Congo
from the deadly
Ebola virus, which is spreading rapidly.
Pray for everyone working to contain
the disease.

Lift up Partners in Health, one of the
organisations MAF serves in
, as
they renovate their health clinic to
serve people in Harper and the
surrounding areas. We recently
delivered a tonne of window frames
and panes, saving days of arduous
road travel.

Pray for lasting peace between
different tribes in Yambio,
who recently attended a
reconciliation workshop that helped
them forgive one another. The
workshop, run by members of the
Episcopal Church of South Sudan,
was made possible by MAF flights.

We need a licence to construct a new
airstrip at Meserani in
, so we
can serve the people there. Please
pray it will soon be granted.

MAF staff in
carried out 11 medevacs. Pray for all
the patients who received medical
treatment, asking God for a speedy

Uphold Third Hope Africa, in
whose personnel fly with MAF. The
NGO works to provide long-term
assistance to former child soldiers
traumatised by their experiences.

Many MAF families are on home
assignment in the
this summer.
Please pray for the Aylings, Browns,
Dillinghams, Mumfords, Newnhams,
Swansons, Yourens and Stephen
Kempsell as they reconnect with
friends, family and supporters, and
find time to rest.
list end
‘The story of the Bible is
story. It is the story of God
looking for us. It is His love seeking us’
A friend loves at all
times, and a
brother is born for
a time of adversity
Proverbs 17:17 (NIV)
Bible translator Friedrich Tometten with Yali translators holding the Bible
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