28th September 2017

Help MAF Staff Share Christ Around The World


In the middle of the night, MAF Mozambique pilot Warren Veal sat up in bed, heart hammering, senses alert. Something had broken the stillness of the night.


The sound of his dog barking …


A quick glance out the window revealed men with machetes in the front yard. A gang of armed robbers had been burglarizing homes in Nampula, where MAF families are based.


Warren realized that his home was next.


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In today’s turbulent world, the safety of our missionaries and staff has become an urgent and primary concern. It is more critical than ever that they be equipped and prepared to serve safely.


You can help provide the training, support, and encouragement they need before, during, and after incidents that may occur.


Now more than ever, the unreached areas of the world are located in places with increased security issues. And that’s where our missionaries happen to serve.


You can play a part in ensuring their…


* SAFETY AND SECURITY to keep MAF staff protected, especially in risky places of ministry.

* TRAINING AND SUPPORT to help educate staff preparing to serve overseas, and offer physical, emotional, and spiritual encouragement in times of stress.



The Veal Family


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By now you’re probably wondering what happened to Warren ...


Without losing any time, Warren’s wife Julie and their kids locked themselves in a bedroom while Warren dealt with the men trying to break in. In the fight to keep them out of the house, Warren’s arm was severely slashed by a machete. Fortunately, neighbors arrived at that moment, scaring the men away.


After this traumatic event, the Veals were counseled and cared for by our Member Care team, which provides essential support for all of our missionaries and staff.


Warren remarks, "MAF Member Care was fantastic. Once I left the hospital in South Africa, they arranged for a local counselor to talk with us as a family. The Member Care department has continued to keep in touch and we appreciate their concern for us."


Your one-time gift, or recurring monthly gifts, will help us continue to provide this ongoing care for missionaries and staff, as well as training on how to respond to crises so they can stay safe.


Your support makes it possible to equip MAF missionaries and staff with specialized care and training, in cross-cultural and emergency preparedness, pilot training, support for missionary kids, marriage and family counseling, spiritual resources, and more.

Another MAF family, the Whites, are thankful for the training they received.


Julie White relates, "During our home invasion and robbery in Haiti, the security training we received from MAF reduced the shock of the situation. Even with guns pointed at us, we were able to stay calm and knew how to respond."


Please remember our missionary families in your prayers. Pray for their protection and God’s guidance. Pray for their ministry and for hearts to receive God’s Word.


Even through stresses and trials, MAF staff go to the ends of the earth to bring the gospel to isolated people. They do it simply because of their love for Jesusa love that has the power to conquer their worst fears. Please help support them and their work with your gift.


Thank you for your partnership in our ministry to reach isolated people with the love of Christ!

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