22nd June 2018

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June 2018
Prayer works!
Joey Redhead
Almost a year ago in the August 2017
Prayer Devotion
, I wrote about the journey God took Paul on
in order to get Paul to where He wanted him to be.
It was neither the most obvious nor straightforward plan – by human understanding — but it was
nevertheless perfect. At times, it must have felt like the plan had gone wrong, but all the time God
was in control.
I also wrote about my own journey and how it also felt like something must have gone wrong, and
that I couldn’t see the way forward.
Yet, in spite of all that, I knew God was in control and that He would lead me through.
The dead end that my journey appeared to have reached was a period of illness. An illness which left
me unable to do very much — with no apparent diagnosis or cure.
But although the doctors didn’t know how to make me well, I knew that God did, and
, in His
perfect timing.
God knew
So I asked for your prayers, and you prayed! And your prayers joined the prayers of literally hundreds
of others from all over the world who’d also prayed.
And all those prayers were later joined by one final prayer. Not a prayer that was more powerful or
more important, but one that was ordained by God at just the right time, so that no one could doubt
that it was He who had brought about my healing.
That prayer was spoken by Becky, my girlfriend. She realised that, although she had facilitated lots
of prayer for me, she had never actually prayed over me herself.
In fact, she easily allowed herself to fade into the background because she didn’t feel confident in
her own prayers — particularly when surrounded by so many people with greater experience and
But one night Becky really felt that God wanted her to pray over me — particularly over each part of
my body. And so she did. She didn’t pretend to know what was wrong with me, or even to know
what to say. But she knew that God knew what to do, and therefore prayed.
Shaking violently
As Becky started to pray, I began shaking violently all over — which is something that sometimes
happened with my illness.
She started with my head and she prayed over it. Then she prayed over my neck. Then my shoulders.
Then my chest and my back.
Then she prayed over my upper arms and — as she did — I realised that they were shaking less.
Eventually, they were completely still. Then she prayed over my forearms, and the same thing
happened. And then again with my hands.
Eventually, my whole upper body was still.
My legs, on the other hand, were still flailing around as if they had a life of their own.
So Becky prayed over my thighs, and they became still. And then my calves, my feet and my toes,
which also stopped moving. By then, I was completely still, from my head to my toes — for the first
time since returning from Papua New Guinea!
Touch of heaven
My season of questioning — of battling the small whisper of failure and of feeling lost — was over,
as my body knew the touch of heaven.
God had healed me and brought me from a dead end to endless possibilities. God truly is a God of
I don’t know what God has for me next, but for now I am resting in Him as I regain my strength and
wait excitedly for His leading.
Thank you so much for your prayers. Not only because it means an awful lot to me that you would
choose to share in my struggle, but because your prayers are powerful!
Please continue to pray for me as I seek to follow God in this new chapter of my life.
Please pray for Joey

Please pray for wisdom as Joey seeks God for His leading. Ask the Lord for clarity and wisdom in this
new season.

Ask God to provide Joey with all the patience he needs, as he rebuilds his strength and waits on Him.

Petition the Lord for new and consistent levels of energy for Joey.
list end
Thank you for praying
Thank you for partnering with us in prayer
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