20th October 2018

October Prayer devotion

Partner with us in prayer
October 2018
For the sake of the world
The world we live in is crying out for a move of God like never before! The voice of intolerance, fear
and revenge screams out at us today, bringing death and despair.
Throughout the developing world, people are experiencing famine, displacement, war, hunger,
sickness and fear — with MAF planes rallying to the call as they bring medical help, food and clean
water to countries such as the Philippines, Haiti, South Sudan, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Here in the UK, our towns and cities experience economic insecurity, substance abuse, homelessness
and fractured families. The result? Discouragement, isolation and a seemingly endless cycle of
hopelessness and resignation.
To see change, we need to pray!
For the Sake of the World is God’s idea. It recognises the broader picture of a hurting world in need
of God’s healing.
It acknowledges the call and promise of
2 Chronicles 7:14
: ‘If my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves and pray and seek my face… then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive
their sin and will heal their land.’
There is something significant that happens when the body of Christ unites together, humbly crossing
cultural barriers and reflecting the true and beautiful diversity of heaven (
Revelation 7
Something amazing happens when we believe with great courage; fully expecting to see God’s
promises of restoration, healing, redemption and provision being fulfilled in today’s storm-tossed
Throughout the Bible, we read stories of humble courage. Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal
and praying for rain (
1 Kings 18
). Moses parting the sea and getting water from the rock (
). The young shepherd David victoriously facing the fearsome Goliath (
1 Samuel 17
). The release
of Paul and Silas while praying in prison (
Acts 16
As a global mission movement, MAF’s 128 light aircraft enable some 2,000 partner organisations in
27 developing nations to reach people in dangerous, remote and isolated areas. So, the question
became, ‘Why not partner and connect with friends in the UK too?’
On 3 November 2018, we will be hosting the For the Sake of the World mission focused prayer
conference, working in partnership with Elim Missions, Prayer Storm, Betty King Ministries, Kingdom
Worship Movement and Missio Africanus. It is more than a conference. It is more than any one
organisation or group. It’s about God’s people praying to see the world radically transformed through
the love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are living at a time when God is calling His Church to unite, and it’s a call to which MAF is keen
to respond.
1 Timothy 2:1
urges us ‘first of all’, to pray for all people. But the exciting, worship centred, mission
focused prayer conference is just the beginning!
In January 2019, we will be launching For the Sake of the World prayer groups. The Bible promises
us that where two or three gather together in His name, He is there (
Matthew 18:20
We want to facilitate mission focused prayer in your area, to see godly change happen across the
nations. The prayer groups will share the wider prayer needs by working in partnership with other
mission groups.
Something takes place when we pray, on our own or with other believers, that impacts the world in
which we live — our prayers partnering with God’s power.
James Aladiran, leader of Prayer Storm and one of the speakers at the November conference, says
that ‘prayer is such a vital part of God moving and changing the world.’ He is certain that, as we gather
together in genuine unity, we can release a sound that will shake the heavens to prepare the way for
a fresh wave of missions. Join us! Pray for us.

Whether you can meet with others or pray on your own, the important thing is to pray. Your
prayers are powerful and effective (
James 5:16

Ask yourself, ‘What am I doing to cross cultural barriers?’ Read
Revelation 7
and ask God to reveal
how you can reflect such diversity in today’s world.

Why not set up a For the Sake of the World prayer group, or join one? Perhaps you already meet
with other Christians but would like to receive some resources to help inform your prayers. To
register your interest or obtain helpful material, please email
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Thank you for partnering with us in prayer
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