20th November 2017

November News For Prayer

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The proud parents of twin girls Anick and Destin, from Muzombo, DRC
A close bond
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
Give thanks for MAF’s marvellous medical evacuation service. We were recently able to
offer a flight that helped save the lives of newborn conjoined twins in the
Republic of Congo
When Pilot Brett Reierson climbed into our Cessna 206 aircraft and flew to Vanga,
where MAF delivers personnel and medical equipment to the local hospital, he immediately
realised that something important had happened when he found his plane surrounded by
a 200-strong crowd of locals.
As a concerned looking doctor ushered a woman and her husband towards the MAF
plane, the medic explained that the mother had given birth to conjoined twins nine days
earlier, at a village so far away that no one in Vanga knew where it was.
The babies, who were born naturally at 37 weeks, were joined at the navel, shared a
number of internal organs, and needed to be separated.
Conjoined twins are extremely unusual. They occur once every 200,000 live births, and
their survival cannot be guaranteed. Approximately 40-60% arrive stillborn, with about 35%
surviving only one day. In remote areas where no medical help is available, a positive
outcome is particularly uncertain.
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Praise God

Praise God for the new team members
and their families joining us in
. Let’s
thank Him for a smooth settling in period
as they experience God’s peace and
protection, and are able to adjust to the
responsibilities that serving there brings.

Praise God that our Air Operating
Certificate was renewed, enabling us to
continue flying in

Praise the Lord for the generosity of
our supporters! We have raised more than
£500,000 for our
Help Us Buy a Plane!
appeal. Let us stand in faith that Yahweh
Yireh will provide the remaining
£1,300,000 to purchase a Cessna 208
Grand Caravan aircraft for our

Give thanks for AIM International, Baptist
Missions, Save the Children, Mercy Corps
and the World Food Programme who
worked hard to repair the airstrips at
Kaabong and Kotido,

To God be the glory for the perfect peace
that He gives to His people. Give thanks
for the thousands of people in the
beyond who stood with us as part of the
MAF Week of Prayer — calling out His
perfect peace across the nations.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Emma Knighton is a consultant anaesthetist
and qualified GP, who lives in Far North
. Mother of two
children, Zebedee and Bo, and wife of MAF
Senior Flight Instructor Joe, Emma uses
the medical skills God has given her to
bless the local communities in Australia.
Two days a week, Emma works at a
prison, providing the inmates with general
healthcare. She spends one day in the local
hospital and another day as an anaesthetist
either in Mareeba or Cairns. She juggles her
work and the school run with great

explaining that, ‘Every day is
a little bit different, but that’s nice!’
The Knighton family hope to move to
Papua New Guinea
soon, but they ask us
to pray for continued guidance in following
God’s call.
A close bond
Please pray
To reach Vanga Evangelical Hospital, which serves the needs of thousands of patients in
this remote area of the DRC, the sleeping babies had survived an epic 15-hour, 155-mile
journey on the back of a motorbike.
Unfortunately, Vanga doesn’t have the facilities to separate conjoined infants. The next
closest hospital is in Kinshasa, but it would take about 14 hours to get there on treacherous
According to Dr Junior Mudji, ‘The newborns were stable but fragile and couldn’t
tolerate another, longer, overland journey over difficult roads to Kinshasa. Although we
began preparations for another journey through the jungle, we were concerned for their
safety. So MAF was contacted and, without hesitation, agreed to transport them.
‘When I was told that MAF would help, it was great news! We sincerely thank the MAF
team and their supporters for their willingness to assist in transporting these wonderful
Wrapped in colourful blankets, the two conjoined girls were whisked onto our plane –
their nine-day life itself a miracle. When Brett Reierson was finally ready for take-off,
hundreds of locals lined up to wave farewell to the family.
Landing in Kinshasa, the twins were collected by a medic and taken off for life-saving
surgery: our personnel waiting, praying and trusting God for a happy ending. In God’s
grace, all went well and Anick and Destin were separated successfully.
After the twins had spent a period of observation and recuperation in Kinshasa, ‘The
hospital,’ Brett explained, ‘contacted us again and said, “Would you be willing to take them
back to Vanga?” So we were excited to be part of their return story as well.’
Roughly one month after the two girls had been separated, Pilot Nick Frey flew the
family back to Vanga where the twins were re-admitted to the Christian hospital there.
‘Although MAF,’ Brett says, ‘is just one link in the chain, the transportation link is an
important one. Medical flights are a way that MAF is able to provide reliable, fast
transportation in situations where sometimes there is no other option. In certain situations,
it can actually save lives.
‘The natural delivery of conjoined twins would be rare enough in a western hospital. But
for a mum and her babies to survive this type of birth in such a remote setting followed by
a long and difficult journey across the jungle to be separated – it’s unbelievable! It was a
privilege to be part of their story.’
Praise the Lord for the safe delivery and separation of the two little girls. Pray for good
health as they recover at Vanga Evangelical Hospital and for safety when they and their
parents have to make the gruelling overland journey home to Muzombo, their isolated and
faraway village.
Pray too that Anick and Destin will one day come to know their heavenly Father and
follow Him.
Dr Mudji, who has been caring for the two girls at Vanga, is delighted the babies have
survived, and believes the operation was the first to separate conjoined twins in the DRC.
‘They are,’ he says, ‘doing fine. They sleep well and eat well. In general, they are doing well.’
Please uphold Brett Reierson, his wife Jaclyn, the national and international staff serving
at our 3 operating bases in the DRC and the 159 partners that include the church workers
and humanitarian aid organisations working in remote and challenging areas.

More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled
to seek critical aid
and shelter in
. Commercial
flights to the area are under increasing
demand and travel options for aid workers
are limited. Please pray for our Bangladesh
team as they liaise with the UN and partner
agencies to explore ways to help the

Pray for protection for our team in
. An epidemic of the deadly
pneumonic plague is spreading fast. The
country’s Health Ministry has reported that
over 340 people have so far been infected,
with more than 40 people dying from the

Lift up our MAF team as they work with
engineering partner EMI to assist the
authorities with some slope
stability technical issues at an airport
construction site. The data we’ll be able to
collect should also help us with our
airstrip construction plans in Lailenpi, Chin
State. It should also demonstrate the
professionalism of MAF and EMI to the
national authorities.

MAF partner Angel Flight Club in
is seeing a great deal of interest from
organisations that want to work with them.
Pray for wisdom as their staff seek to build
relationships and develop their flight

Please pray for the people of Moni land,
. Landslides recently devastated
crops from 29 villages, leaving 400
households without food. MAF is
responding by helping people to provide
emergency supplies.

We continue to seek the Lord of provision
for a Deputy Country Director in both
South Sudan
Arnhem Land
. Pray that
God will speak into the hearts of those He
is calling to serve in these two vital
leadership roles.
list end
‘For a mum and her babies to survive this type of
birth in such a remote setting followed by a long and
difficult journey across the jungle is unbelievable!’
You will keep in
perfect peace all who
trust in You, all
whose thoughts are
fixed on You!
Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)
The conjoined twins before surgery (left), and on the flight home
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