1st September 2017

September News For Prayer

Partner with us in prayer
September 2017
A Cessna Caravan taking off in Arnhem Land
A time of transition
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
Arnhem Land
programme is entering a new season of transition, with staff
having left the country to move to another operation, and other new families waiting to
move to Arnhem Land, Australia.
These last few months have been challenging for our team, with Australian visa
issues having only recently been resolved — with pilots, avionics engineers and flight
instructors now classed as skilled occupations.
Give thanks that this has allowed the following staff to resume their plans to enter
Arnhem Land over the next few months: Stephen Kempsell, Andrew Macdonald, Pieter
Muilwijk, Simon Heusler, David Graf, Jacophin Singh and Francis Wayambo.
Meanwhile, MAF pilots Danny Gill and Ryan Cameron, who are both relocating from
Arnhem Land to South Sudan, are spending time at MAF’s flight training centre in
Mareeba, taking courses and learning the new skills needed to fly in South Sudan.
Pray that all MAF personnel who are moving to different countries will be encouraged
by the words of Joshua 1:9: ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you
wherever you go’ (NIV).
Praise God

The staff at the flight training centre we
use in the
are thankful for
those who gave financially to make the
installation of the new ELITE flight
simulator possible. The machine will be
a huge help in training new candidates.

To God be the glory for filling the roles
of HR Manager in
Papua New Guinea
and Country Director in
He is indeed Lord of the harvest!

Praise God that MAF
now has
a website that enables people to book
flights online.

It’s an exciting season as some of our
families return home to see family in the
and tell supporters about the
countries in which they serve. Give
thanks for the many supporters who
make it possible for MAF personnel to
step out into mission. Their partnership
is much appreciated.

Thank God that our newest recruits are
one step closer to serving overseas!
Let’s celebrate all that God’s going to do
through Hans (pilot) and Melissa Cools
and Dave (avionics engineer) and Becky
Waterman as they prepare to partner
with God by reaching isolated people.
list end
Meet the MAF family
24-year-old Kayla Harder sensed God’s call
to be a missionary when she was seven.
Later, aged 16, she ‘co-piloted’ a small
aircraft and discovered her love of flying.
She learned about MAF from her
grandmother, who told her, ‘You can
become a missionary pilot!’
It was this that led her to a degree in
aviation technology and spending two
years in Florida as a flight instructor.
Kayla was accepted as an MAF pilot in
January 2017 and is preparing to serve in
, Indonesia.
She talks about a deep sense of purpose
that never wavered, even when she had to
work harder — being a female pilot — to
prove herself.
‘Since I was born,’ she says, ‘God has
been preparing me for this. He’s also been
preparing people to join my team. I can
invite them to partner with me in sharing
Christ’s love in Indonesia, and encourage
them in their journey with God.’
Good sports
Please pray
Arnhem Land
, Australia, the indigenous children there enjoy kicking or running with a ball
— the love of sports leading many young Aboriginal people to join the various sport programmes
that run throughout the country.
The schools especially recognise the potential in many Aboriginal youngsters and seek to
capitalise on this by organising regular events to encourage emerging talent — providing
activities that keep young kids busy, off the streets and out of trouble.
Over the many years that MAF has been in Arnhem Land, a vast amount of education-
related flights have taken place; the majority of these transporting teachers, students and
supplies from one community to another.
So when our operations office in Gove heard that a big sports carnival was to take place in
Yirrkala in June, we blocked the schedule out in anticipation of a large influx of children from
the remote communities.
Monday 19 June saw MAF Pilot Craig Fulton arrive at Gove Airport before the sun had risen
to do his pre-flight checks on our Airvan aircraft. He then took off for Ramingining — a
55-minute flight from Gove.
Once he reached Ramingining — following an efficient turn around on the ground — Craig
was soon back in the air with five people and their equipment. When the kids jumped off the
plane, there was such joy as they chatted and danced around that it was clear they were really
looking forward to the sports event.
After a quick refuel, our team loaded the aircraft full of freight for the Knigge family — MAF
personnel who had recently moved to Ramingining. Then it was back in the air to pick up more
children and teachers from Ramingining and drop off Wilfred and Harriëtte Knigge’s things.
Not far from Ramingining, MAF Pilot Raphael Flach was also working hard, flying children
and teachers from Elcho Island to Yirrkala.
Not only were the pilots and planes busy all day, but our operations staff barely had a minute
to take a break due to the constant movement of passengers and freight.
Praise God that, by the end of the day, 28 people from Ramingining and 29 from Elcho
Island were safely in Yirrkala ready for some sporting action.
MAF Operations Manager Roland VanDerVelde gave a sigh of relief when the last large load
for the day was safely on the ground and all the students and teachers had left the airport.
‘It was great,’ he said, ‘to transport all these kids to this yearly sports carnival. One could tell
from the interactions with the students and teachers that this was a great experience for them.
Even though it was a lot of effort on MAF’s behalf, it was worth it.’
Wearing new shirts that were especially made for the event, the children enjoyed taking part
in activities such as athletics, basketball and football.
Two days later, and it was time for the enthusiastic youngsters to return home — MAF pilots
Raphael Flach, Craig Fulton, Wilfred Knigge, Israel Neale and Ian Purdey transporting the excited
and grateful young people back to their remote communities.
Give thanks for the 110-plus passengers we transported to this annual event, and pray that
its positive impact will have a long-term effect on the lives of the children, schools and
communities in Arnhem Land.

Lift up Alistair and Anna Youren and
their young children Nathanael and
Talitha as they prepare to return to
Arnhem Land
following home
assignment. Pray for a smooth and
peaceful journey back home as they face
a 28-hour flight! Pray that they will settle
in well and quickly readjust to life back in
Arnhem Land.

Pray for MAF affiliate Asas de Socorro
flying in
. Staff there have a vision to
open new bases in the Amazon. Ask the
Lord for direction, favour and open doors
that no man can close!

Seek the Lord for His perfect and
ongoing peace in
, following the
recent election.

Pray for MAF
in Manila as it
seeks to make MAF known in the
Philippines’ rapidly growing evangelical

inspiring Filipinos to pray, fund
and serve as missionary staff in our
programmes worldwide.

Uphold those involved in preparing the
documentation for our NGO renewal in
later this year. Pray that things
will progress smoothly and we will
receive the necessary permissions for us
to continue serving the people and MAF
partners there.

As various MAF families continue their
home assignment, please lift up all those
who are working hard to provide cover.

Please pray for committed Christians to
be called to mission with MAF. We need
people with a variety of technical and
other skills to serve

There is probably more involved in
flying passengers than we think! Please
pray that our pilots will have the wisdom,
sensitivity and grace to shine the love of
Jesus to the many hurting, isolated and
hungry people they encounter.

September is a busy month of
international meetings for the senior
management of MAF
. Please
pray for these times together to be
inspired, united and full of God’s holy
list end
It was clear the kids were really looking
forward to the sports event
Your prayers and gifts to
the poor have been
received by God as an
Acts 10:4 (NLT)
MAF Pilot Craig Fulton arrives at Gove Airport with the excited youngsters
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