1st February 2018

February News For Prayer

News for Prayer
Partner with us in prayer
February 2018
Pilot Kirstein Combrink flew medical teams from Haydom Lutheran Hospital to six remote clinics
Medics and medevacs
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
On 23 January, we transported a woman with pregnancy complications from the
remote Maasai mountain village of Olemilei to the hospital at Loliondo, northern
The patient, who was clearly in pain and had been in labour for the last two
days, was brought to the airstrip on the back of a motorbike.
Without our plane, the only way for her to receive treatment would have been
for someone to carry her down the steep mountain to Malambo – a journey taking
six hours. Then, assuming a vehicle could be found, she would have had to endure
a six-hour drive to Loliondo over rough roads.
Elisha, an evangelist we flew from Malambo to preach that day, prayed with the
lady before our aircraft took off on the 15-minute flight to Loliondo.
Please pray for the health of both mother and child, and for positive outcomes
for all MAF medevacs.
Finally, give thanks for Pilot Kirstein Combrink’s flight on 10 January 2018, which
transported medics from Haydom Lutheran Hospital to six remote clinics. The
doctors and nurses provided checkups for babies and expectant mothers,
vaccinated children and treated patients.
Uphold all the MAF medical safari flights taking place in 2018; remembering the
many Tanzanians receiving treatment.
Praise God

Let’s praise the Lord for the peaceful
elections in
which mark the
first democratic change of leadership
in the country for 70 years. George
Weah, a former international soccer
star, was inaugurated as Liberia’s 25th
President on 22 January 2018.

Give thanks for the medevacs that
took place in
, Indonesia around
Christmas, and for the many patients
who continue to receive the
healthcare they need.

Praise God for the Congolese
missionaries who, assisted by MAF
flights, are showing the
film and
sharing the Gospel in hospitals
throughout the
Democratic Republic
of Congo

Give thanks for our ability to transport
1.5 tonnes of pipes and materials in
Papua New Guinea
(PNG) so Sengapi
Health Centre can receive fresh water.

We are thankful that our programme
started the year by flying a
plane loaded with medicine for the
Yubu Development Agency. The
organisation runs a Health Clinic in
South Sudan
that treats
more than 1,000 patients a month.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Sam Baguma was brought up in a
Christian family in Fort Portal in
western Uganda. His wife Abby is
British and grew up in a Christian
family in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The
pair got married in 2007 and have two
daughters: Rachel, who was born in
2011, and Rebecca, born in 2013.
Sam, who is Country Director for
, previously worked as MAF
Uganda’s Finance Manager.
He is passionate about his whole
team, noting that it’s important ‘we all
see ourselves as the body, that we
each have a small part to play. Without
the finger, the eye or without the foot,
this whole body wouldn’t actually
Pray for Sam as he leads MAF’s busy
team and prepares for two more
families joining them in 2018. Pray too
that the Word of God continues to
take root as it spreads among Chad’s
unreached people groups.
Good News for the Gabbra
Please pray
Eddie and Rachel Andersen and their six children serve the Gabbra tribe in northern
. The nomadic people group is spread over a vast geographical area — the
towns separated by large desert plains.
The Andersen family, which has been based in the remote village of Dukana
since 2014, is involved in church planting and discipleship. They repair cars, provide
basic medical care and study the Bible with the Gabbra.
Last year, two volunteers, Dale and Issac, decided to spend time with the family
and support their work. Having travelled by road from Nairobi to Loglogo — where
MAF has a base — they were happy to make the rest of the journey by plane.
‘They came on the night bus from Nairobi and arrived in Loglogo at 3.30am,’
explains Loglogo-based pilot Melvin Peters. ‘They slept for three hours and then
we headed out.
‘One of the volunteers said he was always sick on small planes, and I had just fed
them a big breakfast of eggs and sausages which I wasn’t interested in seeing again
— so I distracted him by chatting about God’s leading in his life!
‘They were so happy that the flight saved them a six-hour journey on the top of
a freight truck.’
The trip took place over the weekend, so Melvin stayed in Dukana overnight;
giving him time to see the Andersen’s ministry first hand.
‘It was very special to spend time with Eddie Andersen,’ Melvin continues,
‘because his grandfather started the Loglogo mission station back in the 1960s.’
Dukana, which is strategically located on the border with Ethiopia, is the newest
outreach centre for evangelical work among the Gabbra. Approximately 20,000
people live in the area, with herdsmen constantly coming and going.
In the 1990s, the Gabbra, who are mainly nomadic pastoralists who keep
camels, goats, sheep and some cattle, began settling in town centres to obtain
education, healthcare and famine relief.
Today, praise God, the Gospel is beginning to impact the tribe, with a few faithful
members of the community in Dukana taking part in daily Bible studies and going
to church on Sundays.
As part of their outreach, Eddie and Rachel use the ‘Treasure’ — a small solar
powered audio device loaded with Scripture recordings. Designed to withstand
hostile environments, and capable of holding up to 800 hours of material, the
device is an extremely effective way of bringing the Gabbra the Good News.
‘The Treasure,’ Rachel explains, ‘has opened up doors in various communities
and led to a growing number of Gabbra seeking Christ. We hear of audio Scriptures
travelling up to 200 miles. Every day, people come to our door asking for Treasures.’
Please pray for the Andersen family. Rachel points out that living, working and
raising a family in such an isolated and challenging environment is extremely
‘We have found ourselves pushed to the limit. Our children have had various
illnesses, with little or no medical care available to us. Our car is often shaken to
pieces by the roads and, as part of the community, we often watch helplessly as
our friends suffer from cycles of drought and famine.’
Give thanks for our ability to support families like the Andersens who are
dedicated to seeing isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in
Christ’s name.
‘We feel a sense of urgency to get the message of Jesus Christ to the Gabbra,’
concludes Rachel, ‘knowing that they live on the edge of disaster and possibly death.’

Please pray for patience and
encouragement as Emil Kundig’s team
of three international families and one
local staff member work to complete
two new houses for MAF personnel in

Pray for the people who were affected
when Cyclone Ava hit
coast on 5 January. Many have lost
their lives and thousands have been
displaced. Pray for MAF’s team as they
work with our partners to help those
who need our assistance most.

Remember the new flight training
students arriving – or preparing to
arrive – at our Training Centre in
in Far North Queensland,
Australia. Uphold our staff as they
prepare to start the new courses, and
pray that the various newcomers will
settle in well.

Pray for the health of MAF families in
. Because of the
pollution experienced during the
winter months, children regularly
struggle with respiratory illness, and
hospitals often become overcrowded.

Uphold the thousands of people
evacuated from islands surrounding
the volcano that recently erupted on
Kadovar Island in
. Pray that the
ash clouds won’t have an adverse
impact on our operations.

Continue to pray for our work in
South Sudan
. Due to airport closures
and insecurity, our team is finding it
difficult to operate effectively.

The rainy season has started in
. Pray for safety in the air and on
the ground, and good decision-making
from our team.

Uphold the faith-based NGO and
MAF partner E3 Africa as their personnel
transform the lives of hundreds of
vulnerable children in
list end
‘One of the volunteers said he was always sick on small
planes, and I had just fed them a breakfast of eggs and
sausages which I wasn’t interested in seeing again’
Behold, I will do a new
thing, now it shall spring
forth; shall you not know
it? I will even make a road
in the wilderness and
rivers in the desert
Isaiah 43:19 (NKJV)
Melvin Peters (right) flies Dale and Isaac to Dukana
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