1st December 2017

December News For Prayer

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December 2017
Primary school students and teachers gather outside the Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre
An unforgettable experience
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
‘I have been all over the world serving Christ, and flying with MAF was the best experience
I have had in the last ten years of serving,’ says James Gleghorn, Executive Director of the
Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre (GGCC) US Advisory Board.
‘To fly to remote Mfangano Island,’ says James, who was in
for a week-long visit,
‘and have hundreds of orphans surround us and hug us as we got off the plane was an
experience I’ll never forget.’
Founded in 2003, GGCC grew out of a calling to serve orphans as a Christian boarding
school whose vision was to rescue vulnerable children.
The work began with 100 youngsters, and now serves more than 725 students. It has
produced over 100 graduates.
‘I cannot underestimate the impact of being able to use MAF. The pilot was incredible
and so accommodating. I can’t wait to fly again with MAF!’ concludes James.
Give thanks for the privilege of partnering with GGCC by flying visitors and teams in and
out of the area. It’s a joy to see how the work has been blessed over the past ten years, so
let’s ask our heavenly Father for continued blessing.
Praise God

Give thanks that our
team took a
partner into a new airstrip in the Maasai
area. The strip will enable further
opportunities to serve remote

Praise the Lord for the successful
medevac of an elderly lady who broke
her hip in
. We flew her to Ghana
for treatment.

Join us in giving thanks that our
Technology Services team in
Papua New
is making progress in getting
more Tok Pisin language Bibles into the

Praise God for those who heard His call
to serve in
South Sudan
where there was
a critical shortage of pilots. Our God is able
to meet all our needs.

To God be the glory for the six medevacs
carried out over a two-week period in
. The patients included
several women experiencing problems in
childbirth and three children suffering
from bronchitis and suspected meningitis.

On 15 November, MAF teams
joined together for a Day of Prayer. The
theme, based on Isaiah 26:3, resulted in
an outpouring of prayer and praise to the
One who gives us ‘His Perfect Peace’.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Vivienne Pattison is Head of MAF UK’s
Communications team. Based in
Folkestone, Vivienne’s colleagues work on
creative ways to share MAF’s story
throughout the
Vivienne, who lives in Kent where her
husband Paul is the vicar of a local church,
is mother to two lively children, Annabelle
(15) and Henry (11).
Earlier this year, she was privileged to be
able to visit MAF
and gain first-hand
experience of its work there. Vivienne’s
week-long trip included a moving visit to
the Kakuma refugee camp — home to
170,000 people — which she describes as
Vivienne often pops up in the UK media
explaining the work of MAF. Pray that,
through the work of our enthusiastic team
of communicators, God will be glorified
and many more people will catch the
vision to play their part in MAF’s life-saving,
life-enhancing ministry.
With love from Malambo
Please pray
’s monthly flights to Malambo in north Maasai Land represent a fruitful
partnership between MAF, the Maasai Church and a local Bible school.
Earlier this year, Pilot Jarkko Korhonen was able to introduce MAF’s new WIFIBible to
the area.
‘Some years ago,’ recalls Jarkko, ‘we prayed with the head of the Bible school, Elisha Ole
Moita, that there would be a Christian radio channel for the Malambo area. When I heard
about the WIFIBible at an MAF conference, I wanted to have a test unit and start a pioneer
project in the Malambo area.’
MAF’s WIFIBibles have a similar impact to Gospel radio and contain biblical teaching,
songs, Christian resources in different languages and visual material like the
‘The younger students at the Bible school,’ Jarkko explains, ‘were immediately interested
in the range of resources available. Many have some kind of smart phone, which is needed
for a Wi-Fi connection.
‘On the first morning of their outreach, I flew Maasai evangelists from Malambo to
surrounding villages to preach the Gospel. The evangelists were new students from the
Bible school. It was their first time in a plane, and they were obviously scared of flying!
‘There was a lot of prayer going on during the flights. Some were singing Christian
Maasai songs, and some wrapped themselves inside their “shuka” (Maasai blankets) and
wouldn’t look out the window! We dropped them off at five different villages in the Lake
Natron area and surrounding communities in the mountains.
‘On Wednesday, when I picked them up to return to Malambo, they weren’t so scared
anymore, but they still prayed hard! Once we arrived in Malambo, there was a lot of
excitement, laughter and greetings from the other students. The evangelism trip to isolated
communities in north Maasai Land was a huge experience for them.’
Elisha was overjoyed to hear that, in a mountain village called Piaya, a person who had
been involved in witchcraft activity had decided to become a Christian. In Pinyin, Elisha’s
home village, someone who was barely conscious left their sick bed after being prayed for
by an evangelist.
‘All these communities can do is pray,’ Jarkko continues, ‘because they don’t have
access to medical assistance. In Monik, 15 people wanted to give their lives to Christ —
hallelujah! They will be baptised later by a pastor from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of
‘I was also praying hard because I had 12 different trips to complete in very hot conditions.
The last trip before returning to the MAF Tanzania base in Arusha was from the town of
Loliondo to Malambo, when I had to suddenly become an ambulance driver.
‘The evangelists who were due to fly kindly exchanged their flight tickets for bus tickets,
to allow space for three mamas and two newborn babies to fly back to Malambo.
‘The babies were only a couple of days old, but even though the plane ride can be
bumpy, it is much more uncomfortable travelling by bus and motorcycle in the mountainous
areas. One mama had suffered a miscarriage, so it was safer to move her by plane.
‘We just need to keep on praying and praise Him for all He does. I want to thank everyone
who made the Malambo outreach possible,’ smiles Jarkko, who asks us to thank God for all
He’s accomplished through MAF.
Please pray that the new believers will remain firm in their faith and that many others will
join God’s family.

Please uphold the pilot training team in
Arnhem Land
as they get new pilots up to
speed. Pray too for safety as the wet season

We have an urgent need for a Chief
Engineer to serve in
. Pray that
the right person will hear the call to fill this
critical vacancy.

With elections in
being contested,
the country’s future is at present uncertain.
Pray for our team’s protection, for peace in
the country, and for a government that will
serve its people well.

Pray for our pilots’ safety during winter
flying in
. The pollution
sometimes shuts the airport down and
there are times when it’s impossible to fly
because of poor visibility.

There has been an outbreak of malaria in
South Africa
. Pray that the hospitals
will receive the medication they need in
order to treat patients.

In October, we transported 1,080kg of
cargo for various organisations in West
Equatoria in
South Sudan
. Pray that the
consignment, which included car parts,
solar panels, wires, a church speaker
system and 660kg of seeds for planting,
will bless our partners and assist them in
their work.

Pray for the ground operations and
bookings teams in
South Sudan
as they
handle the increased flight capacity made
possible by the arrival of additional

Pray for the recruitment of a Finance
Manager in
and a Security Manager
South Sudan
. May God prompt the
right people to apply.

Pray for the health of MAF staff and their
. May those who are ill
or undergoing medical treatment know
the Lord’s comfort and blessing, and
experience His healing.
list end
‘There was a lot of prayer going on during the flights. Some
were singing songs, and some wrapped themselves inside
their Maasai blankets and wouldn’t look out the window!’
Jesus looked at them
intently and said,
‘Humanly speaking,
it is impossible. But
with God everything
is possible’
Matthew 19:26 (NLT)
Pilot Jarkko Korhonen (left) and Elisha Ole Moita holding WifiBibles
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