14th March 2018

Save The Date - For The Sake Of The World


MAF's Week of Prayer is going global!


Our programmes across the nations are joining together to pray for MAF, our partners and those we serve, and YOU are invited to join us from Sunday 4 - Sunday 11 November!


We wanted to give you plenty of time to get the date in your diaries and as much opportunity as possible to help you promote this week with your churches, small groups, family and friends.


This year we are praying 'For the Sake of the World'. The world is crying out for healing, for restoration, for redemption and for provision. We know that, to see change, we need to pray. We believe that as people from across the globe stand together in prayer, we will see change happen.


To launch the Week of Prayer, we are organising a mission focused prayer conference, called 'For the Sake of the World', in partnership with other mission and prayer groups in the UK. This will be held in Birmingham on Saturday 3 November 2018, 9.45am-9pm. For more information, check out the website <https://www.e-activist.com/ea-action/broadcast.record.message.click.do?ea.url.id=1288633&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=mHGxkhnTICi15xl1A%2FXc2A==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> .


May I encourage you to save the date and share this global week of prayer with your friends, family, churches and small groups?


A prayer pack is currently in production and will include a prayer diary, creative ways to pray, short film, children's resources, poster, postcard, devotion and presentation notes. There will also be a PowerPoint presentation and a link to further online resources.


Following feedback from last year's Week of Prayer, we will be sending packs out at the beginning of August, to give you plenty of time to prepare.


I hope you will be able to join us as we unite together to pray, 'For the Sake of the World'.


God bless


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Victoria Fagg

Prayer Communications Leader, MAF UK



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