12th November 2019

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November 2019
Prince Harry speaking with Marijn Goud, pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer with MAF Angola
Enter His gates with
thanksgiving and His
courts with praise; give
thanks to Him and praise
His name
Psalm 100:4
Prince Harry honours MAF
Praise God for Pilot Marijn Goud’s meeting with HRH The Duke of Sussex on 27
September, when the Prince visited one of the 28 remote locations served by MAF
in southern
Prince Harry was visiting an active minefield near Dirico, Angola in support of
The HALO Trust. Our flights have helped HALO ever since it began its valuable
de-mining work in Angola in 1994.
In Dirico that day to provide flights for HALO staff, Marijn had the honour of
speaking to the Prince, who remarked, ‘HALO could not do it without you, thanks!’
Marijn gives thanks for the encouraging visit, saying, ‘It’s been an absolute
honour to meet him and be part of the incredible work HALO is doing in Angola.
This will benefit many of the isolated people we serve.’
The pilot later wrote on Facebook, ‘Today was a slightly different day. Went to a
minefield in the morning, saw HRH Prince Harry detonate a mine, had a chat with
him and flew a team of very hard-working HALO de-miners back home.
‘During the event MAF was on standby for medical evacuations. We are very
proud to be partnering with this great organisation, working hard to make Angola
landmine free by 2025.’ (Continued overleaf)
Praise God

Give thanks that, in
, Indonesia,
translation work on the Sawi Bible is
almost completed. Our staff are happy
to have been able to support the
translators’ vital work by providing
hospitality and flights.

Give a shout of praise that MAF’s
Technology Services team has carried
out its largest basic computer training
session in Wasua District,
Papua New
(PNG). More than 110 people
took part! The training received will
enhance the attendees’ ministry and
help them with church administration.

Praise the Lord for Pilot Danny Gill’s
recent flight to Holy Trinity Peace Village
in Kuron,
South Sudan
. Danny delivered
a number of avocado and mango trees
that will improve the villagers’ diet and
provide them with an income when
they sell the produce.

Join us in giving thanks for our ability to
fly workers from SHARE, a Japanese
NGO working to improve the health of
remote villages on Atauro island,
. We look forward to hearing about
the many people blessed through the
education and clinics they provide.
list end
Meet the MAF family
Marijn and Noortje Goud and their two
children, have served with MAF since
2014. Originally from the Netherlands,
they now live in
, where Marijn
serves as a Pilot and Aircraft
Maintenance Engineer.
Noortje, a qualified teacher, home
schools her children and uses her skills
and experience to help others where
Marijn says he really enjoys his time
in the air, as well as in the hangar doing
‘I’ve flown more than 300 hours in
MAF’s Cessna 208 Caravan, with
doctors, patients, pastors, evangelists,
medical teams, prevention teams,
biologists and missionaries. It’s been a
huge blessing and honour to be part of
the amazing work happening
throughout the country.’
Pray that the Goud family will
continue to make a positive difference
in Angola through their work and the
amazing part they play as members of
MAF’s worldwide family.
Prince Harry honours MAF
Please pray
Wearing body armour, Prince Harry walked an active minefield and remotely detonated
a landmine to remove it from the field. Leaving Dirico, he then visited Huambo, the site
that his mother, Princess Diana, visited in 1997.
The Princess’ visit brought international attention to HALO’s cause; revealing the
effect landmines have on people living in areas where the explosive devices still lie
silently in wait.
Sadly, she didn’t live to see the incredible impact her visit had. Today, homes, shops
and paved roads exist in an area originally made uninhabitable by the mines — the land
made safe by the work Princess Diana supported.
Over the years, we’ve enabled HALO personnel and VIPs to reach remote areas. Our
staff are on call 24 hours a day should anyone need an emergency airlift to hospital.
Although it’s a service we hope we’ll never need to provide, it’s essential to HALO’s
dangerous work of locating and removing landmines.
Give thanks that, with HALO’s commitment to the training and safety of its teams, the
need for a casualty flight has been extremely rare during the 25 years we’ve worked
together, improving the safety of millions.
HALO also educates local communities on how to stay safe from out-of-sight mines,
employing nearly 400 Angolan men and women to do so. In 2017, the NGO launched a
project named ‘100 Women in Demining’, which aims to train and empower all-female
de-mining teams.
Over the last 2 years, more than 78 women have been recruited from low-income
communities to participate in their programme. Six of these have been promoted to
leadership roles and 19 have completed paramedic training. Ever since HALO started in
Angola, we’ve shared their vision to serve isolated communities by recovering the thousands
of landmines lurking underground more than 17 years after the civil war there ended.
Lowell Deering, MAF Canada’s Vice President of Operations and Recruiting, says,
‘Although the conflict has been over for many years, mines continue to cause horrific
injuries and death to rural people generations later. We are excited to see cleared areas
of land returned to community use for farming, schools and housing, freed from the
threat that existed for so many years.’
We began operating in Angola in 1989 to provide support for NGOs, missions and
churches in a nation still in the grip of civil war. During that time, an estimated 10 million
landmines were laid; encircling communities, endangering roads and putting Angolans
at risk every time they travelled, farmed or visited friends.
Join us in thanking God that the Angolan government has agreed to provide about
£50 million to clear 153 minefields.
One of these is an important site near the Okavango River Delta. The Delta, which is
recognised as one of Africa’s richest areas of biodiversity, is a key region in need of
In order to reach it, however, wildlife must cross ground to an area that’s riddled with
landmines — a potentially lethal journey for the people and animals seeking to reach the
life-sustaining waters.
Although HALO has removed
more than 100,000 landmines in
Angola, its work is far from finished
— the organisation having also
partnered with the Angolan police
and military to destroy thousands of
weapons and tons of ammunition
left over from a country ravaged by
war for almost 3 decades.
Lasting from 1975 to 2002, the
conflict caused the loss of 1.5 million
lives and saw 4 million people
Please pray that, as HALO strives
to make communities safer — one
landmine at a time — swords will be
beaten into ploughshares and spears
into pruning hooks (Isaiah 2:4); the
scars caused by war finally healing.

is currently
experiencing food shortages due to
year-long drought. As people have
resorted to eating the seed due to be
planted in November, MAF has flown
food to sustain these communities
and has given them new seed to plant
as rainy season approaches. Pray for
the rains to come and for good harvest
for these hungry communties.

Steve and Katie Machell are now in
, where Steve serves as our new
Country Director and Katie our Africa
Region Communications Officer.
Please pray for them as they adapt to
their new home and new roles.

Security concerns continue to grow
in the
Democratic Republic of Congo
(DRC), so do pray for protection,
prudence and peace for all the MAF
families serving there.

There has been a confirmed case of
Ebola in Nyankunde, eastern
Please uphold our staff and the doctors
and nurses treating patients there.

is currently in the midst of fuel
and food shortages. Please uphold the
MAF staff who are currently coping
with the country’s unrest.

We have a critical need for a Chief
Engineer in
. Pray that a
committed Christian who is skilled
and passionate about isolated people
will take up this important role.

Uphold Jo Crotty, the newest addition
to our
team. Jo, our new
Regional Education Co-ordinator,
assists staff in our Asia-Pacific
programmes. Pray for confidence as
she begins her new role and that she
settles in well to living in a compound.

As the deadline for the formation of a
government in
South Sudan
approaches, please pray for peace in
this troubled nation.

Pray for our IT teams as they seek to
implement new systems and update
existing ones. We rely on good
connectivity and effective systems to
be able to work efficiently, and are
grateful for all our hard-working IT
list end
Today, homes, shops and paved roads exist in an area
originally made uninhabitable by the mines
Come, let us go up to the
mountain of the Lord, to the
house of the God of Jacob,
that He may teach us His
ways and that we may walk in
His paths
Isaiah 2:3 (ESV)
HRH Prince Harry detonating a mine
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