11th October 2017

Urgent Appeal


Tiny, hairline cracks were discovered in three nose gear forks


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At MAF, we’re grateful for our maintenance specialists who pay close attention when it comes to inspecting airplanes. We’re also grateful for people like you who faithfully pray for this mission and for God’s protection.


Because lives depend on safe and reliable MAF flights.


A problem with the nose gear fork on one of the MAF KODIAKs caused us to pull all of our KODIAKs off the flight line for inspection.


Tiny, hairline cracks were discovered in three nose gear forks, which, if left unchecked, could lead to a serious malfunction. Since this is such a critical piece of the forward landing gear, we decided to replace the nose gear fork on all of our KODIAK airplanes. The new, stronger style will reduce the risk of failure and the amount of maintenance.


But to replace this critical part will cost $9,000 for each airplane. Because we have 12 KODIAKs, we will need to raise $108,000 by November 15 to cover this unplanned expense. Will you help us purchase the replacements so these airplanes can continue bringing the love of Christ to isolated people?

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<https://gallery.mailchimp.com/b8d8cac0789cabc74dee99dd1/images/b0406755-e46d-4e12-ab30-a7c38884f973.jpg> Kalimantan pilot Brad Hopkins explains why the nose gear on an airplane is so important:


"A lot of the weight of an airplane is in its engine, which sits right on top of the nose gear. It’s got to be very strong, especially in something like a KODIAK, because we’re not on runways, we’re on airstrips. And they can be rocky and uneven. It’s got to be able to take the brunt and keep going."


More often than not, MAF pilots need to land on unpaved airstrips. An intact and fully functioning nose gear is crucial for a safe landing. So the old-style nose gear forks are requiring a considerable amount of maintenance to make sure they are in good working order.


According to MAF Safety Manager Steve Lehman:


"There are a number of things our mechanics can do to make sure cracks aren’t developing, but we have to take the plane off the line to accomplish them."


The newer, stronger fork style will allow us to reduce the amount of maintenance time and reinforce the safety and reliability of our KODIAK airplanes.




That is why I hope you will send a gift today to help us raise the $108,000 needed by November 15 to replace this critical part.


With your help, we can be proactive and replace the nose gear fork on all 12 KODIAKs, ensuring these aircraft will continue to reach isolated people with the Good News of the Gospel.


Thank you for the difference you are making through MAF!




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