9th April 2019

SAT-7 UK: A New Heart



“Therefore encourage one

another and build each other up,

just as in fact you are doing.”

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Pray that young believers would

find other Christian friends, so

that they can be encouraged

and built up in their faith.


Teenagers and young adults have a lot

on their plate: friendships, hormones,

peer pressure, first romances,

schoolwork and exam stress – as well

as eventually leaving home for the first

time, emerging into the world of work,

and planning for the future.

Young people in the Middle East and

North Africa are navigating all these

challenges too. But they also face the

enormous additional pressures of

growing up in a region burdened by

war, conflict, rapidly-shifting politics,

religious and ethnic division, and

economic instability.

The Middle East is a young region –

approximately 65% of the population

is under the age of 30. Perhaps the

biggest hindrance they face is youth

unemployment, which has stayed at

a constant and enormous rate of 25%

for the last decade.

A lack of jobs, on top of everything

else, has left many MENA young people

with a sense of despondency and

hopelessness for the future. A recent

survey revealed that 55% of MENA

young people say the region has moved

in the wrong direction over the past

decade. Furthermore, a worrying 62%

of young people in North Africa and

72% in the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan,

Palestine) believe their best days are

behind them.


Religious faith has a bad image among

Iran’s young people, as it is often imposed

harshly and with tight restrictions. Many

young people assume Christianity is the

same, and have no idea that a relationship

with God can be a positive, life-changing


This is the reason behind 4:12 – a live

weekly show for Persian-speaking young

adults. “The main aim is to break this

negative mindset,” producer Moe Pooladfar

enthuses. “By having two presenters

from this age group, the show aims to

demonstrate that you can be young

and be a believer, have fun and yet

live in purity, socialise, study and work

like others, but follow Christ.”

Topics targeted in the first season include

friendship and issues of trust, dating and

what the Bible has to say about it, decisionmaking,

the right use of social media, and

confidence and self-esteem.

The MENA’s Christian young people

have the additional challenge of

living out their faith in a region where

they are very much in the minority.

This week, take time to pray for

young people you know, and

young people in the Middle East

– that amid the many challenges

they face, they will find wise

guidance, put their trust in

God, and place their hearts

and hopes in His hands. 

Young people want greater

government accountability

and transparency. They want

jobs. They want modernised

education systems. They want

opportunity. They prefer to

stay in their home country

and build it, rather than leave.

They want hope. They want


AFshin Molavi

Arab youth survey 2018

Right: Mattin and Termeh, the presenters

of 4:12 youth show.

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