7th March 2019

SAT-7 UK: A New Heart Day 2


“Take heart! I have overcome

the world.” (John 16:33)

Sometimes, when we look

at the issues facing the world

around us, it can become easy

to lose heart. Thank God that

Jesus has defeated death, and

has the power to bring new life

to the Middle East.

challenged with the “new” of God’s

eternally fresh kingdom.

Palm trees, so familiar across the

region, embody this beautifully. Even

where water is scarce and heat fierce, they

grow tall and true, constantly shedding

and renewing their leaves with lush, new

growth – and highly-valued fruit.

Closer to home, the power of resurrection

is reflected in the breaking out of spring

all around us, the burst of birdsong and

blossom after hard winter months.

It’s an apt picture of what God’s love

can do to a human heart.

So let’s pray for this restorative,

regenerative power to sweep

through the hearts and minds of the

people of the region. Ask God to

change hearts of stone into hearts of

flesh. Pray for people across the Middle

East and North Africa to truly “flourish

like the palm tree” (Psalm 92:12).

May children embrace their estranged

parents and husbands their longneglected

wives. May once distant

friends grow close again. May church

families divided by discord know

renewed unity.

And as you read and pray,

may you be blessed with new

hope and love for the people of

the region.

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