22nd March 2019

SAT-7 UK: A New Heart



“All of you, clothe yourselves

with humility towards one

another, because, ‘God

opposes the proud but shows

favour to the humble.’”

(1 Peter 5:5)

Pray that God will give Middle

Eastern men the humility to

start questioning their harmful

attitudes towards women.





George is from Cairo, Egypt and is

SAT-7 Arabic Channels Director.

Here, he explains the cultural

pressures facing Middle Eastern

men, and how SAT-7 is

showing them their true identity.

A few years ago, in a

meeting with Maggie

Morgan, the producer of

SAT-7show Needle and New Thread,

I commented that women are less

fortunate in our region because of

all the difficulties they are facing. To

my surprise, Maggie replied, “Men

too are unfortunate and face huge


Maggie didn’t say that out of sympathy

with me as a man, but she spoke of the

unrealistic expectations our societies

put on men. In my culture, men are

still expected to be in control, to be the

sole providers, to be tough and to never

express weakness or cry. All of these

unfair “masculine” expectations don’t

only fail to recognise and appreciate

women’s contribution to society, but

also add a huge burden on men.

Marriage and fatherhood put me in

the face of this cultural dilemma. One

of the moments I felt most strongly

connected with my daughter was when

I shared with her my shortcomings as a

father: that I am not perfect, and need

to seek God’s grace to cover me. I saw

the understanding in her eyes – that she

is also not expected to be perfect, that

she is loved just because of who she is.

It demonstrated to her that men are

not heroes – we are human beings who

need love and support, and, by the way,

do cry sometimes!

In addition to the unrealistic cultural

expectations placed on men, our

region is facing financial pressure and

a lack of opportunities, which only

adds to the strain. The main problem

in the MENA today, however, is not

poverty, poor education, or political

trauma – it’s people losing hope that the

situation can change, a heavy feeling of

being trapped and seeing no way out.

This kind of pressure and hopelessness

impacts family relationships, and we

are witnessing shocking numbers of

divorces and broken homes.

In such times, people need to be

reminded of the simple yet profound

truth that we are not loved because

of what we do or have, but simply

because we are His sons and

daughters. We try to point to this truth

on our SAT-7 programmes. We have an

impact when we present programmes

not by people who pretend they

know it all or are always right, but by

people who share their challenges and

weaknesses – who admit they too need

God’s grace to carry on.

In one of our marriage programmes,

From Heart to Heart (see p17-18), many

viewers who experienced change

through the show explained that

what touched them most was that

the presenters spoke about their life

challenges and difficulties too. We try to

show that, though life can take us up or

down, our true value is found in being

loved and cherished by our heavenly


Please join me in praying that the

men of the Middle East will put their

hope in God, and find their identity in

His love that never fails. 

Men worship at Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Church, Cairo


Men’s talk show Effendi (an oldfashioned

Arabic term to describe

a husband) is helping Middle

Eastern men find a Christ-centred

model for family life. The show

features three male presenters

who discuss topics including family

relationships, parenting, and work,

and offer a Christian perspective. The

programme explains that instead of

being controlling, men should try to

understand their partners’ needs.

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