21st April 2019

Compassion UK: You’re Not Bound By This World

Everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

1 John 5:4

At the age of twenty, I was in all kinds of chains. I was in financial debt and an unhappy, controlling relationship. I was enslaved to a cycle of bad choices that seemed to repeat on an annual basis. But the moment I gave my life to Jesus, I laid down who I was and received a new life in Christ.

Freedom comes from knowing that your old life of slavery is gone and your new life is hidden in him. You’re not your body or your reputation. You’re not your face, your family, or your job. You’re not the sum of the presumptions of others. You don’t belong to the things of the world—you’re free! God has forgotten that old life of yours, so let the world say and think what they will.

Have you been holding on to something from your past? Have you had a hard time forgiving yourself or letting go of former things? The enemy wants to remind you that you’ve made mistakes. But the Lord tells you over and over. The past has gone! You’re a new creation, and I’ve set you free. The old you doesn’t even exist anymore.

Thank you 

We hope you’ve been inspired and uplifted by these Lent reflections.  Don’t forget you can continue to journey with Philippa’s new devotional book ‘Amazing You'

From Philippa and everyone at Compassion UK we’d like to wish you a happy Easter as you celebrate our risen King! 

Lord, help me guard against the lies of the enemy that say I’m still in chains. If ever the darkness tries to remind me of my past, help me to simply declare the victory of the cross. What Jesus did for me was enough. He set me free, and I’m forever grateful. In his name. Amen.

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