17th April 2019

SAT-7 UK: A New Heart







Zekai Tanyar, a pastor in Turkey, explains why

our spiritual hearts need regular check-ups

A few weeks ago I had a quadruple

bypass surgery, as an angiogram

showed major blockages in four

arteries. I was not expecting a full

surgical intervention! I have never

smoked, have no blood-pressure issues,

I’m not overweight (well, maybe just a few

kilograms), and I eat fairly healthily (as

much as you can in a land of kebabs!).

Likewise, we often think we are

healthy spiritually. We do much of

the “church” and “Christian” things

expected. Yet the arteries of faith, of

grace, of relationships, narrow with the

blockages of tiredness, disappointment,

and broken relationships. The breath

of faith, just like the breath of life,

becomes a struggle, and the old heart

needs to be revived.

While I like my current privacy as I

recuperate from surgery, I once again

realise we are created for relationships.

The aim of life is not just to stay alive

physically. It’s not just about me – it’s

about all people, all creation. If, as in

Matthew 25, Jesus identified himself

with the needy, the sick, the imprisoned,

He too is saying it’s about everyone.

Sadly, our spiritual arteries are primarily

clogged by the most fatty subject: bad

relationships. We are particularly bad

on this in the Middle East, where the

shame/honour culture avoids dealing

with them: it’s so hard to say “sorry”,

and even harder to say “I forgive”.

So we accumulate the fat of pride, of

fear, of shame. It’s a strange paradox,

because relationships are so important

in this part of the world.

As believers, we all need to discover

what Godly, long-lasting relationships

look like. We need to discover the

ways of keeping our arteries of faith

open through love, grace, humility and

forgiveness. For that we need the body

of Christ, the Church, with whom we

learn live it out.

The new believer desperately

needs to belong to the fellowship of

God’s family too, especially as they

may have lost most or all previous

relationships. SAT-7 is part of that

family, an arm of that family that can

reach into the homes where the physical

church cannot enter. It is a call to the

lonely believer that they are part of a

big family that cares, and wants to keep

in touch and encourage.

Ultimately, we all need the touch of

the heavenly heart surgeon to bypass

our blockages, to once again get the

heart of faith supplying our thinking,

our emotions, our actions; to remove

the numbness, the pain, the coldness.

We need to once again put our hand

in God’s hand, to walk humbly with

Him. We need to rediscover the

faithful heart of God that has always

been there, that never gets blocked

whatever we all throw at it. 


“Create in me a pure heart,

O God, and renew a steadfast

spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)

As Pastor Zekai points out, we

all need God to cleanse our

hearts so we can have healthy

relationships with others. Ask

His forgiveness for anything

that is causing a “blockage” in

your heart at the moment.

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