9th April 2018

Church of Scotland Guild April E-News


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From the Communications and Marketing Group Convener





A couple of weeks ago, on Palm Sunday, our clocks went forward. We are now into British Summer Time (mind you, this is being written on April 3rd and it’s snowing!)



But…did any of you sleep in because you forgot to put your clocks forward? A couple of our folks here turned up an hour late for the Palm Procession, and they were so embarrassed!




SPRING FORWARD ..that’s how most of us remember that we should put our clocks forward an hour in springtime. SPRING FORWARD could be a good mantra for us. Of course, looking back can be important, and we can learn from the past, but going back should never be an option for us in the Guild.




SPRINGING FORWARD indicates upward and outward action it might be travelling a new road, trying something different, doing new things with new people, being bold and strong. Very soon our new Project Partners will be revealed and this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to learn new things and support new initiatives.




Springtime is a time of renewal in nature, and it can be for us too, as human beings. But, when starting out on something new, we can sometimes be anxious or fearful about how it will turn out….but very often the results can surprise us. Easter, just past, reminds us that God is making all things new, and that our Risen Lord will be with us every step of the new road.




So, let’s go, with ‘a spring in our steps’, into springtime, Guildtime, summer and beyond…..and be prepared to be surprised!




Marian Macintyre

Convener, Communications and Marketing Group





Polmont passionate for projects






Polmont Old Parish Church Guild recently held a fundraiser for Feed the Minds and Mission International, Haiti. They were fortunate to have Falkirk Singforth Community Choir to perform for them.


It took place in the Church, and the audience numbers were approx 280. They were joined by Lyn and David Mitchell from Feed the Minds, and also their new Scottish Secretary, Helen Russell.


They sang a wide variety of songs, including a medley from Les Miserables, a medley of Abba tunes and also a selection of Frankie Valli Hits and many more.


It was an amazing evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all, including the choir, made even more amazing by the amount that was raised - £1,920! Many congratulations to all involved in arranging such a fabulous event.



130th celebrations in Dunbartonshire





Dumbarton Presbyterial Council held a fabulous Afternoon Tea at Clydebank Town Hall last month to celebrate 130 years of the Guild.




More than 100 Guild members shared in the celebration. They were entertained by young people from Vale of Leven Academy Brass Ensemble who performed a great range of material. National Vice Convener, Patricia Robertson, was the guest speaker and gave an interesting and inspiring speech.



Innovative use of merchandise!






A number of people have asked about large logos that can be used on tablecloths and lectern falls. We are investigating this with one of our suppliers.




However the folks at New Monkland Guild have decided to adapt our new apron and use it as a lectern fall. One of their members shaped the apron, added a fringed and this is the final result.




We hope you will agree that this is a beautiful lectern fall and something that your Guild may want to try out for yourselves.




I am sure that the folks at New Monkland Guild would be happy to share their knowledge with others.



Guild at the General Assembly





The Guild report will be on Tuesday of the General Assembly, 22 May. Why not come along and support Marge Paterson our National Convener as she makes her report on behalf of the Guild?


Why not make a day of it and join with over 750 people who have already received their tickets for the Big Sing at the General Assembly. If you and some friends would like to join us then get in touch with the office as soon as possible.


We will also have a tent at Heart and Soul where we will be celebrating our new projects and our year as we 'Go in Love'. If you are in Edinburgh please pop in and say hello!





Duntocher meet Girls Brigade






To begin their celebrations for the Year of Young People, Guild members from Duntocher Trinity visited their local Girls' Brigade for a craft night plus tea and cake.




They had a great night with lots of fun and laughter as well as fellowship.




It was their first time having a joint meeting, but they are sure it won't be their last as they enjoyed it so much.



Crosshill Guild is 80





Crosshill Guild celebrated their 80th birthday last month with a special lunch.


Everyone had a great day, recalling memories from the Guild over the years and looking forward to what the next 80 years might bring.


If your Guild is having a significant birthday then why not hold a special event and send us a photograph or even a slice of cake!







St Mungo's rise to the challenge






St.Mungo's Parish Church, Alloa, Guild and their craft group collected many bags and toiletries for women leaving Corntonvale Women's prison, Stirling.




As part of CrossReach craftathon, they were delighted to have a visit from Rebecca Tennant, who came to collect a huge bag of hats, scarfs and gloves. Over 115 hats plus a few scarfs and fingerless gloves were knitted by members.




Their next knitting project is on pins already, Twiddle Muffs for two local hospitals. Challenge a Guild and they always rise to it enthusiastically.



Twiddle Muffs are the stuff!





During the autumn of 2017, folks at Glencorse Guild near Penicuik knitted Twiddle Muffs. By Christmas they had collected 32 and they distributed them earlier this month to Aaron House in Penicuik, Whim Hall at Lamancha and Drummond Grange, Lasswade.


The Twiddle Muffs were greatly appreciated by all who received them



April Prayer Diary






Please pray for:


Apr 9 Give thanks as Associate Secretary Karen Gillon returns to work full time following her surgery.

Apr 10 All those currently in Nepal with World Mission, visiting those affected by the earthquake

Apr 11 The National Leadership Team, meeting in Edinburgh

Apr 12 The Project Coordinators meeting for the launch of projects for 2018-21

Apr 13 National Convener, Marge Paterson as she prepares her speech for the General Assembly

Apr 14 Each of the new project partners that will work with us over the next 3 years

Apr 15 The Guild's friends in the CCAP in Malawi

Apr 16 Guilds in Dundee Presbyterial Council area



Apr 17 The work of the National Youth Assembly

Apr 18 Finance Assistant Alice Finlayson

Apr 19 New parents finding support with Care for the Family

Apr 20 Guilds in Buchan West Presbyterial Council area

Apr 21 General Secretary Iain Whyte as he leads the staff team

Apr 22 Guilds in Angus West Presbyterial Council area

Apr 23 The Moderator, Rev Dr Derek Browning



Apr 24 Solar oven technology that can be shared with other countries following the success of the project in Bolivia

Apr 25 Guilds in Angus East Presbyterial area

Apr 26 Members of the National Council meeting in Edinburgh

Apr 27 Street Pastors as they work with vulnerable young people on our city streets

Apr 28 Office administrator Lesley Blyth

Apr 29 Guilds in Edinburgh Presbyterial Council area



Apr 30 Vice Convener, Patricia Robertson, as she undertakes visits on behalf of the Guild

May 1 The Moderator Designate, Rev Susan Brown, as she prepares for her year of office

May 2 Guilds in Buchan East Presbyterial Council area

May 3 Office assistant Mandy Moir

May 4 Guilds in Glasgow North Presbyterial Council area

May 5 Guild treasurers as they support the work of local Guilds

May 6 Churches currently vacant and seeking a new Minister





Just for Fun





The "Just for Fun" question for March was:




Who is the new secretary of the Mission and Discipleship Council?




And the answer is Rev Angus Mathieson




The winner is Catherine Denholm from St Colm's at St Michaels Guild




The February winner was Janice Kennedy from Calder Guild




This month's question is: How much did Polmont Guild raise at their projects fundraiser?




Answers to Guild Office by 26 April





A prayer for the Year of Young People


Welcoming God,

You welcome all of us with your open arms. Inspire and guide us,


that we may we never hinder your children from coming to you;


and remember that we are all part of your family. Bring us together as a

loving community for all, that we may learn from each other as we walk side by side in faith.



Loving God,

We pray for those who have come to know you, whether that relationship is new


or if they have made a

commitment to you and stepped out in faith;


we pray that they would grow in grace and knowledge as

they continue their walk with you. We pray for those far away from you.


Meet them where they are and

give them the courage and strength to make the right decisions,


that they may come to know and

experience your gracious love.



Caring and Compassionate God,

We pray and ask you to guide and protect children and young people


from that which may restrict them on

their journey in life and faith.


We pray for the day when all children in the world can be just that: children.

Be with them as they experience the dangers and injustices that are ever present in our world today.



Nurturing God,

We pray for all those who work with and support children and young people -


for those of all ages who give their time, talents and love to create a place


in churches and communities that can be the foundation of

growth, confidence and a relationship with you.



Calling God,

You call us to follow, to serve, to welcome and to share.

We come now to answer your call, to lift our minds and voices to you, and to thank


and praise you for all the children and young people in our churches,


communities, country and world. We ask that you would walk

alongside them and grant them courage, strength and wisdom as they face the challenges of life.



Guiding God,

As we travel through this Year of Young People and beyond, help us to


come alongside children and young

people to draw closer to you, to answer your call to follow, to serve,


to welcome and to share together,

through the Holy Spirit,



We offer these prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord,







Well, that's everything for April's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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