8th September 2017

Church of Scotland Guild September E-News


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National Convener reflects on Annual Gathering and the year ahead





What a wonderful day we had at the Annual Gathering in Dundee last Saturday. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Somebody said to me, ‘You won’t want it to end’ and how true that was! The keynote speaker in the morning was the Right Reverend Dr Derek Browning, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland who reflected on ‘Go in Love’, our theme for 2017- 2018. In the afternoon we heard from Dr Pam Cairns, who spoke movingly on her work with street children and human trafficking, both subjects with which Guild members are not unfamiliar. Of course we again had the wonderful Heart and Soul Swing Band getting us dancing in the aisles and on the stage! The singing of course was as uplifting as always, even more so from my position on the stage. If you were unable to be there, maybe you will get the chance to watch the DVD when it becomes available. My thanks go to ALL for making this wonderful day as successful as it was.




As we are coming to the end of this 3 year strategy, we are now beginning to discuss the next 3 year strategy for 2018-1021, One Journey Many Roads. The project applications are now all in and we meet at the end of September to select them. You will not know about them, however, until they are announced at the Project Coordinators’ Conference in April.




We have a lot of events planned over the next year. These will be announced by your National Council Rep and you will also find details in the E-news. If you know of anyone who does not yet receive it, please let them know about it. We want it to be circulated to as many members as possible




You will all be preparing to start the new Guild year, if you have not already started. I wish you all well as we all ‘Go in Love’ together.




With every blessing


Marge Paterson

National Convener



Convener's Challenge





Over 100 people joined us for the inaugural Convener's challenge at the Commonwealth Games bowling green in Glasgow. It was a great of fun and fellowship with a healthy measure of competition thrown in.


In a closely fought final the Hamilton North team of Norma Neeson, May Wallace, Colin McKay, and skip Mary Prosser held off a strong challenge from Cadder Guild. Congratulations to everyone involved in such a fantastic day.



What does the Guild mean to you?






In July we asked people to share with us the words that best encapsulated the Guild to them. We were delighted with the response!




This word cloud shows all of the words that were chosen but the largest words were the ones that were most popular, so the 3 f's of fellowship, friendship and fun seem to sum up The Guild very well with a good measure of love, service ad care thrown in!



Malawi 2017





In August, Marge, Iain and Karen had the privilege of representing The Guild at the Women's and Men's Guild conferences of our partner the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia in Malawi.


They also had the chance to visit and meet with Guild's in different parts of Northern Malawi and discuss how best links can be built with Guilds at a local and Presbyterial Council level.


We are very excited at the possibilities this could bring for us to share ideas, experiences and ideas and will be working with Guild's in the coming months to take this forward. We have so much to learn from our sisters and brothers in Malawi.



A glimpse of Malawi





The opportunity to lay wreaths at the graves of Scots who had served God in Malawi was a moving and humbling experience for everyone. The challenges of malaria they faced are still very real today.





We spent a day with LISAP to help us appreciate more fully the challenges faced by children living with HIV and their guardians. This work was supported through the Big Sing collections this year.





Young women studying at Loudon teacher training college will now be able to stay in this hostel, providing them with a safe secure space in which to learn. These young teachers will help shape the future in Malawi.



Give me 5 campaign






Faith leaders and charity activists recently launched the Give Me Five campaign which asks MSPs to use new top up powers to add £5 a week to Child Benefit.

The Church of Scotland is a leading group in the campaign which hopes to lift 30,000 children out of poverty across Scotland.

Give Me Five believes that the Scottish Government should take every opportunity to help children and families out of poverty, including ‘topping up’ Child Benefit. An extra £5 per week could cover seven nutritious breakfasts, or over two months it could pay for a good quality winter coat, or a school trip.




The Guild fully supports this campaign and we would encourage members to get involved in any way that they can. More information is available here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-kdmjht-dujtnsj-f/>



Sunflowers flourish





At this year's Heart and Soul celebration we handed out sunflower seeds and encouraged people to give them out and 'spread the joy' by sending in their photographs.




These little seeds were carefully and lovingly looked after by Mary and Alan Ford and is now bringing great joy to those who pop in for a coffee!




If you planted your seeds and they are now bursting with joy email them into us and we will share the joy around. Photos can be sent to kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk





Strawberry tea in Balerno






On a summers evening in early July, the committed members of Balerno Guild held their annual Strawberry Tea.


The Strawberry Tea was a fundraising event in aid of one of the National Guild Projects. This year the local Guild decided to raise much needed funds for the Ascension Trust and the work of Street Pastors.


The Strawberry Tea raised the magnificent sum of £354!



Yarn bombing at Crathes Castle





Friends at Mannofield Church in Aberdeen have been busy knitting blankets for Syrian refugees. Men and women donated wool, knitters came forward and in the end 30+ blankets were made out of the "tree scarves "crocheted or sewn together.

But first the scarves were attached to the first 9 trees in the driveway up to Crathes Castle to raise awareness of the work that they had been doing. The local brownies got involved and had a tree 'snake' going up one tree.

All in all it was a great adventure, lots of fun was had by all involved and blankets are being given to people who fled home with nothing to avoid the ravages of the war in Syria. Well done everyone!



Project totals break £500,000





Well its official, the total raised to date for the projects has now reached a phenomenal £509,836.09 a truly remarkable total. This money is helping transform the lives of people across Scotland and across the globe.




Street Pastors £95,209.59




Care for the Family £84,942.19




Caring for Mother Earth, Bolivia £79,730.91




Feed the Minds £110,387.12




Mission International, Haiti £66,588.12




All Friends Together £72,978.16




Thank you to you all for supporting the projects and taking on these challenging issues.





Women in the world church






There us still time to sign up for this very special conference that we are hosting along with the World Mission Council. It will take place on Saturday 16th September in New College and we hope that as many Guild members as possible will register and take part.




Join us to hear from our Keynote Speaker, Professor Kwok Pui Lan, an influential feminist theologian who is giving this year’s Duff

Missionary Lecture.




Other speakers will include: Rev Rola Sleiman

from Lebanon, Rev Nosheen Khan from Pakistan,

Dr Isobel Phiri from the World Council of

Churches, and Nuam Hutzaw, a student from the University of Edinburgh.




It promises to be an excellent event. To register email wmoutreach@churchofscotland.org.uk



Just for fun





Well done to everyone who took part in our competition and correctly told us that the Guild tartan reached The Lofoten Islands




A Guild goodie bag is on its way to Rosemary Pittendrigh from Cruden Guild.




The question this month is which Presbyterial Council won the Convener's challenge



Answers to the Guild office by Friday 29th September for your chance to win some Guild goodies.



September Prayer Diary






Please pray for:




Fri 8 September: for all who joined us in Dundee or who joined by live streaming to share in the Annual Gathering

Sat 9 September: our friends in the CCAP Livingstonia Women’s Guild

Sun 10 September: Guild General Secretary Iain Whyte as he has his holiday, praying for rest and refreshment

Mon 11 September: Helen Kerr and members of the Resource Group as they meet to take forward the 2018 theme guide.

Tues 12 September: Guild finance officer Alice Finlayson as she has her holiday, praying for rest and refreshment

Wed 13 September: Martin Johnstone and the staff of the Church and Society Council

Thurs 14 September: the work of the Boy's Brigade across Scotland

Fri 15 September: all speaking at or sharing in the Women in the World church symposium

Sat 16 September: all speaking at or sharing in the Women in the World church conference in Edinburgh

Sun 17 September: Guild administrator Lesley Blyth as she has her holiday, praying for rest and refreshment


Mon 18 September: Young people known to us who are starting college or university this year

Tues 19 September: all those supporting a family member living with dementia

Wed 20 September: Jayne Scott and the staff of the Ministries Council

Thurs 21 September: Marge Paterson as she speaks at the new Jedburgh Presbyterial Council launch in Denholm.


Fri 22 September: parish ministers in rural parishes


Sat 23 September: our friends in the CCAP Livingstonia Men’s Guild


Sun 24 September: Viv Dickenson and the staff at Crossreach

Mon 25 September: all those considering a vocation with the church

Tues 26 September: members who are housebound

Wed 27 September: Martin Johnstone and the staff of the Mission and Discipleship Council

Thurs 28 September: The National leadership team as they meet to review the Annual Gathering and begin planning for the 2018 event.


Fri 29 September: all those meeting today to being the process of selecting projects for 2018-21 that they will have wisdom and discernment

Sat 30 September: Patricia Robertson as she represents The Guild at the Mothers Union conference

Sun 1 October: the work of the Girls’ Brigade in Scotland

Mon 2 October: parish ministers in priority area parishes

Tues 3 October: Iain Whyte and Karen Gillon as they speak to Hamilton Presbytery about the work of The Guild

Wed 4 October: Ian Alexander and the staff of the World Mission Council

Thurs 5 October: on World teachers day for all those involved in the provision of education across the globe

Fri 6 October: Associate Secretary Karen Gillon as she travels to Aberdeen to address the Presbyterial Council



A prayer for a new Guild session


As we have gathered this day,


we give thanks for continuing friendship,


for the opportunity to love and to serve


our God in the work and witness of the Guild.



We give thanks for those who have gone before us


and passed on the torch for us to carry.


Let its light shine on our path in the session to come.


Let its warmth comfort us and energise us.


Let its power enfold us and protect us,


in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.









Well, that's everything for September's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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