7th July 2017

Church of Scotland Guild July E-News


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National Vice Convener reflects on action plan progress









It's a pleasure to be writing my first article as National Vice Convener, I hope I can live up to the high standard set by previous holders of this position.



I know many of you will have stopped meeting at this time, however I’m aware some Guilds meet during the summer months rather than the winter. This is one of the recent outcomes of the Action Plan where we have flexibility to arrange our meetings to suit our membership and the area where we live. It is heartening to hear of these situations as it means that some branches are continuing to meet whereas previously they would have disbanded.



Another suggestion from the Action Plan was that Presbyterial Councils should consider joining with those nearby. This has happened recently and I attended the new Glasgow North Presbyterial Council’s first meeting (this was the joining of Glasgow North and Glasgow North West). It was a very happy meeting with a large turnout and I hope they will continue to "go in love". If the fellowship after the meeting was anything to go by, it augurs well for the future.



Please remember all those who at this time need our prayers, those who are facing difficult times, be it illness, bereavement, and, in our country, terror attacks, the tower block fire or those abroad who are suffering the lack of water and food which we take for granted.



I trust that the weather will be kind to us this summer and you all have a pleasant and relaxing time after the session just finished. I know many often complain about our summer weather but unless we get rain we would not have the lovely lush grass, glorious bushes and flowers in our gardens and public areas where we can admire God’s creation. Let us this summer not walk looking down but up and around us and appreciate His creation of flowers, water, hills and the scenery we often take for granted.

Patricia Robertson



What does the Guild mean to you?






To celebrate our 130th anniversary we are producing a resource to celebrate The Guild.




As part of that resource we want to give people a flavour of what The Guild means to our members and friends. To do that we need your help!




We would like you to send us your 5 words, for example fellowship, that express what The Guild means to you.




Please email your words to Karen who is putting together the resource at kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk








We were delighted that friends from ALTERnativity were able to speak at the June National Council. With ‘Just God, Simply Christmas’ as their strapline, their resources use Christmas as an entry point to discussions about wider life issues such as debt, stress, family tensions and ways of coping with these and grounding our celebrations in the gospel messages of joy, justice and good news. They were able to show us a new family box which encourages adults and children to journey through advent together, reflecting in a fun way on what is important, taking time out of the busyness and thinking about how our Christmas celebrations fit in with being environmentally conscious and remembering those who are living in poverty, both locally and globally.



Their other new resource, ‘Loneliness…who cares?’ has been developed because they repeatedly heard that loneliness was an issue, both in general, but especially at Christmas. Loneliness is such a complex issue as it doesn’t just affect people who find themselves alone, and it has no easy solution, which is why the pack is designed to enable churches and other groups to open up the conversations around this issue and decide how it could best be addressed locally.




We now have both the Family box and the Loneliness pack available for sale through the Guild shop. Each is just £5 and are great resources for Guilds and congregations. Please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk to get your copy.




ALTERnativity will be also be at the Annual Gathering in September. Learn more about ALTERnativity <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-kjtypy-dujtnsj-f/>



Guild scarf reaches Artic






Our Guild tartan has been on it's travels again!




Past National Convener Elva Carlisle and National Council member Janette Henderson were on a cruise off the coast of Norway and are pictured just as they sailed away from the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic.




And, to top it all, the photo was taken by Alan McDonald, past Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland! Next time Alan will be IN the photo with a Guild tie!




If you are out and about this summer with your Guild tartan, then send us your photos! We love seeing where the tartan gets too!



Lower Annandale and Eskdale





The Guilds in Lower Annandale and Eskdale Presbytery had a enjoyable summer meeting. Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison shared his experiences as Moderator, the places he visited, the people he met and the work he did as Moderator. It was most interesting with a good measure of humour thrown in.




The Rev Petr Penaz, who is from the Czech Republic, and who has been serving as Minister at Annan Old gave the welcome and prayer. Mrs Isobel Reid, who is standing down as convener after many years of service to the Guild locally and nationally, opened the evening.




Pictured are Dr Morrison, Marian Howell (Convener) and Petr Penaz .



Long Service in Larkhall






Anne McIntyre, Convener of Hamilton South Presbyterial Council was invited to present long service certificates and badges to folks at St.Machan's Church in Larkhall along with Rev.Alastair McKillop and Session Clerk Linda Turnbull. Thirteen ladies received badges and certificates. It was Pentecost Sunday and we celebrated the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper Anne described it as ‘a really meaningful and inspiring Service'




A lovely lunch was provided for the ladies, their families and the whole congregation, which was a great time for fellowship and friendship



Guild Christmas Card 2017





We hope that you like our 2017 Guild Christmas card.




The cards, which will come in packs of 10, are just £3 and will be available at the Annual Gathering in Dundee.




The design seeks to encapsulate 'Go in Love'.




If you are not able to join us for the Annual Gathering but would like to order some cards, then please contact Karen Gillon at kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk




We hope that you will enjoy sending these cards to friends and family both here in Scotland and further afield.



Project totals reach £497,328.23





The amount of money raised for Guild projects never ceases to amaze and astonish us. We have just sent the year 2 cheques off to the projects, which means that after two years of the projects the following amounts have been raised:




Street Pastors £93,155.94




Care for the Family £83,762.19




Caring for Mother Earth, Bolivia £75,933.70




Feed the Minds £107,790.12




Mission International, Haiti £65,588.12




All Friends Together £71,098.16




Thank you to you all for supporting the projects and taking on these challenging issues.





Women in the world church






Together with the World Mission Council, we are hostng a series of events to celebrate the roles that women play in the church across the globe.




A very special conference will take place on Saturday 16th September in New College and we hope that as many Guild members as possible will register and take part.




Join us to hear from our Keynote Speaker, Professor Kwok Pui Lan, an influential feminist theologian who is giving this year’s Duff

Missionary Lecture.



Other speakers will include: Rev Rola Sleiman

from Lebanon, Rev Nosheen Khan from Pakistan,

Dr Isobel Phiri from the World Council of

Churches, and Nuam Hutzaw, a student from the University of Edinburgh.




It promises to be an excellent event.




To register email wmoutreach@churchofscotland.org.uk



Just for fun





Well done to everyone who took part in our competition and correctly told us that £63,601.88 has been raised so far for Mission International




A Guild goodie bag is on its way to Joan Hodges from Ancrum Guild.




The question this month is " Which islands did the Guild tartan reach this month?"



Answers to the Guild office by Friday 28th July for your chance to win some Guild goodies.



July Prayer Diary






Please pray for



Fri 7 July: project partner Feed the Minds

Sat 8 July: members of the National Council

Sun 9 July: Guilds in the South East of Scotland

Mon 10 July: National Convener Marge Paterson

Tues 11 July: Guild Finance Officer Alice Finlayson

Wed 12 July: project partner Care for the Family

Thurs 13 July: all Resource Co-ordinators



Fri 14 July: Guilds in the North West of Scotland

Sat 15 July: National Vice Convener Paticia Robertson

Sun 16 July: Guild administrator Lesley Blyth

Mon 17 July: Jane Dargie, Events Group Convener and members of the Events Group

Tues 18 July: project partner Christian Aid

Wed 19 July: Guilds in the Central Belt

Thurs 20 July: Helen Kerr, Resource Group Convener and members of the Resource Group



Fri 21 July: Marian Macintyre as she takes part in the National Youth Assembly

Sat 22 July: Mabel Wallace, Outreach Group Convener, and members of the Outreach Group

Sun 23 July: General Secretary Iain Whyte

Mon 24 July: Guild office assistant Nicola Robinson

Tues 25 July: project partner Street Pastors

Wed 26 July: all Project Co-ordinators

Thurs 27 July: Guilds in the islands of Scotland



Fri 28 July: Associate Secretary Karen Gillon

Sat 29 July: Guilds in the South West of Scotland

Sun 30 July: Guilds in the North East of Scotland

Mon 31July: Marge, Iain and Karen as they begin their journey to Malawi

Tues 1 Aug: Marian Macintyre, Communications and Marketing Group convener and members of the Communications and Marketing Group

Wed 2 Aug all those attending the CCAP Livingstonia Womens’ Guild conference in Lilongwe

Thurs 3 Aug: Guilds in England

Fri 4 Aug: Marge, Iain and Karen as they travel to Bandawe on the shores of Lake Malawi



A prayer for peace


Lord, why?

Help us to understand what is beyond understanding.

Help us to make sense of what is non-sensical.

Bring comfort.

Bring strength

And above all destroy the seed of hate

That grows in us all

And fill us instead,

With the courage

To love

And not stop...




Rev Susan Brown, Dornoch Cathedral






Well, that's everything for July's edition of Guild e-news! Enews will be taking a holiday in August, but keep an eye out on Facebook for updates from Malawi. If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotlandorg.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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