7th April 2017

Easter Greetings From Church of Scotland Guild


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Surprises ... from Marian MacIntyre, Communications and Marketing Group Convener





Surprise! Surprise!




We all love a pleasant surprise, don’t we? Have you had such a surprise recently? I have!



For Mothers’ Day this year, one of my sons and his wife and family sent me a gift ….the card said ‘not the kind of SMELLIES you were expecting!’ On the front of the card was a picture of a ‘Pile of Poo’ for that’s what my gift was! From OXFAM, the money they had sent would provide a family in Liberia with a new toilet not just an ordinary clean, hygienic toilet, but one containing tiger worms which can compost the family’s ’poo’ and turn it into fertiliser that’s safe enough to grow vegetables to eat and sell. So, life-changing for that family. I appreciated this gift very much, and I learned something I didn’t know before about composting toilets!




When life brings us a surprise, it can often teach us something new, and it can set us off on a new direction.




When I was asked to take on a new Convenorship in the Guild…that was a surprise! Having settled into my ‘comfort zone’ as Convenor of the Projects and Topics Committee, I then found myself convening the all-new Communications and Marketing Group. Now, Communication I do know something about, but Marketing? I knew little about Marketing, but as the saying goes, I do believe you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’




I was asked recently to speak to the Guild here in Lochcarron about my involvement with P and T, and my move to C and M….so I entitled my talk ‘Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks’! In other words, we have to be open to change, open to surprising things happening - things which may cause us to think differently, to think again.




New ways of ‘doing Guild’ have recently been highlighted in Life and Work articles, there are new/different ways of ‘doing worship’ included in the Theme and Topic Guide; and new/different ways of serving in our churches are open to us for example, working intergenerationally, using gifts and skills from different generations.




Life is full of new, surprising things. Our God is a God of surprises too.

In the book ‘God of Surprises’, by Gerard W Hughes, we read ‘Jesus said ‘The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field ‘. Hughes goes on to say ‘We can find that treasure in the most unlikely of places ourselves’.



Journeying towards Easter, we remember the surprise awaiting the women at the tomb. It was empty. Jesus was alive. This event changed everything. It can change us! Let’s go out there and surprise ourselves!




Happy Easter!



Projects break £400,000





As we joined together with our Project partners and Project Coordinators on Thursday, news came that the project totals to date had reached £402,055.56! It's quite an overwhelming amount and at a time when we often focus on number, particularly a decrease in members, it's important that this figure is over £20,000 more than had been raised in the 2012 - 2015 project cycle.




Day and daily we are putting the important issues raised by our projects at the very heart of the church and encouraging others to think differently about issues such as FGM, climate change and involving adults with learning difficulties in the life of our church. As one of our project partners said at the conference, the work being done by you today on FGM is not unlike the campaigns people like Mary Slessor ran in the late 1800's to stop the ritual killing of twins!




Thank you to you all for the money that has been raised and the awareness that we give the church on these important issues. We should be rightly proud of The Guild! We are bold and strong!



Moderator presents long service certificate






Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly was the guest preacher at Alexandria last week as part of his visit to the Presbytery of Dumbarton


The service brought together the various Vale of Leven congregations and during the service he had the privilege of presenting a long service Guild certificate to Margaret Parke.


Margaret has been a Guild member for 65 years and is still a regular attender at both her Guild and local congregation.




Thank you for your ongoing service and commitment to the Guild Margaret.



Tartan makes it to Dr Graham's Homes





The Head Girl and Head Boy of Dr Graham's Homes school in Kalimpong, India were delighted to be gifted Guild tartan scarves by National Vice Convener Marge Paterson when she visited the school recently.




Both the Girls School and the hospital at Kalimpong were previous Guild projects. In 1954 The Guild sent funds to help establish the maternity unit at the hospital. Dr Graham was a student of Guild founder Rev Prof Archibald Charteris.




Isn't it great to see the link being maintained more than 100 years later. Also pictured are former National Convener Marjorie Paton and Mary Ranking, Convener of Lugar Guild.



Communications and Marketing news






There is a lot going on in the world of Communications and Marketing!




A china mug sporting a new logo to celebrate the 130th birthday of the Guild will be available to order from the Guild shop. A mock up is shown here! We are hoping to take pre orders so if you would like one (or lots) get in touch at kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk





There will be new items for the theme ‘Go in Love’ at the Annual Gathering including a heart shaped keyring

There are also new ‘regular’ items available now including a jute bag and a silver coloured ‘quality’ pen, bearing the Guild logo. We are investigating the possibility of a shopping trolley token to fit with the new £1 coin



And by popular demand there is to be a Christmas card for 2017 with a Go in Love theme will be available in August.



Guild Shop sales have risen 300% in the past session, tartan items proving most popular and this money will be used to support Guild activities throughout the year.




Communications PASS IT ON




Please continue to pass on the eNews and Gui(l)d News, snippets from the website as an ‘outreach tool’….to non- members/prospective members



And a few handy tips: Remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on Facebook. Remember to use local press and media whenever you can.




Communicate what the Guild stands for within your congregation, presbytery, community. Face to face communication is just as valid as a magazine or leaflet or merchandise a Guild member is a living advert for the Guild and that’s you and I!




Marian Macintyre, Convenor, Communications and Marketing Group



Tartan travels





Our tartan has made it to Kenya, Antarctica and Costa Rica this month! It's amazing to see how popular it is proving with family and friends across the globe! The Moderator has been using the tartan as his gift when overseas.





We have sold over 1900 items in just under a year!





Tartan is now available to order by the metre from Ingles Buchan. <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-hulyitd-dujtnsj-f/> Resource Group Convener Patricia Robertson and her husband Stuart did just that as you can see! We do love this photo of Janette Steele from Ferintosh Guild with the penguins!



World Day of Prayer International






World Day of Prayer Scotland Committe had a very interesting few days with the Executive director of World day of Prayer International Rosangela Oliviera.




They were able to share in fellowship and mutual learning as they looked forward to the year ahead and began to plan the World Day of prayer for 2018!





Big Sing at the General Assembly





We are excited to be holding another Big Sing at the General Assembly! You can help us choose some of the songs we will be singing by completing this survey <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-hulyitd-dujtnsj-z/> .




We hope to have an international feel to the evening with a couple of songs from the world church and also perhaps some singing from the international delegates who are at Assembly.




There are a few tickets left so email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk if you would like to join us.



Rescource Days 2017





People from Guilds across Scotland have been enjoying exploring our new 'Go in Love' resources at our annual Resource Days.





They also looked in more detail at the 'Big Book of Ideas' with one group in particular using the book to help them plan ahead and avoid closing. If your Guild feels under pressure please have a look at the book or contact us at Guild Office.





The days have been well received and we are already beginning to plan for 2018! There is never a dull day working for the Guild that's for sure!



North East Gathering






Our local gathering is this year in the North East. The Gathering will be held on 29th April from 10am - 3pm. It will focus on support for refugees and speakers will include Rev Shuna Dicks who spent time last summer working with refugees in Greece. There will also be worship, music and a time for fellowship. The events is being held in Mannofield Church in Aberdeen, why not join us?






For more information contact kgillon@churchofscotland.org,uk



Guild Link





Guild Links have been an excellent way of bringing Guilds together from different parts of the country. Many have been running for a number of years.




In recent weeks we have has a few requests from Guilds to help them find a Guild link. If you think your Guild might be interested then please email kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk





The mug makes it to Norway






Staff in 121 have embraced our new Guild products.




Billy Love, our regular Mr Fixit, is a real fan of our thermal mug, even taking it with him on a recent trip to Norway!




He told su it was great for keeping drinks warm....and COLD!



Just for fun





Well done to everyone who took part in our competition and correctly identified Pittenween as the Guidl Marge Paterson joined when she returned to Scotland. A Guild goodie bag is on its way to Jessie Cranston from Lochgilphead.






The question this month is where is this year's North East Gathering being held?



Answers to the Guild office by Friday 28th April for your chance to win some Guild goodies.





April Prayer Diary






Please pray for ...


Fri 7 April: the National staff team as they work to support Guild across Scotland.


Sat 8 April: Guilds in Aberdeen, Abernethy and Angus East Presbyterial Council Areas

Sun 9 April: Guilds in Angus West , Annandale & Eskdale and Ardrossan Presbyterial Council Areas


Mon 10 April: Guilds in Ayr, Buchan East and Buchan West Presbyterial Council Areas

Tues 11 April: Guilds in Bute, Caithness and Dumbarton Presbyterial Council Areas

Wed 12 April: Guilds in Dumfries, Dundee and Dunfermline Presbyterial Council Areas

Thurs 13 April: Guilds in Dunkeld & Meigle East, Dunkeld & Meigle West and Cowal Guild Together Presbyterial Council Areas

Fri 14 April: Guilds in Duns, Edinburgh and England Presbyterial Council Areas

Sat 15 April: Guilds in Europe, Falkirk and Glasgow North Presbyterial Council Areas

Sun 16 April: as we celebrate the joy of this Easter morning, pray for yourself that you may know God’s richest blessing in the coming year as you continue your walk with him


Mon 17 April: Guilds in Glasgow North East, North West and South East Presbyterial Council Areas


Tues 18 April: Guilds in Glasgow South West, Gordon and Greenock Presbyterial Council Areas

Wed 19 April: for the work of the Leadership team as they meet today

Thurs 20 April: for the work of the National Council as they meet today

Fri 21 April: Guilds in Hamilton North, Hamilton South and Inverness and Nairn Presbyterial Council Areas

Sat 22 April: Guilds in Irvine and Kilmarnock, Jedburgh East and Jedburgh West Presbyterial Council Areas

.Sun 23 April: Guilds in Kincardine and Deeside, Kirkcaldy and Kirkcudbright Presbyterial Council Areas


Mon 24 April: Guilds in Lanark, Lewis and Lochaber Presbyterial Council Areas


Tues 25 April: Guilds in Locharron and Skye, Lorn area and Lothian East Presbyterial Council Areas


Wed 26 April: Guilds in Lothian West, Melrose and Peebles and Moray East Presbyterial Council Areas

Thurs 27 April: Guilds in Moray West, Mull and Orkney Presbyterial Council Areas

Fri 28 April: Guilds in Paisley, Peebles and Perth Presbyterial Council Areas


Sat 29 April: Guilds in Ross/Tain, Shetland and South Argyll Presbyterial Council Areas


Sun 30 April: Guilds in St Andrews, Stirling and Stranraer Presbyterial Council Areas


Mon 1 May: Guilds in Sutherland and Uist Presbyterial Council Areas


Tues 2 May: Guilds in West Lothian and Wigtown Presbyterial Council Areas


Wed 3 May: all those preparing to come as Commissioners to General Assembly

Thurs 4 May: all those international delegates to will be at General Assembly

Fri 5 May: for all who have been bereaved in the last month.



A Prayer for Easter


When our faith

stands at the grave,


grieving for a stone that's rolled away,

forgive us.




When our faith

is short of understanding

though the truth is there to see,

forgive us.




When our faith, beset by doubt,


sees no further

than an empty tomb today,

forgive us.




Bring to mind

the cry of Mary,

‘I have seen the Lord!'

and grant us faith to believe










Well, that's everything for April's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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