6th November 2015

Guild E-Newsletter November 2015


A piece of history: first Guild e-newsletter!

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the very first Church of Scotland Guild e-newsletter! We are delighted to be sending out monthly updates going forward and we hope they will be useful to Guild members and anyone interested in finding out more about the Guild, too.

Read on for some Guild updates, news from groups across the country and even a competition! Your contributions would be most welcome for the next edition, so please email <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk> any items for consideration. Feedback on this first ever Guild newsletter is also welcome, so click reply and join in the conversation!

On a personal note, I am so proud that we, the Guild, are always ready to challenge ourselves and to keep up-to-date in our world. This e-newsletter is just one more tool we can use to show the world how bold and strong we are, how many different things we are involved with and how much we care.

Every blessing,

Linda Young

Guild National Convener





Updates and news



* Changes to Guild staff

Since the printed newsletter landed on doorsteps, there have been further changes to the staff in the Guild Office. Firstly, following a decision to appoint a new Associate Secretary, the position was filled by Eilidh Marks (previously the Guild's Development Assistant). Bonnie Downie completed the team, starting as Support Assistant on 26 October. With Bonnie's arrival, the team is back up to five members of staff and everyone is looking forward to working as a strong team going forward!


* Get ready for Action!

The Action Plan is a document which summarises areas of development for the Guild in the coming months and years, produced in consultation with Presbyterial Councils (click here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-f/> to download a copy). To encourage conversation around the Action Plan, several satellite events will be running in the coming months in various areas of the country and the whole Guild leadership team would be so pleased to see you at any (or all!) of the events. If you would like to attend any of the dates, please email us <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk> to let us know. The two confirmed dates at the moment are: DINGWALL, 28 November, Castle St Church Hall and PERTH, 19 March, Bankfoot Church Centre.



News in brief



The Big Sing (which has been so popular this year that every single ticket is taken!) is coming up on Friday 20 November at 2pm. We know how disappointing it has been for those unable to get tickets this time. The good news is we are looking into a similar event around the time of the General Assembly. Watch this space...



Guild Week is fast approaching! All materials to help support those planning services and activities have been delivered to Conveners and we would love to hear what you have planned. Don't forget to take pictures of your Guild Week activities and email them to us to include in future newsletters.



Guild Week aside, we want to hear all about what's happening in your Guild! Had a great idea for a meeting? Planning something exciting? Trying something new? Let us know so we can tell everyone else! Do send photos, stories, or anything else to guild@churchofscotland.org.uk - we can't wait to hear from you!


News from you!



We love this photo sent in from Margaret Robinson of St Cuthbert's Clydebank & Trinity Guild, taken on a recent trip! The group visited Inverness for three days and stayed at the Royal Highland Hotel - sounds wonderful!



This super picture was sent in by Sheena Sangster. It shows just one of the locations where the 2015 Annual Gathering was live streamed - in this instance, at Kirk Yetholm in the Borders! To see pictures from the Caird Hall, click here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-z/> .



On 14 October, Projects & Topics Committee Convener, Marian Macintyre, spent her birthday in the company of Lochcarron Guild, who surprised Marian with a special cake!


Meet the Committees




Every month, we'll be introducing a different Convener or member of the National Executive so we can get to know the people representing the Guild across the country. What better way to start than with the National Convener!


Name: Linda Young

Title: National Convener

How long have you been a Guild member? Between the Young Women's and the Guild, it's a total of 43 years!

What has been your favourite ever Guild moment? A long time ago, we had a speaker that sticks with me - Terry Waite. He spoke before he was eventually held hostage and many of the things he spoke of are still happening today in the Middle East (I actually saw him on BBC News 24 on Saturday).

What’s your favourite part of being Convener? Well, being Convener is a great honour, but first and foremost it's the Guild and being a Guild member that's the important thing to me.

What are you looking forward to during Guild Week this year? Helping with my own church service, promoting the new projects, talking to my own Council and sharing time with Guild folk. Can't wait!





Feed the Minds <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-v/> have been collecting photos from every Guild they visit who are pledging to help break the cycle of FGM. You can see the whole gallery here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-e/> . Can you spot yourself?



Care for the Family <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-s/> have been busy tweeting about <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-g/> all the Guilds they have been visiting. Pictured here is staff member Kate Allan just before she visited Brightons Parish Guild where she says she had a "fantastic time"!



We love this video <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-w/> , recently shared by Prospects <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-yd/> , explaining all about their work in Scotland. Listen to what Mission Development Coordinator, Ivy Blair, says about the exciting things happening.


Next month, look out for updates from Street Pastors <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-yh/> , Christian Aid <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-yk/> and Mission International <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-yu/> !


Focus on...




... Mission and Older People Study Guide

Each month, we'll be bringing a topic or resource to the wider attention of the Guild. This month, we focus on the Church of Scotland's Mission and Older People Study Guide. The purpose of this resource is to enable members, kirk sessions and presbyteries to run awareness raising evenings and help local pastoral groups, Guilds or those working with CrossReach to explore the topic further. The resource provides groups with three interactive DVD study sessions in response to the question, "How are we to enable mission with older people, for older people and to older people?"

Price: RRP £7.50 plus postage and packaging. More info here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-jl/> .


Just for fun!



Every month, we'll be bringing you an exclusive e-news competition with a fun prize. This month, you could be in with a chance of winning your very own Guild t-shirt! All you have to do to win is answer this question:

What is written on the front of the new Guild spiral notebook? (hint here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-thjilyt-dujtnsj-jr/> , or on page 13 of Guild News!)

Answers should be sent in by 12 noon on 27th November. A winning answer will be chosen at random from correct entries and the winner announced in the next e-newsletter.


Well, that's everything for the first Guild e-newsletter. Don't forget to send in pictures or information from your own Guild for potential inclusion in upcoming editions. We'd also love to hear how this e-newsletter could be improved, so just hit reply and let us know what you think! The next e-newsletter will be with you on the first Friday in December. Until then, we'll leave you with this quote from the Moderator. Remember... We are bold. We are strong. We are the Guild.

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