5th February 2016

The Guild: Bolder and Stronger than the February winds!

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Dear Friends,


It's wonderful to have the opportunity to address you every month and so good to learn that our list of email readers is growing all the time. It's certainly great to be able to keep up-to-date with all that's going on within the Guild and further afield.


It seems no time at all since we were preparing for Christmas and already Easter is just around the corner! I'll share more about that next month...


In the meantime, the Leadership Team is heading to Stirling tomorrow for the Resource Co-ordinators' Conference. This is going to be an exciting day and we look forward to Iain and Eilidh inspiring the Resource Co-ordinators to go back to their Presbyteries to share all the exciting things happening with Guild resources. If you have a Co-ordinator in your Presbytery, please do ask them to come along to one of your Guild's meetings. If you don't have a Co-ordinator, please encourage a member of your Council to become one!


Please remember in your prayers our Guild family who are not having an easy time due to illness, bereavement or other matters. Please also remember our ministers who minister so faithfully to us but also sometimes face difficulties or challenges within their own families or situations. We are all part of God's family and are so privileged to be brothers and sisters in Christ - it's so wonderful to be able to support one another through the tough times and celebrate in the good times.


Have a great month!


Every blessing,


Linda Young

Guild National Convener






Updates and news



* We can cardly believe it!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that you can now pay by card for any transactions over £5 for Guild merchandise, resources or events, excluding capitation fees. It could be the perfect time to stock up on some Guild goodies for the year - don't forget that brand new items will be unveiled before the Annual Gathering. To make a payment on a current invoice, or to purchase anything new, please contact the Guild office by email <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk> or by calling 0131 240 2217.

* Borders Gathering

Coming soon! The Borders Gathering is taking place on 30 April 2016 in Kelso. This promises to be an uplifting day of celebration and fellowship - a bit like a mini Annual Gathering, but taking place in the Borders. More details will follow, but in the meantime, all those nearby (or all those not nearby who would like to come anyway!) save the date!


News in brief



Sally Magnusson has been announced as the speaker for 2016's Annual Gathering on Sat 3 September. Sally will share about her late mother Mamie's involvement with the Guild and her battle with dementia, which ultimately led Sally to found her charity, Playlist for Life. Sally will also be signing copies of her book on the day, which can be purchased at a stall in the Marryat Hall. Sign up for tickets and don't miss this event!



The first 2016 meeting of the National Executive takes place on 11th February at 121 George Street. At this meeting, the Convener and Vice-Convener who will take over at the General Assembly in May will be confirmed, so expect an announcement in the next Gui(l)d News about it! The National Youth Assembly will also be invited to attend the Executive to discuss their plans for the future.



If you might enter, don't forget to start thinking creatively about your design for the Guild's Christmas card competition! You could have your artwork on one of three Christmas cards in the Guild's 2016 pack of six. Anyone can enter, so encourage your friends, neighbours, spouses, children and anyone else to pick up their computer mouse, pens or paints and get crafty! To find out more about what's required, click here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-z/> .






News from you



At Redgorton & Stanley Guild's first meeting of 2016, members were treated to a cookery demonstration by these three fellow Guild members! The three chefs demonstrated, cooked and served lunch and we're told they did it in such a charming and hilarious manner that it's likely to become an annual event!



On 4 Nov 2015 at Banchory East Church Guild, 62 ‘Hats for Sailors’ knitted by Eileen Riach were presented to Peter Donald of the #SailorsSociety. This was a wonderful achievement by Eileen who is 93 and has been a faithful member of the Guild for many years! In the picture: Peter Donald, Eileen, Pat Thain and Ray Thomson, Joint Conveners.



Happy 85th Birthday to St John's Guild in Largs! To celebrate the occasion, 65 Guild members and special guests got together for reflection, praise and thanksgiving. They raised £200 for their linked Guild in St John's Church, Katalonji, Malawi. Congratulations!


View all of these images a bit bigger on the Guild's Instagram page <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-e/> .


Meet the Committees




Every month, we say hello to a different Convener or member of the National Executive in a bid to get to know the Guild members representing us. This month, say hello to Jane!



Jane Dargie


Convener of Finance & General Purpose Committee

Name of Guild:

Craigiebuckler Guild. I’ve been a member of three Guilds in total over the years due to moving around.


How long have you been a Guild member?

I have been a Guild member for 22 years. I didn’t think I’d ever join the Guild, but after returning to Aberdeen from my nursing career in London, I succumbed! My mother and grandmothers were all in the Guild so I think it’s in my blood.

Can you think of something you would say was your 'favourite ever Guild moment'?

I have lots, but one that stands out is presenting my mum with a Long Service Certificate during Guild Week a couple of years ago!

What do you like about being on the Committee you're on?

Before I was on the Finance Committee, I was on the Projects and Topics Committee which I still miss and consider myself a Project girl at heart! However, it is interesting to learn about the financial side of things and actually quite an eye-opener. It’s great to be part of the decision-making when it comes to applications for the Initiative Fund and to see what Guilds apply for. It’s great to be part of the Leadership Team as well it’s just such an exciting time to be involved with the Guild.






Feed the Minds <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-s/> have been given some charity places in the Edinburgh Marathon & Half Marathon on 29 May. If you are a runner or if you know of any runner who might be interested in running for this fantastic charity, please get in touch. Full details can be found on Feed the Minds' website here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-g/> .



Don't miss out on February's edition of Life & Work which features great articles about two of the Guild's projects, Street Pastors <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-w/> and Mission International <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-yd/> , as well as a write-up of the Big Sing in 2015! Find out more about Life & Work here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-yh/> .



Project Co-ordinators can expect their Project Updates very soon, with information from all the Partners to pass on to the Guilds in their Presbytery. Don't worry if your Council doesn't have a Project Co-ordinator, as the information will be passed on to the Council Convener!









Focus on... Churches Mutual Credit Union




The foundational philosophy of the credit union movement, going back to the very beginning is by working together; people can improve their financial well-being.


In 1850s Germany, a group of weary workers formed the world’s first credit union. Suffering through an economic downturn and tired of loan sharks exploiting them, they banded together to provide affordable credit to each other.


Not-for-profit and governed by and for the people who created them, credit unions not only gave working-class people a way to break a cycle of debt that had bled them of any financial gains. It showed them, for the first time, a path to prosperity.


It’s no wonder then that when economic times are hard, credit unions flourish. Credit union membership swelled during the Great Depression and again during the recent Great Recession. Today, there are more than 200 million credit union members worldwide Over 300,000 in Scotland.


As not-for-profit financial co-operatives, credit unions are governed by their membersone member, one vote. At its most basic level, a credit union is people pooling their money to provide each other with affordable loansa credit union is literally people helping people. This simple idea empowers people, to take control of their own financial future.


The Churches’ Mutual Credit Union (CMCU) was formed by the Church of England, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church in Wales.


At its launch in Feb 2015, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Very Rev John Chalmers said "In collaboration with its partner churches, the Church of Scotland is working in the most practical and appropriate ways for the common good of society. It is through the development and support of new co-operative and mutual projects like this that society can offer more in the way of financial inclusion.


Many of the most successful credit unions are, or were originally, employment based, and CMCU will ensure that many people in the community will have first-hand experience of a credit union and be able to pass the word on about the services they can provide."


The CMCU reaches its first anniversary this month and you can read how the CMCU has already made a difference to the lives of some of its members in the blog written by Hilary Sams <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-yk/> , CMCU Chief Executive.


At least 60,000 people across the UK, notably ordained ministers, elders, employees and trustees of churches and church charities are eligible to join, along with churches and Church of Scotland and Anglican charities. This includes around 35,000 ministers, elders and workers in the Church of Scotland and it is hoped that in time, as the CMCU grows its membership will widen.


For more information contact srtp@churchofscotland.org.uk or visit www.cmcu.org.uk <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-yu/>




Dates for your diary




* If you're excited about the 2016-2017 theme of 'Go in Joy!' or feel a bit daunted about planning your Guild's syllabus, then come along to one of the Resource Days! It's an opportunity to unpack the theme and discussion topic fully and really get to grips with all the resources available to build a great programme for the session. To book a place for a National Day, please contact the Guild Office and to book a place for a Local Day, please contact the appropriate Presbyterial Concil.


National Days:

Aberdeen, 19 March, High Hilton Church

Ayr, 19 March, Ayr Auld Kirk

Dundee, 12 March, Meadowside St Paul's

Edinburgh, 17 March, Murrayfield Parish Church

Glasgow, 12 March, Springburn Parish Church


Local Days:

Dumfries, 16 April, St George's Church Hall

Gordon, 19 March, The Acorn Centre, Inverurie

Hamilton South, 19 March, Dalziel St Andrews

Inverness, 12 March, Crown Church

Moray West, 19 March, St Andrew's Church Hall

Perth, 19 March, Bankfoot Church Centre


* The Perth Action Plan Roadshow is coming up on Saturday 19 March. Have your say about the future of the Guild and come along to explore the Action Plan and its ideas for the way forward for the Guild over the coming years. Topics covered include operational matters, communication, branding & perception and membership. (The Perth Resource Day will be held in the morning on this day, with the Roadshow held in the afternoon)


* On Wednesday 24 February 2016, Christian Aid, the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the United Reformed Church of Scotland invite you to join them in prayers for Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. This will take place in Trinity Church Hamilton, Neilsland Square, Fairhill, Hamilton ML3 8HL from 7-9PM


Just for fun!



Congratulations to January's competition winner, Shona Linklater, who correctly told us that this picture was posted on Facebook of two Guild members wearing their Guild aprons! The bumper prize is on its way to you, Shona - well done!


This month, you could win a Guild umbrella so you can stay dry AND stylish! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this question:


Which one of the Project Partners is the only one with the letter Y in its name?

(Hint here <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-drlyldy-dujtnsj-jl/> !)


Answers should be sent by email by 12 noon on 26 February. A winning answer will be chosen at random from correct entries and the winner announced in the next e-newsletter.


Well, that's everything for February's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk - we can't wait to hear from you!


Here's a thought to remind us, in the month of Valentine's Day, that we should love at all times!



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