4th December 2015

Guild E-Newsletter December 2015


Glad Guild tidings!

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Dear Friends,

Can you believe we're in December already? I hope you all enjoyed Guild Week this year as much as I did. I know a great many of you have contacted the Guild office with very positive feedback, particularly about being in the wonderful Dunfermline Abbey as part of our biggest ever BIG SING! You can read a short article about the event on the Church of Scotland website here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-f/> .

In my own church, Guild members told our congregation about our new projects and our minister paid a huge tribute to the work of the Guild in general. Read below for more news of Guild Week happenings in Guilds across the country and look out for even more updates in the next printed Guild News edition in February!

In the meantime, I think having more frequent e-news is a great idea, so please let the office know what you are doing in your own Guild. We all love to learn from each other.

Every blessing,

Linda Young

Guild National Convener






Updates and news



* Guild Week

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in Guild Week 2015! It has been great to hear about what individual Guilds have been up to, and wonderful to see so many people at Dunfermline Abbey for the Big Sing on 20th November. Here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-v/> are a few pictures from the day - can you spot yourself? Other Big Sings took place around the country too, with good attendance at all. A fantastic £1900 was raised from offerings at these events which is going towards furnishing a hostel attached to Louden Teacher Training College in Embangweni, Malawi. Read about one student, Alice, and her experience of attending the College here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-e/> .


* Guild Advent Calendar

Join us for the countdown to Christmas with the Guild's very own online Advent Calendar! Visit www.guildadventcalendar.co.uk <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-s/> every day in the run-up to Christmas to see something Guild-related hidden behind each door. You might find a message from one of the Project Partners, a Guild shop freebie, a reflection, or another interesting surprise! The Church of Scotland also has an official Advent Calendar you can sign up for here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-g/> . (P.S. We know Advent officially started on Sunday 29th November - please forgive us the two extra days!)


News in brief



A Resource Co-ordinators Conference is currently being planned for February next year (date and time to be confirmed very soon). Resource Co-ordinators can look forward to discussing all the exciting resources available to Guilds, both online and offline, helping to provide information to Guilds on what's available.



Over the Christmas and New Year period, staffing in the Guild office will be reduced and the office will be completely closed between 24th December and 5th January. If you need anything before then, please do get in touch. Everyone in the office will be back raring to get stuck into 2016 by 6th January!



We are beginning to see the Action Plan in Action! It's so exciting to see new developments taking place within the Guild and already be hearing reports of increased numbers of Guild members in some cases and renewed energy and enthusiasm in others. Watch this space for details of more Action Plan Roadshows in 2016.






News from you - Guild Week special



New Laigh Kirk Guild decided to fill shoeboxes for Blythswood Care for Guild Week this year. This picture shows the group presenting the boxes to their representative, Margaret Tooth. Some members also attended the Ayrshire Big Sing in Prestwick, St Nicholas' on Thursday and were wearing their Guild nail polish too!



London Road Guild started off Guild Week with a visit to Ardgartan (pictured above) and completed the week with a Soup Sunday. They say they all thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Dunfermline Abbey and next they intend to outreach, with the help of members of the congregation, to the community on Saturday 19th December, opening up the front of the Church onto London Road, serving coffee and mince pies.



Callander Kirk Guild invited three neighbouring Guilds and three local church groups to their meeting nearest Guild Week. They enjoyed a very interesting and informative talk from a Food Train charity representative. Here they are all enjoying a lovely tea, fellowship and chat afterwards. The gentleman in front loves the Guild meetings and is a member of Callander Kirk Prospects group.


Meet the Committees




Every month, we'll be introducing a different Convener or member of the National Executive. We started with the National Convener last month, and this time we say hello to the Vice Convener!


Name: Rosemary Johnston

Title: Vice-Convener

How long have you been a Guild member?

I joined Killermont Parish Church Young Wives Group in 1976 and then Errol Guild in 1981 when we moved there. I moved to Dollar in 1987 but didn't join the Guild as I was working full time. I joined Arngask Parish Church Guild in 2001 and have been a member ever since! My "active" time is therefore about 25 years.

What has been your favourite ever Guild moment?

That's a difficult one! There have been so many and they are all my favourite!

What’s your favourite part of being Vice Convener?

Working with the Leadership Team and Executive in planning for the future is very exciting.

What did you enjoy during Guild Week this year?

It has to be The Big Sing! It was also good to meet up with lots of different Guild folk from all over at other events.

Is there any Guild event you're particularly looking forward to next year?

I am so looking forward to the Annual Gathering!





Mission International <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-yd/> recently shared that they have crafts for sale, including beads, baskets and more! The ladies who make items like the beads live in rural villages and are given training after which they join in this small income generating cooperative business. The income the project provides makes it possible for them to support their families. Find out more here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-yh/> .



Have a look at the photos <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-yk/> shared by Christian Aid <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-yu/> at the recent march for climate justice on 28th November. The Guild's project with Christian Aid, tackling the effect of climate change in Bolivia, is helping to address some of the issues faced by the poorest people in that country. Read the Guild's article on the Church of Scotland website during the Week of Climate Justice here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jl/> .



Street Pastors <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jr/> volunteers are very busy over the festive period, keeping people safe in cities across Scotland. As we pray for their strength and wellbeing, take a look at one of the initiatives Street Pastors are involved in over Christmas in Glasgow <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jy/> . For a current full list of all Street Pastors groups in Scotland, click here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jj/> .


In the new year, we'll be bringing more project updates. Look out for special messages from the project partners in the Guild's Advent Calendar <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jt/> , too!


Dates for your diary

* A gathering to reflect on and pray for Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories will be held on Thursday 21st January 2016 at Freeland Church, 69 Main Street, Bridge of Weir PA11 3NR from 7.30 9pm. There will be an Olive Tree stall present selling crafts.


* At the beginning of 2016, the Community of Faith Conference will be running in Glasgow, Dumfries and Inverness for those who are involved in ministry with children and young people all over Scotland. The theme for the 2016 events will be 'for churches with few or no children'. Booking for each event is now available online and will close 2 weeks before the event unless our maximum numbers have been reached before then. Find out more and book here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-ji/> .


Focus on...




... ALTERnativity

This month, we focus on ALTERnativity <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jd/> , a charity that many Guild members will already be familiar with and a particularly good focus for the beginning of December!

ALTERnativity works with churches and communities to understand and simplify Christmas. They are keen to motivate individuals and groups to resist the pressure to over-spend, respond to Mary’s concern for the poor, re-ignite enthusiasm for great celebrations and rediscover the Christmas story.

A talented team of contributors help to write liturgies, workshops, conversation starters and meditations which are available in hard copy and for download. These resources might be useful for Guilds in planning Christmas services or reflections. To find out what resources are available, click here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jh/> .

ALTERnativity currently has an Advent Blog running with interesting contributions every day. The blog can be found here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-ihhtydd-dujtnsj-jk/> .


Just for fun!



Congratulations to last month's competition winner, Elspeth Kerr, who correctly told us that on the front of the new Guild spiral notebook is 'We are bold. We are strong. We are the Guild.'


If you, or someone you know, would enjoy showing off their Guild-red nails in 2016, then the next competition is for you! All you have to do to win a bottle of Guild nail polish is reply to this email and tell us:


How much money has been raised by the Guild over the last 46 years for good causes?

(hint: check behind the first door of the Guild Advent Calendar!)


Answers should be sent by 12 noon on 31st December. A winning answer will be chosen at random from correct entries and the winner announced in the next e-newsletter.


That's everything for the December edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, or even the printed newsletter in February, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk - we can't wait to hear from you! In the meantime, to everyone reading this newsletter - have a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.


2016 is going to be a great year for the Guild!

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