3rd March 2017

Church of Scotland Guild March E-News


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News from Patricia Robertson, Resource Group




Fellow Guild Members



As I write my first article for the "e" news, I hope that the cold spell is over and we will feel the warmer weather coming although it was a funny winter season this year as it was cold then mild, then cold and so on. No wonder so many people had colds as the bugs were not killed off due to the weather conditions.



Many of you will have been busy making pancakes as at the end of February was Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday leading to the beginning of Lent and then Easter which is one of the most important celebrations in the Christian calendar. The period prior to Lent is a time to look back at the last year.

As convener of the Resource Group that is something that this group doesn’t do often as it won’t be long until the work for the next Theme Discussion Guide although we will look back at the evaluations returned on "Go in Joy". At times the group often wondered what year we are in as we look to the past, working in the present and thinking about the future. All this is done for the good of all Guild members.



It is a busy time for all those connected with resources, by the time will you receive this latest "e" news the next Resource Co-ordinators conference will have taken place, it is hoped that all those attending will have felt the benefit at attending and that they return to their branches and share what information they took away from the day.



After this we look forward to the Resource Days which all will take place with the exception of one in March. These are both nationally and locally, we are indebted to all who will lead this event and thank those who devised the programme. I hope this event will be well supported and the content of the day will be shared with members. These days are open to all members and it would be good if all Guilds are represented at meetings near them. The Resource Group have been working hard recently to produce new resources and they trust Guilds will use them. Also remember that there are resources available to be downloaded from the Guild website.



I hope you continue to find Worship, Action, Fellowship and Fun for the rest of your session and please if you have any positive comments regarding the Theme Discussion Guide send them to Karen, our Associate Secretary.



Patricia Robertson

Resource Group Convener



National Convener Elect


previous year<http://i2.cmail20.com/ei/t/22/293/FDF/csimport/GuildConvener1_11.093737.jpg>




At the General Assembly in May, the new National Convener and Vice-Convener will be appointed for 2017-18. We are delighted to introduce them to you now!




National Convener, Marge Paterson, Ayr Presbyterial Council


Marge lived overseas for many years and was involved in churches of many different denominations, joined the Guild in 1991 while living in Pittenweem, Fife. She then moved to Cumnock is a member of both Old Cumnock Old Guild and Lugar Guild. She has served on Ayr Presbyterial Council since 1996, as Secretary, Convener and National Committee Rep.


She is very involved with church activities, singing in the choir and is Scottish Rep. on the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain Executive. She chair’s the Management Committee of the Church’s Coffee Shop and Bookshop offering fellowship and Christian literature to the wider community.


Marge is married to John, a Church of Scotland Minister and is a Primary School Teacher.


Marge said "I have served as your National Vice Convener for the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and about and meeting Guild folk. I look forward (with a bit of trepidation!) to serving as National Convener for the next year and hope to meet as many of you as possible."



Vice Convener Elect





Patricia Robertson, Greenock Presbyterial Council


Patricia is a retired home economics and Additional Support Needs teacher. An elder in Westburn Parish Church, she is a former National convener of the Young Women’s Group. She has served the Guild in many ways locally, at Council level and on the National Council, most recently as convener of the Resource Group.



Patricia has lived in Greenock all her life, is married to Stuart, and they have a daughter, Fiona and 2 grandchildren. She particularly enjoys singing and flower arranging and is a former member of Greenock Gaelic Choir. She is also very involved in the life and witness at Westburn Parish Church.




Patricia says: "I am honoured to be elected as the next National Vice - convener of the Guild, however it is with trepidation that I accepted when I think of all the people who have gone before me. I hope with the support of my local Guild, Presbyterial and the National Council I will fulfil the position to the best of my ability



Bridge of Allan Boogie






To start off the New Year Bridge of Allan Guild asked Tricia Chillas to come along and give them a good work out to blow the cobwebs away and give them the energy to get going. This photo shows the energy and enjoyment of 50 of our members doing some 'chair aerobics'.


As a result of this they now have a regular class each week which seems to invigorate our members and give them energy throughout the week. A happy bunch!



Pakistani Christians Visit Scotland





Four Glasgow Guild ladies met with the Glasgow Presbytery Clerk and a delegation from Pakistan who were on a nine day visit to Glasgow. The visitors from Pakistan were the Bishop of Hyderabad, his wife Rebecca, another minister and their administrator.



After introductions, they were given an outline of the Guild and what happens at meetings and council and were given copies of a syllabus. They then shared with them about the Projects and the Resources and were able to give them Project updates and copies of Go in Joy and The Guild Book of Big Ideas. This was appreciated especially by Rebecca. They also shared with her about Messy Church.




Rebecca shared with the Guild her work with their Women's Fellowship which is developing along similar lines to our early Guild meetings. Her meetings include Prayer Vigils and Prayer walks. She also works closely with the different age groups in their Church.

It was an interesting meeting for everyone involved.



Send us your prayers






Over the next couple of months we will be bringing together prayers from Guild members to produce a 'Wee tartan book of Guild prayers'.




We hope that you will consider taking part by sending us us your prayers. Prayers of thanksgiving, of justice and peace, prayers for the church, the Guild, the world. Or a prayer for summer or winter? Advent or Lent, maybe Easter.




If you would like to take part, contact Karen, our Associate Secretary, at kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk







Project Applications 2018 -21


We are now accepting applications for Guild Projects for the period 2018 - 21. We have already met with 15 organisations interested in applying for projects and we are sure we will have many more.


To be eligible to apply, an organisation must be a Christian charity, not simply a charity run by Christians, must provide us with their accounts to assure us that they are financially able to cope with a project, must be able to provide approx. 100 speakers each year to Guilds and importantly the project must be able to fit in with our strategy and themes for 2018 -21


If you know of a group that might be interested in applying then please ask them to get in touch with Iain Whyte at iwhyte@churchofscotland.org..uk The closing date for applications is 31August 2017.org..uk <mailto:iwhyte@churchofscotland.org..uk> The closing date for applications is 31August 2017.



World Day of Prayer






Today, Guilds from across Scotland will join with women from across the world to participate in the World Day of Prayer. Today the service has been written by the women of the Philippines on the theme 'Am I being unfair to you?'


It is sure to be a challenging and informative event which will encourage us to think about our faith in a new way.


World Day of Prayer are excited to be hosting a visit from Rosangela Oliviera (pictured here) who is the Executive director of World day of Prayer International. Rosangela will be in Edinburgh on Tuesday 28th March.


The afternoon will be an open meeting. There are a few places available. If you are interested please contact Marjorie Paton, Scottish Secretary marjorie.v.paton@btinternet.com



Houston & Kilelan Guild





Houston & Killellan Guild was treated to a lovely night and very high quality entertainment with the Fable Theatre Company Concert Party. Members said they were all wonderful, with an amazing night of songs from shows and local poetry arranged to music. They had guests from Linwood Guild, St Machars Ranfurly Guild, St. Fillans Church ladies group, Freeland Friendship Club, Erskine Guild and our Guild Elders Jim McBeath and Wendy Workman. They were grateful to Alan on Piano, Muriel, Marion & Ryan, who they are sure will go from strength to strength.



North East Gathering






Our local gathering is this year in the North East. The Gathering will be held on 29th April from 10am - 3pm. It will focus on support for refugees and speakers will include Rev Shuna Dicks who spent time last summer working with refugees in Greece. There will also be worship, music and a time for fellowship. The events is being held in Mannofield Church in Aberdeen, why not join us?




For more information contact kgillon@churchofscotland.org,uk



Soup and Sweet at St Kanes





A Soup and Sweet was held last Saturday by St Kane's Guild in St Kane's Church Centre, New Deer, Aberdeenshire.


A fabulous £323 was raised for projects.




It was a real family atmosphere with folk of all ages coming along and sharing in the delicious food and great fellowship.



Christian Aid Diamonds






Do you know any real gems?


Christian Aid are inviting you to nominate a Diamond this Christian Aid Week. Do you know someone who never fails to post those red envelopes through every letterbox in your neighbourhood every May? Or someone who has raised a staggering amount to help people in need? Is your local school dedicated to sharing the message of Christian Aid? Or maybe a Christian Aid group that never fails to fundraise for an emergency appeal?


You can nominate people in categories including Long-term Supporters, Super Organisers, Working Together and Schools until March 17th. Be a Diamond this Christian Aid Week. Visit www.caweek.org/diamond for more information.



Just for fun





Well we really had you stumped last month! No one managed to identify Jane Dargie, Comvener of the Events Group as the baby in our photo!






The question this month is what Guild did our new National Convener Elect join when she returned to the UK after working overseas?



Answers to the Guild office by Monday 3rd April for your chance to win some Guild goodies.





March Prayer Diary






Please pray for ...



Fri 3 March: all involved in World Day of Prayer events here in Scotland in the wider world.


Sat 4 March: all those attending the Resource Day in Ayr and in Angus East/West and for those leading the days.


Sun 5 March: the amazing financial support being provided to our projects by Guilds across Scotland.


Mon 6 Mar: Presbyterial Councils as they meet in Spring rallies across Scotland.


Tues 7 Mar: Communications and Marketing Group Convener, Marian Macintyre, as she prepares to speak at Applecross, Lochcarron and Torridon Guild on 8th


Wed 8 Mar: all those involved in achieving gender justice as we celebrate International Women’s Day


Thurs 9 Mar: For the National Convener, Vice Convener and National staff as they meet to plan for the General Assembly and Heart and Soul


Fri 10 Mar: for the work of the Council of Assembly


Sat 11 Mar: All Attending Resource Days in Perth, Dundee and Glasgow and members of the Leadership team as they lead the days.


Sun 12 Mar: churches in vacancy as they work together to provide worship and pastoral care each week.


Mon 13 Mar: Jane Dargie as she speaks at Trinity Church Guild Westhill


Tues 14 Mar: Sheila Bishop as she speaks at the Stewartry Church Guilds Fellowship meeting and AGM


Wed 15 Mar: Karen Gillon as she speaks at Wigtown Presbyterial Council.


Thurs 16 Mar: project partner Christian Aid and the women in Bolivia who have received solar ovens


Fri 17 Mar: the work of the World Mission Council


Sat 18 Mar: all Attending Resource Days in Inverness, Dumfries and Aberdeen and for all those involved in the leadership of the days.


Sun 19 Mar: Guilds planning their syllubus for the coming year


Mon 20 Mar: all those in the Scottish Parliament as they lead. For wisdom, honesty and integrity.


Tues 21 Mar: those involved in the Anti Human Trafficking Group meeting today, that they might make progress in ending the evils of human trafficking across the globe


Wed 22 Mar: Rosemary Johnston as she speaks at Ayr Presbyterial Council


Thurs 23 Mar: discussions with Crossreach as we look at how we can work more closely together.


Fri 24 Mar: project partner Mission International as they begin work to construct the new building


Sat 25 Mar: All Attending Resource in Inverurie and for all those involved in the leadership of the day


Sun 26 Mar: project partner Care for the Family and their work to support new families


Mon 27 Mar: All Attending Resource Days in Inverness, Dumfries and Aberdeen,Buchan East/West and for all those involved in the leadership of the day


Tues 28 Mar: those meeting in Edinburgh with Rosangela Oliviera, Executive Director of World Day of Prayer International Committee


Wed 29 Mar: project partner Prospects as they support adults with learning difficulties to be more involved in local congregations.


Thurs 30 Mar: all involved in planning Heart and Soul, that they will find ways to ensure people have fun and fellowship.


Fri 31 March: the work of Crossreach as they support some of the most vulnerable in our communities







A Prayer for Lent


Forgive us Lord for our apathy,

for our lack of courage to speak out.

Forgive us when we walk past and don't offer help.

Forgive us when we get it wrong.




We confess that we are afraid -

we don't want to overcome our hidden doubts and prejudices

in order to be alongside those who are different from ourselves.



We ask that you would lead us into action:

give us strength to be a voice crying for justice and peace.

Help us to step into another person's shoes,

or if they have no shoes

then not to be afraid to take off our own,




peel off our preconceptions and assumptions,

uncurl and spread out our toes, and

tread in their footprints.




May we be a liberating presence

and offer love, compassion and whatever is needed

to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.












(taken from Methodist Prayers online)






Well, that's everything for March's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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