2nd February 2018

Church of Scotland Guild February E-News


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From the National Vice-Covnener...





As I write this article, it is not long since the festive season and we are getting back to something near normality. It's two months until Easter and I was shocked when, in a local shop on Christmas Eve, I noticed a stand displaying Easter eggs. I jokingly asked if they were trying to confuse their customers. As Christians we can find this hard to accept as businesses seem to plan the next event earlier every year.




Most Guilds will have started up again for the second half of the session. I hope that our theme, "Go in Love!", the last in the strategy "Be bold! Be Strong!", is living up to the expectations we had when it was put forward and that you have tried new ideas to move your Guild forward in exciting ways.


(I realise that many Guilds are now meeting during the summer months, so they have still to start their "Go in Love!" session).




Please let Guild Office know about any new ideas you've had so that we can share these around.




By the time you receive this e-news, the Resource Co-ordinators' Conference will have taken place and I trust it will have been worthwhile for those attending and that they have returned to their Councils with information to share. (see report below)




We give thanks to God that our Associate Secretary, Karen, continues her recovery from surgery and we look forward to her return in the near future, though we hope she is doing what she is told!




I would also like to record our thanks to the staff in Guild Office for all they are doing during Karen's absence.




Please remember all of our members who need our prayers at this time.




Patricia Robertson





Resource Co-ordinators' Conference





Over thirty people attended the conference on Thursday, 1 February, in the Church Offices in Edinburgh. They shared their own views on and experience of their role and how it might develop.




They also spent time in workshops looking at the new Theme and Discussion Guide and heard about the work of the "Go For It" fund, the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office and the "Year of Young People". In each case, the discussion focussed on how Guilds might be involved in all of these areas.




Thanks to David Williams, Irene Mackinnon, Isobel Booth-Clibborn and Tanya Anderson for leading us!




For more on theYear of Young People, go to:


http://churchofscotland.org.uk/resources/children_and_youth/year_of_young_people/ <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-urjrykk-dujtnsj-f/>


For more on Go for It, it's:


http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/serve/go_for_it <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-urjrykk-dujtnsj-z/>


..and for the Parliamentary Office:


http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/speak_out/our_other_work/politics_and_government/articles/the_scottish_churches_parliamentary_office_scpo <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-urjrykk-dujtnsj-v/>





Resource Days 2018


Resource Days this year are being run locally, with content and timings to suit local situations.




Information about the days was circulated in the January mailing...have a look and see where your nearest one is and try to go along. It will be a useful time and another chance to meet fellow Guild members while supporting the organisers in their work.



Big Sing at the Assembly





Looking ahead, we have announced that the hugely popular "Big Sing at the Assembly" will take place on Tuesday, 22 May at 7pm.




This event will celebrate the partnerships we have had with our Project Partners from 2015 until now during the strategy, "Be Bold! Be Strong!"




Tickets are available from Guild Office on a "first come, first served" basis..check your January mailing for the approriate application form!



Annual Gathering 2018





Planning is well underway for the Annual Gathering for 2018, based on our theme for 2018-19 "Seeking the Way", the first in our new strategy "One journey, many roads".




Details of the programme will be released in the coming weeks and months, but now is the time to order your tickets and to get planning for a great day out in Dundee!



News from Guilds...





Alison Davidson sent us this picture of the Guild Choir at Pathhead in Kirkcaldy Presbyterial Council. They were making their first public appearance, singing "Perhaps Love".




Well done, ladies and we look forward to the album!





On 14 January, the Guild at Forfar East and Old served breakfast of fruit salad, rolls and other goodies.




The theme they were using for the meal was "We are well-fed, think of the homeless and those sleeping rough."




The Guild also led worship on the day.





Please keep sending us contributions for the e-news...we love to hear what is happening in Guidls across the country and to share these widely.




As we said in the January edition, we can't always use everything that is sent in, especially at busy times such as Guild Week. However,even if your contribution doesn't make it into the e-news, we are still delighted to hear from you and to share ideas, events and signficant occasions that can add to the wider development of our work.



"Give me five" campaign...





The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office is encouraging us to join with the Moderator and other Departments of the Church of Scotland to support the "Give me five" campaign to address the issue of Child Poverty.




This is a really important matter and the Guild's National Leadership Team has given it its full backing.



"Go for it!" fund...





Our friends in the "Go for It!" office have asked us to let you know about an event they are hosting in Glasgow on 20 February.




The Go for It! fund offers opportunities for congregations to reach out in exciting ways and Guilds can play a part in that.




So, even if this seminar is not for you, have a think about how your Guild might encoruage your church to consider the possibilities?



Some insights on modern salvery from World mission


Rebecca Erskine, who works as Executive Assistant with the World Mission Council has written two blogs on modern slavery that should be of interest to Guild members as we have long been involved in the churches' response to human trafficking and modern slavery, not least through our projects "out of Africa, into Malta" and "Terrify no more" and the resource pack "To be silent is to be unfaithful".




Here are the links to Rebecca's articles, one on consumer choice and one on the effects of BREXIT on this issue:




https://cofswmc.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/how-to-avoid-buying-into-slavery/ <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-urjrykk-dujtnsj-e/>




https://cofswmc.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/international-modern-slavery-day-how-brexit-could-make-trafficking-worse/ <http://theguild.cmail20.com/t/t-l-urjrykk-dujtnsj-s/>



January mailing


The January mailing should now be with your group. Included is the 2018-19 Theme and Discussion Topic Guide, "Seeking the Way", as well as ticket applications for the Annual Gathering and the Big Sing at Assembly, along with other useful information.



Project news





The funds raised for our six projects continue to impresss!




The totals to the end of January were:




Street Pastors £ 107 585.41


Care for the Family £ 94 570.12


Christian Aid £ 89 785.39


Feed the Minds £ 122 955.28


Mission International £ 84 183.31


Prospects £ 88 041.80


Total £ 587 121.31







February Prayer Diary






As we begin to look for the hopeful signs of spring and new beginning...snowdrops, lengthening days, and (hopefully!) warming weather, we remember those who are struggling, but also celebrate and see God's presence in the good and the bad times.




We also begin the journey towards Easter and the hope that season brings.




Please pray for:


Feb 2 The work of the Guild in a new year


Feb 3 The work of CrossReach


Feb 4 All involved in the Year of Young People


Feb 5 People suffering as a result of natural disaster


Feb 6 People struggling with loneliness and isolation


Feb 7 The staff in Guild Office


Feb 8 The work of the Mission and Discipleship Council


Feb 9 The Guild's friends in the CCAP in Malawi


Feb 10 All those celebrating achievement and good news


Feb 11 The work of Care for the Family


Feb 12 New Guild members refreshing our organisation


Feb 13 The on-going work of past Guild Project Partners


Feb 14 The beginning of Lent as we look towards Easter


Feb 15 The Guild National Council, meeting in Edinburgh


Feb 16 Christians in China as they celebrate New Year


Feb 17 The work of Mission International in Haiti


Feb 18 Ministers, Deacons and all who lead worship


Feb 19 Leaders and members of Presbyterial Councils


Feb 20 The work of Feed the Minds in Kenya


Feb 21 The National Leadership Team, meeting in Edinburgh


Feb 22 The work of the World Mission Council


Feb 23 The work of the Street Pastors


Feb 24 The Guild's National Leadership team


Feb 25 The work of the Church and Society Council


Feb 26 All Guild members facing illness and difficulty


Feb 27 The work of Christian Aid in Bolivia


Feb 28 The work of the Ministries Council



Just for Fun





The "Just for Fun" question for January was:




What rivers could you see if you were fund-raising for Christian Aid?




A slightly tricky question, which needed a wee bit of geographical knowledge!






The article in the e-news mentioned the Forth and the Tay, but it also menitoned the Erskine Bridge, so the Clyde was in there as well!




Our winner is: Kathleen Hay of Auchaber Guild, who lives in Turriff.






This month's question:




What event will take place in the "City of Discovery" later this year?




Answers to Guild Office by 23 February.



A thought for February...a month associated with love!


Dear Friends,




Let us love one another, because love comes from God.




Whoever loves is a child of God and knows God.




Who ever does not love does not know God, for God IS love!




1 John 4:7-8




Well, that's everything for February's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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