Barry Church Guild

SYLLABUS 2015/16
Meetings 2.15pm

Contact Person



Treasurer Grace Byars



Mina Robertson Sylvia Knowles Mabel Gordon Jane Stewart Rosemary Docherty


Whose we are and whom we serve

Topic -- Be Bold Be Strong

Theme—Go In Peace




Sep 3rd Theme Rev Mike Goss


Sep 6th Dedication Service Barry Church


Oct 1st Open Afternoon 'A' the Pairts, A' the Airts' Rev. Alastair Morrice


Nov 5th Eagles Wings Trust Mr Mike Cordiner


Nov 19th Guild Week with Carnoustie Guild Crafts with Mrs Margaret Ure


Dec Christmas Lunch TBA




Jan 7th Life in South Africa

Elaine Bottoms


Feb 4th The Bag Lady

Maureen Paterson


Feb 20th Coffee Morning

Philip Hall 10-11.30


Mar 3rd Street Pastors Arbroath


Apr 7th

Musical Afternoon T.B.A.


May 5th A.G.M & Talk Rev. Dougal Edwards


Jun 2nd Outing & Supper


Other Dates For Your Diary


Sat.5th.Sep.2015 Annual Meeting Caird Hall Dundee 10am -3.30pm

Wed.9th Sep.2015 Council Dedication & Communion Old & St Andrews Montrose 7.30pm

Wed.14th Oct.2015 Autumn Council Meeting Arbroath St Andrews 2.30pm

Guild Week 14-21st Nov.2015

Fri.4th Mar 2016 World Day of Prayer

Wed.13th Apr 2016 Spring Meeting Knoxs Church Arbroath 7.30pm

Sun.1st May 2016 Songs of Praise

Barry Parish Church 6.30pm

Sat.3rd Sep.2016 Annual Meeting Caird Hall Dundee

Wed.14th Sep.2016 Council Dedication & Communion Carnoustie Church 7.30pm

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