1st July 2016

Guild July E-News


Staff changes, tartan for sale and intergenerational work: the Guild in July!


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Dear Friends,



What an eventful month June has been! It started with the Council Conveners’ Conference, followed by a meeting of the Leadership Team and then the first meeting of the newly named National Council all interesting, happy and enjoyable events. I attended the ACTS Anti-Human Trafficking <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-f/> Group held in Glasgow. The guest speaker was Bronagh Andrew, who works for Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA). She gave a brief insight into the work they do as front-line aid to rescued women and girls in Scotland. The very least we must do is to raise awareness in our communities, but I would hope and pray that we in The Guild can do more.


Isn’t it strange how conversations develop on a bus journey? After the ACTS meeting, I shared a taxi to Buchanan Street Bus Station with a lady from The United Free Church. We met up with two of her friends who were all heading to the United Free General Assembly in Perth. I had been invited to their Ladies’ Day the following afternoon where I was greeted as an old friend it is good to meet up with people from other denominations we have great opportunities for fellowship and sharing ideas. The challenge of declining numbers is not confined to The Guild and great interest is shown in our Action Plan <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-z/> and how we are tackling it.


Our Intergenerational Working Group with the NYA is making progress towards producing a report on Intergenerational Ministry for the General Assembly next year. Your help is needed to identify examples of good practice. A questionnaire will be sent out and we look forward to hearing how your church family is all working together in all age groups within the congregation. This could be a one-off event or an on-going programme tell us about it <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-v/> !


On a different note, this month has been very difficult nationally and internationally. We saw the atrocity of the shooting of people in a gay bar in Orlando and then murder of one of our Members of Parliament as she went about her work in her constituency. There must be many other people whose sadness and losses have been and are overshadowed by the events of this month, but nonetheless are very real to them. Following the result of the referendum, there is political and economic upheaval and a great sense of instability and fear for the future. We must remember that our Lord knows no barriers or borders, and that we must trust in him he will guide us through this period of change; he will give courage, wisdom and hope to face the future.




God Bless!



Rosemary Johnston

Guild National Convener







News and updates





* Staff update - Guild Office

The Guild Office team is changing!


As many will now be aware, this month we say goodbye to current Associate Secretary, Eilidh Marks, on 8 July.


We will then welcome Karen Gillon as the Guild's new Associate Secretary on 16 August. Karen is currently the Local Development Officer with World Mission and has a lot of experience of visiting Guilds, particularly sharing about Mary Slessor. Karen says, "I have loved getting to know folk in Guilds the length and breadth of Scotland over the last two years. I am so excited about the opportunity to support and help develop that fabulous organisation that is the Guild."


In addition, Mharie Kissell has recently joined the Guild team for 12 weeks as Marketing & Events Intern and, on 18 July, the Guild team will welcome a new Support Assistant. We hope that all Guild members will welcome and encourage the new staff in their roles at this exciting time in the Guild's development!




* Intergenerational Working Group

Following an instruction from the General Assembly 2014, staff and members of the National Youth Assembly and the Guild have formed the Church's Intergenerational Working Group. As part of its report for GA2017, the Group is asking churches across the country for examples where generations are working together. Could you provide a story from your church? Please click here to answer a few questions <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-e/> !


* Guild Tartan

In case you missed it, the Guild's official tartan was launched at the General Assembly! The Church of Scotland wrote an article about the tartan <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-s/> on the Church website, which was also reported in the Herald <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-g/> on Monday 23 May. Woolly scarves are now available from the Guild shop (£12) and other items will follow shortly.


* Guild Week mailing

Guild & Presbyterial Council Conveners - be on the look-out for your Guild Week mailing this month. You can expect some resources to help with planning, some ideas for worship and some invitations to personally invite folks along to your Guild Week events!







News in brief





The first meeting of the newly-named National Council was held on 16 June at 121 Edinburgh. There was a super atmosphere as everyone came together. Reps were divided in the four new Groups: Communications & Marketing, Outreach, Resources and Events (CORE). If your Presbyterial Council doesn't have a representative on the National Council, do encourage folks to think about it - it's a great way to keep up-to-date with Guild business and directly contribute to national decisions.






The terrific news is that the Annual Gathering 2016 is fully booked! The sad news is that some folks who would like tickets are now on a waiting list. If you have spare tickets which are not going to be used for the Gathering, please do return them to the Guild office so we can pass them on to someone who can come along. We would love to see as many people there as possible, so please help us avoid empty seats!





If you're putting together your Guild programme for the coming session, don't forget about some of the existing resources which could make life a bit easier! There is a Guild Speaker Resourc <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-yd/> e to give some idea of folks to invite along to your meetings. There is also a wealth of information and ideas in the Theme & Discussion Topic Guide <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-yh/> (buy further copies from the Guild Office for £5). 'Help, I'm leading worship!' <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-yk/> has also proved useful to many over the years, so be sure to download a copy!







News from you





Huge conrgatulations to four members of Queen's Cross Church Guild, Aberdeen, who recently received their long service certificates. From left: Mary Gray 30 years, Barbara Gordon 40 years, Ruth Sturgeon 40 years and Peggy Campbell 45 years. A fifth member, Winnie Ferrier was unable to attend. We're told the members are all looking forward to the Annual Gathering!





Kincardine & Deeside's Rally was held recently at Fetteresso Church, Stonehaven. Their guest speaker was Rt. Rev. Lorna Hood, and we're told she gave a very interesting talk about her year as Moderator. The event was also attended by one of the Guild members' dogs and we're told there was not a word from the furry friend for the whole meeting!





The North Isles Summer Rally was recently held in the most northerly Kirk, Baltasound. The theme of the evening was 'Journeys' and Marian Macintyre, Convener of the Communication & Marketing Group, tells us that it was a very thought-provoking and interesting evening with great fellowship. For more pictures from this event, have a look at the Guild's Instagram page <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jl/> .



News from you - Initiative Fund Special





Sandyhills Guild has recently undertaken a brilliant project with start-up funding from the Guild's Initiative Fund <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jr/> .


Sandra West, past Convener of Glasgow North East Presbyterial Council, told us recently all about the project which was called 'GROWING TOGETHER'. Originally, the Guild was awarded £350 from the Initiative Fund to buy bulbs.


The bulbs were kept in the Manse Garden and eventually the Guild held a Plant Sale which drew together hundreds of people in the community! Here's a timeline of what happened:



November, 2015

Bulbs were planted by all organisations and any member of the congregation who wished to take part. Bulbs were transported to the Manse garden.


February, 2016

Bulb pots were returned to children and adults in time to give them as a gift on Mothers’ Day, if they wanted to. A donation of £2 was gratefully received from all concerned.


April, 2016

Plant order forms were given out at all churches in the Parish Grouping. There were 79 orders in total!


May, 2016

Orders were given to the Nursery and more plants were ordered for the Plant Sale.


12th May

Plants arrived for the Plant Sale at 10am and the team, under the leadership of Dougie Semple, got to work making up the orders for delivery which were done throughout the day, leaving room to make up the orders for collection. This allowed the Growing Together team to set up the hall with plants, cuttings and wooden garden furniture for the official Plant Sale in the morning.


14th May

From 11am - 2pm, sausage & bacon rolls and tea & coffee were served at a cost of £3 per ticket and more plants were bought.




Sandra told us that the Project mushroomed in a way which was unexpected. She explained,


"It was called 'GROWING TOGETHER' because it wasn't just about growing bulbs - it was about growing people. We told the children this too, that we all need to look after each other and work together. The project really pulled people together in church and even the team grew together.


"We worked with other Guilds in the Parish Grouping - Kenmuir Mount Vernon and Carmyle Ladies' Fellowship - and involved all ages. We also gave plants to two local Care Homes.


"The aim was to raise money for the Guild Projects and to change perceptions of what the Guild is. So many people think we're just wee women who knit!


"The thing about this project was that God's hand was in it. If we asked anyone for help, nobody refused. We had people helping to serve the bacon rolls who help with the men's breakfast at church and have never been involved with anything to do with the Guild before.


"We look forward to welcoming anyone to all, or any, of our Guild meetings in the next session, which begins on the first Thursday in October at 2pm."


£1,400 was raised as a result of this project which has been sent to the Guild Office to be used for the six projects. The team is already planning the next Plant Sale in 2017. Congratulations to all who were involved in this Project who have shown the Guild in action!












Feed the Minds continue to post terrific pictures of Guilds pledging to support the campaign to end FGM in their Facebook album <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jy/> . Look out for Aberdeen Presbyterial Council's photos which were uploaded recently following their Rally. (Follow Aberdeen Presbyterial Council on Facebook <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jj/> for regular updates of what they're up to!)





Those who have had contact with Care for the Family may know that the charity has recently welcomed a new National Representative for Scotland, Gill Lyth. Project Co-ordinators will have the opportunity to meet Gill at the next Project Conference in April 2017. Find out more about Care for the Family in Scotland <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jt/> .





Good news for the Borders! 11 newly-commissioned Street Pastors took to the streets of Galashiels for the very first time in June. A spokesman for Street Pastors said: "We had a great response from folk out on the streets of Galashiels. We're really looking forward to next Saturday when we will be out from 11pm until 4am." Read the full article <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-ji/> .







Focus on... Let's Get Online





This month, The Church's Society, Religion and Technology Project <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jh/> has flagged up this interesting campaign which is now running across Scotland:




Carol Smillie has teamed up with the Scottish Government’s Let’s Get Online campaign to encourage Scots to make the most of the benefits of using the internet.




With one in six people in Scotland missing out on the benefits of being online, the Let’s Get Online campaign is set to provide vital information through a nationwide roadshow.




From keeping in touch with friends and family and searching for jobs, to managing bills and watching catch-up TV, the campaign aims to highlight the benefits the internet can provide.




The Let’s Get Online team will visit towns and cities across Scotland from 31 May until 22 July, offering free, informal, one-to-one, drop-in sessions on how to get online.




Trained and friendly staff will host over 100 sessions at a variety of locations ranging from supermarkets and job centres to local community hubs and shopping centres. The team will help people experience the benefits of being online first hand by providing one-to-one support for a variety of online activities, including settingup an email address, tips for safe internet shopping and banking and how to video call friends and family.




Read the full article and find out more on STRP's website. <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-jk/>







Just for fun!





BIG congratulations to June's competition winner, Margaret Habeshaw, who won a very limited edition (for the moment) Guild tartan scarf by writing this limerick:




There was a young woman from Hull

Whose life was incredibly dull.

She was sent the ‘Gui(l)d News

By her Scots cousin Suze

And is now a Guild member in Mull.




Thank you to everyone who enetered the competition - we loved reading all the limericks!




This month, you could win yourself a Guild piggybank to save up for something special! To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:




Which three countries can you see photographs from at EMMS' Exhibition in Edinburgh Central Library? (Hint here <http://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-dujkkdy-dujtnsj-tl/> !)




Entries should be sent by email by 12 noon on 29 July. A winner will be chosen from the entries and announced in the next e-newsletter.






Well, that's everything for July's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk - we can't wait to hear from you!




We're finishing this month with a Bible verse benediction. May we, as Guild members, pass on hope to all we meet!




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