12th January 2018

Church of Scotland Guild January E-News


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From the Resources Group Convener...







Dear Friends,




A very happy and prosperous New Year to you all!




As I write this, we are spending time in Cambodia with a family very dear to us. We have known them since war time here in 1991 and they have become our family. Sharing and caring are such important parts of "going in love" and I hope this Guild year is proving a time of growing in love for each of us.




What marvellous "Big Christmas Sings" we had in Glasgow on 8 December..a great venue in the heart of the city. I particularly liked the way that passengers on double decker buses passing by could look through the plain glass windows and see us (and just maybe hear us!) as we sang our hearts out in praise of the coming Saviour.




This year we will move on to another triennium with the strategy "One Journey, Many Roads" and in 2018-19 we will explore the theme "Seeking the Way".




While attending church in Asia, I am always thrilled to celebrate the universality of the Christian faith, worshipping in congregations from more than forty nations and more than twenty denominations in a country that is only two per cent Christian.




Church politics and theological differences are swept aside as we focus on what unites us...our Lord, Jesus Christ.




Helen Kerr



Some pictures from the Christmas Big Sings..





People gathering for the first of our two Big Sings at St George's Tron.


Thanks are due to the members of Glasgow North East Council, who helped with stewarding and collecting the offering.





Around 350 people attended the two services. As ever, the singing was wonderful, the atmosphere was amazing and the Guild was at its best!


It seems we may have a new tradition on our hands...watch out for plans for Christmas 2019..is that the first mention of it?







Rev Alastair Duncan, minister at St George's Tron, welcomes the Guild to the church.



Big Sing Offerings




As you may well know, the offerings from Big Sings are raised to support the work of our friends in the Synod of Livingstonia of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in Malawi.




In the December e-news, we told you that the student hostel at the Louden Teacher Training College in Embangweni, where we have provided furniture for ten student rooms, was in need of a second bore hole to provide enough fresh water to run the hostel to full capacity.




So, we are donating the offerings from the Inverness and Glasgow Big Sings, along with those from a Regional Big Sing in Dumfries and a donation from Westburn Guild in Greenock, to allow that second source of water to be provided.




The money will be sent to CCAP...ASAP!



News from Guilds...





Christmas celebrations at Ardrossan Presbyterial Council





Buckie North and themed banners





Caithness PC collected 2165 sets of underwear for "Smalls for All" at their rally.



...more news from Guilds





Forfar East and Old held a quiz night with friends from St Margaret's Forfar, Friockheim, Brechin Cathedral and Newtyle (who won!).





Anne Stirling of Grahamston United heard a talk on the Vine Trust and ended up building homes in Tanzania for two weeks!





Kettins Ardler held a Harvest Lunch and a celebration cake was cut by Isobel Murray, at 47 years the longest serving member and Betty Patterson, at 90, the oldest member.



...and, yes, even more, but see the wee section at the end of the e-news!





St Leonard's Guild in Dunfermline dedicated a new lectern and pulpit fall in memory of Mollie Tulloch, a very commited Guild member. Her husband and daughters attended the occasion.





Marge Paterson, National Convener, attended the 125th anniversary of the Alexandria Parish Church Guild.





At Skene, Rev Stella Campbell lead a question and answer session called "Grill a Granny", where children and Guild learn from each other and have great fun doing it! (Not so sure about the title of the session...Ed!)



January mailing


Look out for the January mailing, coming to your groups towards the end of the month. Included will be the 2018-19 Theme and Discussion Topic Guide "Seeking the Way", as well as ticket applications for the Annual Gathering and other useful information.



A chance to have fun supporting Christian Aid!




Christian Aid, one of our current project partners, are holding a series of fun fundraisers in 2018 and invite Guild members to join them. Mary Mulligan, Churches Development Officer, writes: Maybe YOU would like to join the walkers and cyclists having fun, if so contact my colleague Lucy and she will give you all the information you might need.




Is your new year’s resolution to get outside more, meet new people or even to change the world?




By taking part in Christian Aid’s amazing events throughout Scotland you can do just that! Over the past 10 years, our incredible bridge cross events have raised over £700,000, helping us to tackle poverty and change lives throughout the world! From incredible views of the Queensferry Crossing at the Forth, to a family fun day at Erskine, to the beautiful views of Perth from the Tay, there really is an event to suit everyone.




If you would like to organise, volunteer or participate at our bridge crosses then we want to hear from you. You can find out more about our range of exciting events online or get in touch with our Events Fundraising Officer, Lucy, at LKirkland@christian-aid.org or give us a call on 0141 221 7475.



Project news





The funds raised for our six projects continue to impresss!




The totals to the end of December were:


Street Pastors £ 103 559.01


Care for the Family £ 91 102.12


Christian Aid £ 87 662.60


Feed the Minds £ 118 597.28


Mission International £ 76 948.31


Prospects £ 81 842.30


Total £ 559 751.62







January Prayer Diary






This month, we give thanks for the improving health of our Associate Secretary, Karen Gillon, and pray for her conitnued recovery and her return to work.




We also pray for everyone who is unwell or facing challenges in their lives, as well as giving thanks for blessings received.






Please pray for:


Jan 12 The work of the Guild in a new year


Jan 13 Health professionals who care for those in need


Jan 14 All involved in the Year of Young People


Jan 15 Human rights and dignity on Martin Luther King day


Jan 16 People struggling with loneliness and isolation


Jan 17 The work of Christian Aid in Bolivia


Jan 18 The work of the Street Pastors


Jan 19 The Guild's friends in the CCAP in Malawi


Jan 20 Past leaders who have helped shape the Guild


Jan 21 The work of Care for the Family


Jan 22 New Guild members refreshing our organisation


Jan 23 The on-going work of past Guild Project Partners


Jan 24 The work of Prospects


Jan 25 Artists and creative spirits as we celebrate Burns Night


Jan 26 Christians serving in India on India Day


Jan 27 The work of Mission International in Haiti


Jan 28 Ministers, Deacons and all who lead worship


Jan 29 Leaders and members of Presbyterial Councils


Jan 30 The work of Feed the Minds in Kenya


Jan 31 The National Leadership Team, meeting in Edinburgh



Trip to Israel-Palestine





Marjorie Paton, former National Convener and her husband Iain recently led a trip to Israel-Palestine for 38 people, many of them Guild folk. Marjorie tells us it was a really excellent, freindly experience for everyone and this picture certainly shows them in good spirits (and lots of Guild tartan!).



From World Mission...


Over the last year, World Mission Council staff have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Guilds, from Shetland to the Borders, about the work of the Council and telling stories about our mission partners across the world.




This year's theme has been "Women in the World Church". We have told of the struggles of women across the world who are determined to fulfil their calling.We have spoken about inspirational Scottish women like Mary Slessor and Margaret Forrester and partners from other places who have been ordained, like Rula Sleimen and Nosheen Khan.




We have also addressed topics such as Care for Creation, Human Trafficking, Gender-based Violence, Refugees, regional issues in South Sudan and Pakistan, twinning and the wider work of the council.




We are more than happy to come along to speak to Guilds, so please don't hesitate to be in touch...contact World Mission Council on 0131 225 5722 or email us at: wmoutreach@churchofscotland.org.uk.




We look forward to hearing from you!



Just for Fun





The "Just for Fun" question for December was:




How many wise men does the Bible mention?




The correct answer was that the Bible doesn't say how many there were, just that there were three gifts.




The winner is Kath Manners and her prize is on its way!




This month's question:




What rivers could you see while fund-raising for Christian Aid?




Answers to Guild Office by 26 January.



The e-news is getting more and more popular!


We now have 1200 people signed up to the e-news and that is really great. This allows us to keep people up to date with Guild life in a way that is more current than the printed newsletter allows.




Success brings its own issues, though, and one of these is the amount of material we are receiving for inclusion. That means we have to make some choices, depending on what we have been sent, the quality of pictures, timing of the e-news and so on.




It's not really possible to make use of every contribution without making the e-news too long, so please forgive us if we don't put your piece in....we hope to offer a range of news from a range of places to give a flavour of the wonderful things that are going on across the country.



A thought for a new year, a time to look forward!


The Lord says:




Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.


Watch for the new thing I am going to do.


It is happening already-you can see it now!


I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of living water there.




Isaiah 43: 18-19




Well, that's everything for January's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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