10th September 2018

Church of Scotland Guild September E-News


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Annual Gathering and after!







Dear friends




What a fabulous day we had at the Annual Gathering, from the sharing of our first Agape meal, a meaningful and special occasion for everyone, the thoughtful insights, and laughs, from the Moderator and Youth Moderator, the sharing of the inspiring new projects and the moving singing of Mabel Sitchali from Zambia. It was a tremendous day of fellowship, not just for those in the hall but for all joining us by live link. Thanks to all who made such a fabulous day possible.




As I look forward to being National Convener and visiting as many Guilds and Councils as time allows, I have to report that I’ve attended the Ecumenical Forum for Christian Women in Europe (EFECW) in August when around 80 delegates from some 22 countries were involved. I hope to be able to give a summary to National Council Reps in November who can pass it on to Guilds. I also attended the National Youth Assembly (NYA) the weekend later. It was wonderful to see so many young people who have enthusiasm for the church and are able to discuss some thought-provoking topics with great concern.



There are a number of events taking place during the session, your National Council rep will be able to keep you informed or you will read about it in the E-News. I hope you will be able to join us at some of them if not all.



As the majority of Guilds are about to begin their new session, I wish you a great year as we go on "One journey, many roads - Seeking the way". Always remembering our motto "Whose we are and whom we serve."



With every blessing



Patricia Robertson

National Convener



News from Feed the Minds






Today is International Literacy day, a day to raise awareness and remind us of the importance of literacy in our lives. Thanks to our previous three-year partnership with Feed the Minds, we know the importance of literacy and education in combating poverty and fighting social injustices, like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).




Feed the Minds’ work does not stop at ending FGM and this International Literacy Day they are celebrating the change that has been possible through access to health education for women and children living in rural parts of Nepal. To find out more check out the short video they have produced and if you would like to catch up with them why not grab a ticket to their Glasgow (13th December) or Edinburgh (12th December) carol concerts? You can book your tickets here.http://www.feedtheminds.org/scotland <https://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-uutktil-dujtnsj-f/>




Mabel Sichali Visit





We were delighted that Mable Sichali from our project partner United Church of Zambia was able to spend time with Guilds over the past week to share information about the project.She visited Greenock on Monday.





On Tuesday, she was at a joint meeting of Hamilton North and South Guilds Together and then spoke at Hamilton Presbytery. Mable was able to share with the people she met, the challenges faced by young mothers in Zambia.





She shared some very moving but hopeful stories of young women who will be part of the project, learning new skills, gaining a better understanding of nutrition and also sexual reproductive help. She ended her time with us by meeting Edinburgh Guilds Together and going to Corstorphine St Anne's, a church with a twinning arrangement with St Andrew's, Lusaka.



Out and About


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It's always good to see and hear what Guilds get up to over the year and the summer is no exception. A number of Guilds are now meeting over the summer, either as their formal Guild session or with extra meetings where people meet up just for a coffee and a catch up. It's a good way of staying in touch and helping to avoid peope feeling isolated and lonely. Guilds also use the time to get out and about and friends at Crown Church in Inverness recently had a great visit to Ullapool meet their Guild twinning partners from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.



Regional Ministry Reimagined






Relational Ministry Reimagined



This conference will be hosted in Motherwell and live-streamed to a variety of locations across the country. This will be very valuable for Guild members as well as those directly involved in ministry with children and young people.




Professor Andy Root from Luther Seminary in the USA is the speaker and will lead three sessions in this live-streamed conference:

The importance of and cultural shifts around relationships

The focus and purpose of our relationships with children and young people

Developing relational and incarnational ministry



Following each session, you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss these ideas with the other delegates in your venue.


Date: Sat 6 Oct 2018, 10 - 4pm

Locations: Motherwell, Aberdeen, Arbroath, Ayr, Canonbie, Dalkeith, Dingwall, Dunblane, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gorebridge, Inverness, Livingston, Largs, Peebles, Shetland and others. Which is nearest for you?

Cost: £10 including lunch

Book now and share with others in your churchhttp://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/events/relational_ministry_re-imagined <https://theguild.cmail19.com/t/t-l-uutktil-dujtnsj-z/>




September Prayer Diary






10 September on International Suicide Prevention Day, pray especially for anyone who feels like life is hopeless, that they will find a reason to live and face another day.



11 September for all affected by the weekend knife attack in Paris that a sense of peace and calm will engulf them



12 September give thanks for the Annual Gathering and for all who were able to take part both in the hall and via a live link



13 September that the new boys dorm extension at the Free to Live facility at Bori will be completed in time to satisfy the Women and Child Welfare Departments recent ruling, that boys and girls must live in separate accommodation



14 September for young people who have began life at university or college, thinking especially of those living away from home for the first time. That they will settle in quickly and feel happy and contented



15 September thinking of countries where democracy is not a reality and where people live under oppressive and dictatorial regimes, that peace and freedom will become a reality.



16 September for those facing the daily challenge of climate change, that governments throughout the world will work together to find solutions



17 September especially for the staff and chaplains of the Sailors’ Society



18 September for the office staff as they prepare the September mailing to send to Guilds



19 September for National Convener, Patricia Robertson, as she represents the Guild at a conference of African women church leaders in Johannesburg



20 September for our friends in the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, that they will be encouraged by our on going friendship and partnership. Pray especially for the tailoring project that will help provide sustainability for the work of the Women’s Guild



21 September on this International Day of Peace, we pray for all those who live in the shadow of war, that peace will reign and safety be found



22 September for all attending the Inter Faith Conference in Perth, that they will learn more about how to live harmoniously with people of other faiths remembering especially Marian Macintyre as she represents the Guild



23 September for all those who are deaf, either through disability or age, asking that they will be able to understand what is happening around them and be able to communicate effectively



24 September for the Moderator, Rev Susan Brown, giving thanks for her funny and thought provoking talk at the Annual Gathering



25 September for Guilds and BB companies beginning to work together on projects for the coming session



26 September for all Guilds who have just begun or are beginning new sessions, that they will be encouraged and supported by their local church community



27 September for staff in CrossReach as they share the grey cake initiative with Guilds and the wider church



28 September for the work of the Mission and Discipleship Council and the council Secretary Rev Angus Mathieson



29 September giving thanks for the match funding for the Malawi Fruits project ensuring that raised for the project is doubled



30 September giving thanks for the many new people who have joined the Guild this session. Help them to feel welcome and ‘at home’.



1 October on International Older Persons day, pray for older people in your community and for people in other parts of the world who care for grandchildren often with few resources



2 October for Resource Coordinators as they meet in Edinburgh to plan the 2019 local resource days



3 October especially for National Youth Assembly Moderator, Tamsin Dingwall, as she embarks on her year of office, giving thanks for her enthusiasm and vitality



4 October for children who woke up today hungry, and who will go to bed hungry, that they will be fed and nourished in the days ahead



5 October giving thanks for all teachers in our schools, colleges and universities who support their students to be the best that they can



Just for Fun





The "Just for Fun" question for August was:




When is the Christian Aid lobby at the Scottish Parliament?




The answer was Wednesday, 19 September!




The winner is Andrea Houston, Convener of Nithsdale Guilds Together. Congratulations Andrea, your prize will be on its way to you soon.




This month's question is: What is the capital city of Zambia?




Answers to Guild Office by 28 September for your chance to win some Guild goodies!







A prayer for our project partners


Kum by yah, Lord, Kum by yah. Come by here, Lord, come by here.

Someone's praising, Lord, Kum by yah...



Lord, what a privilege to meet together in freedom to acknowledge your greatness and to praise you for your love and faithful presence in our lives. Accept our praise and help us to be faithful to you as you are ever faithful to us. Kum by yah, Lord, kum by yah



Someone's thanking, Lord, Kum by yah...

We thank you, Father, for the countless blessings we have experienced in our lives, the material blessings of warm homes, food on our table, schools, hospitals, churches and community centres, but also for the spiritual blessings of the love and care shown to us by families, close friends, Guild members, folk we meet each day and sometimes even by the passing stranger. Help us to share that love and concern for others, not just those close to us, but also our fellow travellers, whoever they are, as we journey along our daily lives.

We give thanks for the Guild, the dedication of committees local, regional and national and we ask you to be with those who represent us.




Someone's crying, Lord, kum by yah...

Father, we bring before you the needs of others and remember before you those whose lives are disrupted by strife and war, the sick, the bereaved and those whose lives seem like an everlasting dark tunnel. Help us to care for them and send your blessings on all who need your comfort. Kum by yah, Lord, kum by yah



Someone's praying, Lord, Kum by yah...

We pray for the Guild as we set out on our new 3-year strategy, One Journey, Many Roads. We pray for all the staff and volunteers who use their skills and talents to further your work in our chosen charities. May we be mindful that we must not rest on our laurels after the financial success of the past 3 years, but at the same time be ever mindful that prayer and action are as important as money. Encourage us not to be complacent by just putting money in a collection box, but to use the challenge of fund raising creatively, to encourage participation and friendship within our Guilds and may the work to support our projects be an opportunity for outreach offering inclusive fellowship in our local communities. Tonight we ask your blessing on all our speakers as they explain to us where there is need, be it far or near, with young or old places and people you are calling us to serve. Kum by yah



Someone's singing, Lord, Kum by yah...

As the days lengthen and the blossoms and flowers colour our city we see your constant promise of new life. Help us to linger and appreciate your world and treat all the folks therein with love and respect. As we seek our way on our new journey, whichever road we take, may we go with a song in our hearts with the assurance that the light of Jesus' love will be our constant guide.

Lord we bring these prayers in the name of Jesus, your greatest gift to us. Kum by yah, Lord, kum by yah.




M.Boe May 2018




Well, that's everything for September's edition of Guild e-news! If you have something to contribute for the next e-newsletter, then please email guild@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:guild@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=e-newsletter%20contribution> - we can't wait to hear from you!

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